Part One, January - June

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Dale G. Watson Jun 28 1997
I am researching the ancestors and family of Levi WATSON who resided in Lawrence (now Sharp County, AR) from about 1855-1862. The family resided at Maxville. The Methodist Episcopal chapel at Maxville was named for the family. Prior to this time he resided in St. Clair Co., Alabama from at least 1820 to 1852. He was born in North Carolina in about 1792. His wife was Jane (probably OWENS -daughter of Jesse and Sarah OWENS.) He and others in his family (John WATSON) owned land in St. Clair County, Alabama (which is now in Etowah County). I believe that his parents were John and Mahala WATSON and that he had a brother Eli - but need documentation. Levi's children included Jesse (married Martha Ann (MORGAN.) (Their children included John Russel, Thomas P., James M., Nancy J.,Mary E., Josiah, Martha, Levi and William.) Elizabeth (married William S. BEASON) James M. (married Anna BROTHERS) Mary A. (married Benjamin S. SHIRLEY) Nancy A. (married Goodlen CHRISCO or CRISCO) Peter, Martha (married Russell JORDAN) and John WATSON. In about 1852 the family moved to Mississippi and then within a few years to Lawrence (now Sharp County, Arkansas). From there the family of John Russel WATSON moved to Scott County, Arkansas. I would like to share information with others researching this line. Dale G. Watson
Email: dgwatson@home.com

LV Hayes Jun 23 1997
Looking for info on Archibald, Christiana, Cooper, Elias H., Henry, Hiram, Jane, Mary, and Sarah HAYES, all children of Peter and Kiziah HAYES of Bedford Co, TN, who came to AR between the 1830s and 1850s. All except Christiana settled in Scott Co. Christiana was married to William FRIZZELL, Jane to John SUMMERS, Mary to ? WARD, Henry JUSTICE, and Lafayette SUMMERS, and Sarah to William BRASHIER.
Email: lvhayes@worldnet.att.net

Carole Hacker Jun 16 1997
RONAN - Need information about Timothy RONAN, born abt 1839 County Cork, Ireland, died 1921 Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas. Seems Timothy homesteaded in 1879 in area that was known as Adam's Chapel. Any information will be helpful. Thanks, Carole
Email: caja@netusa1.net

Charlene Holland Jun 10 1997
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother Melvina JONES MORROW. Her father, James W. JONES, was killed during the Civil War by bushwackers. Her mother's name was Louvecia/Levitia JONES. Melvina JONES married my great-grandfather William P. MORROW. The names of the children of James W. and Levitia JONES are: Martha JONES (1852-1934) who md. Isaiah BROTHERS (1852-1932); Susan JONES (1855-1916) who md. Jehu Jacob WILSON (1854 -1930); James W. JONES (1857-?) who md. Nancy E. MORROW (1864 -1927); and Melvina JONES (1860-1931) who md. William P. MORROW (1858-1929). Any information on this family would be appreciated. I am also looking to see if Nancy E. MORROW was related to William P. MORROW.

Junior Ray Metcalf Jun 8 1997
Searching for info on Thomas J. METCALF born 1820 in TN and wife Elizabeth born 1822 in TN. They resided in Texas from 1848, possibly before, until 1869 when they migrated to Scott County, Arkansas. They had 12 children, all born in Texas: Francis Marion, William H. (Ham), Andrew Jackson, Mary, George Washington, Martha, Nancy, Thomas J., Joseph Anderson, James Monroe, Samuel Houston and Henry Howard. At least one of their children, George Washington, was born in Harrison County and this is where they were living when they migrated from Texas to Scott Co, Arkansas. If anyone has any info on this family please contact me at PO Box 13, Huntington, AR 72940 or by phone at (501) 928-5714. Thanks.
Email: jrmetcalf@aol.com

Ray Glover Jun 4 1997
Needing information on H. J. or Hiram J. GLOVER. This was my g-g-grandfather and would have been born about 1826. In 1850 and 1860 censuses he is in Scott and Franklin counties index. He is in Henderson County Texas by 1870 census and states that he is a practicing physician. Any information appreciated.
Email: glover@lub002.lamar.edu

S. Hall June 1 1997
I have been searching for information on Thomas Lee MAYS. He had a sister named Lola and the story I have heard is that when Thomas was small he had an asthma attack and since his family was going on the Land Run they left him with a family and were supposed to come back later and get him. He was born in 1870 and died in 1950-51. He is buried in Chant Cemetary, Scott County. He was married to Mary HENDERSON-MAYS-SINGLETON.
Email: dshall@swbell.net

Mildred Vuris May 26 1997
Searching for information on Nancy BOWEN, gggrandmother. She was born in TN about 1820 and married Elisha Jefferson RHOADES. By 1850 they were in Scott County. Nancy and Jeff had six children; she died by 1859.
Email: SissieV@aol.com

Vicky Le Fave May 24 1997
I am looking for information on the STANSBERRY(sp?) lines in Arkansas and how they are connected with the AYNES line of Scott Co? James STANSBERRY came to live with his Gmother on the 1900 census in Scott Co. Blansett twp. Was married to Catherine ? and had a son Dewey STANSBURY(sp?) on the 1910 Scott Co Blansett twp. I have found STANSBERRY lines owning land in other counties of Arkansas. This family also may have lived in Missouri. If you have any information on them please feel free to E-mail me.
Email: lefave@televar.com

