The photo of the baby above was on a postcard. I am trying to figure out who this was from and where they were at the time. The back of the postcard (pictured below), transcribed is addressed to Mr. C.W. Neff, Oliver, Ark. It is dated April 21, 1913. It says, as near as I can determine "Dear Father, This is the Little Darling. (S?)he is 10 m(o?)s. old and 22 lbs. Why don't you write to me. I ? varry anxous to hear from you all. we are left yet out of the high water. all is well. hope you are. how are Squire( ?)and lu me__?__ you. Yours lovingly devoted ? "

I would like to know who the baby is, and more of what the card said. It was pasted down to something at one time, so much of what is written is faded and obscured. I have often suspected that CW Neff had another daughter, perhaps living in Mo or IL at the time. I believe there must have been a flood somewhere in April 1913.

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