Filed Petitions Found in Scott County Courthouse

Contributed by Cindy McKean from information furnished by John P. O'Nale.

PETITION November 15, 1890, not to issue liquor within 3 miles of the Church - School House in French Prairie, Belva, Tomlinson Township, Scott County, Arkansas. The church is situated upon SE 1/4 NE 1/4 of Sec. 26, T5N - R29W and is a house of public worship for both the Organized Church of Missionary Baptists and the Methodist Episcopal Church South and also used as a school house.

Alexander, P.P.

Amos, B.A.

Amos, E.S.

Barger, W.M.

Benning, J.K.

Blythe, Permela

Bohannon, H.

Brinning, S.C.

Brownfield, J.C.

Brownfield, M.C.

Callicotte, T.M.

Cockerall, T.L.

Cowen, M.A.

Cowen, E.B.

Dewvall, L.R.

Duncan, R.L.

Duncan, Charlotte T.

Fox, C.A.

Fox, F.B.

Fox, J.H.

Fox, L.

Fox, Manervay

Harwell, A.J.

Harwell, E.F.

Harwell, J.B.

Harwell, M.C.

Harwell, M.M.

Harwell, M.W.

Harwell, R.C.

Harwell, S.L.

Harwell, T.W.

Higgins, R.S.

Holland, M.N.

Holland, W.T.

Lassiter, H.

Lassiter, P.J.

Lassiter, Susan

Nixon, E.F.

Nixon, P.H.

Penington, A.J.

Ray, M.T.

Sanderson, Jinnie

Sanderson, M.J.

Scroggin, W.

Sewell, John

Smith, A.F.

Taylor, Malisse

Taylor, J.M.

Taylor, L.N.

Taylor, S.L.

Walter, Wm.

Wells, John

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