Filed Petitions Found in Scott County Courthouse

Contributed by Cindy McKean from information furnished by John P. O'Nale.

PETITION dated Jan. 13, 1890 and filed April 7, 1890 against issuance of liquor license within 3 miles of School District 34, known as Pine Log School House in Tomlinson Township, Echo, Arkansas, near the West line and middle of the NE 1/4 of Sec. 8-T5-R29.

Alexander, P.P.*

Attaway, W.A.

Attaway, William

Aydelott, J.J.

Bagwell, J.M.

Benett, James

Bobbitt, F.M.

Brown, W.L.R.

Burk, A.J.

Burk, J.J.

Butler, J.F.

Butler, J.S.

Carnet, F.C.

Chapel, James

Chitwood, Jos.

Clapp, C.F.

Clapp, D.B.

Clapp, G.W.

Clapp, M.B.

Clapp, R.E.

Coker, John A.

Cosgray, Peter

Coward, Joseph

Coward, P.D.

Cox, George

Cox, H.T.

Cox, Nathan*

Cox, W.R.

Dansby, Thos. R.

Edmonds, J.C.

Eggman, A.

Fields, John S.

Fitzpatrick, J.B.

Fry, J.W.

Gragory, M.A.

Graham, M.F.

Gorham, Wm.

Hampton, G.S.

Hampton, S.F.

Hardshire, G,W.

Harel, M.

Harrison, W.H.

Hartsfeld, J.L.

Hawthorn, C.H.

Hershey, G.B.

Hickerson. L.C.

Higgins, R.W.

Holland, James

Humphries, I.G.

Hurt, J.W.

Ingrem, C.A.

Ingrem, I.I.

Ingrem, J.T.

Ingrem, M.J.

Ingrem, S.T.

Ingrem, T.J.

Kennedy, B.F.

Kennedy, M.C.

Kimes, F.M.

Kincannon, R.L.

Lambert, Moses

Langley, Atha

London, A.R.

London, T.J.

Looper, J.F.

Looper, W.D.

Low, C.M.

Low, J.G.

Low, J.W.

Low, M.E.

Low, W.E.

Luther, ?, G.W.

Mangham, J.E.

Maning, H.G.

Maning, P.O.

Manning, P.O.

Manning, F.F.

McCarrell, C.R.

McCarrell, J.

McCarrell, W.J.

McDaniel, A.J. *

McDaniel, M.M. *

McKerl, W.J.

McKiney, G.A.

McKinzie, W.H.

McLemore, W.A.

Meeks, T.J.

Melone, J.H. [Malone]

Moore, P.P.

Norris, Harite

Norris, J.L.

Noris, N.

Norris, N.R.

Oliver, W.H. *

Phillips, W.

Phillips, W.A.

Phillips, W.T.

Philops, G.M.

Pillars, P.L.

Powell, R.Y. *

Prendergraft, Wm.

Prince, H.R.

Prince, W.J.

Rawaters, T.M.

Robinson, A.C.

Robinson, A.R.

Robinson, H.H.

Robinson, T.A.

Sales. W.J.

Sanford, P.L.

Scott, H.L.

Scroggins, W.W.

Scudders, Chas.

Slaten, John

Slaten, S.

Smith, O.C.

Smith, R.P.

Speer, T.R.

Spenser, Albrt.

Stuart, Jessey

Traylor, D.W.

Wade, B.F.

Wade, Clorey C.

Wade. J.M.

Wade, W.M.

Walker, ?, S.C.

Walter, Z.J. *

Wallace, R.T.

Webster, D.

West, R.L.

Westmorland, M.R.

Wheeler, W.H.

Williams, F.M.

Williams, John L.

Williams, M.E. *

Willmon, J.S. *

Winingham, M.M.

Winters, E.T.

Winters, W.S.

Wood, D.C.

Yancey, J.C.

Yancey, S.C.

Yancey, Sarah

Youngblood, J.T.

Youngblud, G.F.

Youngblud, M.T.



* These people reconsidered signing the petition and their names have a line drawn through and "reconsidered" written beside the name.

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