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The old Taylor Cemetery is located in Logan County on the Rebecca Taylor homestead on the South bank of Little Petit Jean Creek. It has 17 graves and is fenced with barb wire. It was established in 1865 or possibly before. It is located on National Forest land. It is about one half mile Southwest of the new Taylor Cemetery. The new Taylor Cemetery was established in 1891 when a family living on the North side of the creek could not get to the old Taylor Cemetery because of a flood is also in Logan County.

1. McClane Baby
2. Gray Baby, believed to be child of John A. Gray
3. John Brigance, 1873-1881, son of John Henry Brigance, who got hot and jumped in cold water, got the cramps and drowned in the upper end of baptism or dipping vat hole.
4. Isrian M. Musgrove, born June 25, 1883, died July 31, 1884
5. Joe Taylor Baby. Joseph Taylor was Rebecca Taylor's son.
6. Joe Taylor Baby
7. Joe Taylor Baby
8. W.H. Taylor, born 1825, died 1865. 2nd husband of Rebecca Taylor.
9. Wife of W.H. Taylor. Rebecca Taylor.
10. Lum Conatser, born 1902. Brother-in-law to John A. Gray.
11. Conatser Baby, believed to be Lum Conatser child.
12. Joe Taylor Baby.
13. Known only to God.
14. Jane Musgrove, 1856 - 1879. Daughter of Mary A. Tipton Musgrove Brigance. Mother of Fannie McDougal.
15. Known only to God.
16. Charles Taylor Baby. Charles Taylor was Rebecca Taylor's son.

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