Pictured above is my grandfather, Stewart Curtis Oehler. He was born November 5, 1905 in Oliver Arkansas. I know that he was married once before my grandmother and that they had a son and daughter named William and Florence who died I believe from the fever. I was told after the kids died my grandfather and his first wife divorced. Her name I was told was Clara but no last name. He went on to marry my grandmother and had 8 more children and his first wife did the same, remarrying and having more children. I am looking for a marriage certificate or divorce certificate for them. I am looking for any information on my grandfathers family. The woman in the picture above is unidentified and may be his first wife?

I know that his fathers name was Reuben (Rube) Oehler and his mothers name was Myrtle Phillips. I just recently got a copy of the marriage certificate for them. They were married in Oliver Arkansas in 1904. My grandfather had a brother named Charlie Oehler. I was also told that there was a sister but I have no name. Below is a picture of my grandfather as a baby with his parents also the girl I told you about is also there. His brother is 2 years younger than him. He was born in 1907.

If you can identify the lady in the photo above, or if you have any additional information about this family, pleade contact Melissa Hollier

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