This is a school picture, probably taken around 1940. Archie Hill was the school teacher. Noble Oscar Davis is the tall one, dark shirt in front of the four girls. He was the son of John I. Davis and Mattie Watts. The school was PINEY SCHOOL at Blackfork, Arkansas. The following were identified by Glen Gimlin and his sister Helen Gimlin Reynolds.

Row 1: Earl Gimlin, unknown, Glen Gimlin, Wayne Hill

Row 2: Unknown, Olita Williams, Inez Lane, Martha Byford, Archie Hill teacher

Row 3: Unknown, Rex Lane, Noble Davis

Row 4: Oramae Gimlin, Lucille Gimlin, Unk. Beaty?, Martha Lane, Unk. Beaty?

Row 5: Floyd Woods, Doyle Woods, Fay Beaty, Harold Woods

If you can identify any of the other students, please contact Pauline Davis.

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