Joanne May 11 1997
Would like to contact anyone researching the BARNETT and/or STATON families in Polk and Scott Co, Ark. Thomas BARNETT'S daughter Lucinda married Franklin STATON (son of John W STATON) probably in Polk Co. Both families there in 1860 - by 1870 they are both in Scott Co, Ark.
Email: Yackering@aol.com

Tony Lubke Apr 25 1997
WILLIAMS, Tabitha Buried Scott County Arkansas after 1838. Would like birth and death dates, please.
Email: awlubke@airmail.net

Sue Airhart Apr 22 1997
Looking for info on the family and other relatives of George Herndon BURR, wife Alphretta SPEAKS BURR, who resided in Scott Co in 1900 on census of that year. I need to know if they were still there in 1910, as this family was back in Texas by 1920. Would like to correspond with anyone who may be researching same family. Also would like to know if other BURRS were in AR in that time period. Thanks for any help.
Email: sscs40b@prodigy.com

Judy Waring Apr 14 1997
I am looking for any information about Franklin Nimrod MOORE or any of his family members. Franklin was born in July 1862 in Paris, Arkansas. He married Mary Ellender POPE in Chismville, Ark on Jan 20, 1884. Both are listed as being from Chismville at the time. Mary was born Aug 1869 in Booneville, Sugar Creek, Scott County, Ark. to Henry & Sarah POPE. They had 9 children, all born in Arkansas (at least 3 in Ft Smith/Greenwood area 1888-1897). Franklin owned 38 acres in Logan County in 1890 (Sec:2/T:6N/R:27W). The 1900 Sebastian County census lists him as a farmer. It is believed that he died 1903-1905 in Sevier County (his last son was born in De Queen in 1902). A family myth states that he died of blood poisoning from a knife wound. His widow married a Charles ELLIOTT and later moved to Oklahoma. Any assistance in identifying his parents or siblings would be greatly appreciated. I have information of his children, grandchildren, etc. to share with interested researchers.
Email: waringj@swbell.net

Lewis E Bailey Apr 7 1997
Seeking info on Hezekiah BAILEY born in South Carolina. He was in Georgia from 1830 until 1840, then was in Scott County Arkansas with a son Thompson BAILEY in 1849. Thompson BAILEY was married to Elvina last name not known. They had 3 Sons Jessie T., Louis O., John and daughter Seleile. Jessie married Syeeica Winifred EVATT in Scott Co., AR. I have YATES, JOHNSTON, BOTTOMS, HUTCHINS, GENTRY, CHESTER, NEAL, WALKER, SPARKS, RHYN and HAWKINS in my family. A lot of them still live in Scott County. Would like to correspond with anyone that has any of these names in their Family.
Email: E1Bailey@aol.com

Kathy Duncan Mar 28 1997
DUNCAN/PETTUS. Would like to exchange information with anyone conducting research on Browning and Rebecca W.(PETTUS) DUNCAN and their descendants. Browning was b. abt. 1797 in KY and Rebecca was b. abt. 1804 in SC. They moved to Sebastian Co., Ark. abt. 1860 from Dyer Co., TN. Children: Isaac b. 1828 KY; Samuel K. b. 1833 KY; William W. b. 1833 TN; Charles C. b. 1836 TN; J.P. b. 1838; Susan J. b. 1841 TN; Browning M. b. 1846. Their grandson Samuel K. DUNCAN was a judge in Scott Co., Ark.
Email: ppskdd2@airmail.net

Cheryl Williford Mar 25 1997
I'm looking for information on Charles Gilbert BAKER born 1866 in Arkansas and married Mary Elizabeth CHIPLEY in Crawford Co., Ark. Both lived in Crawford, Scott, and Sebastian Co.'s. Charles Wheeler BAKER was born 1833 somewhere in Tenn. Does anyone know who Charles W. BAKER's father or mother was? Who gave us the Indian connection and number in Oklahoma? I'll be glad to share the family information I have.
Email: willifordh@worldnet.att.net

Raymond V. Aydelott Mar 23 1997
I am looking to find the grave of my great grandmother Mary H. AYDELOTT. She was listed on the Scott Co. 1860 and 1870 census, but she cannot be found after those dates. Surname may be spelled AIDLOTT, ADLOTT or even IDOLOTT. Her husband was Thomas Jefferson AYDELOTT and he died at Fort Smith AR, August 1, 1863 as a Union Army private and she also lost a son, George W. AYDELOTT at Mulberry AR in the Confederate Army. Mary H. AYDELOTT was receiving a "Widows Pension" from the Union Army up to 1883. Her son John J. AYDELOTT and daughter Lucinda V. AYDELOTT BARNARD filed a claim with the Union Army in 1885 for their mothers war pension but was refused. Mary H. AYDELOTT may have died between 1883 and 1885. She was born abt 1810 in Tennessee.
Email: aydelottr@aol.com

Dixie Ryan Mar 22 1997
My grandmother Alice Lee DAVIS came to Waldron with her parents in early 1900s. She taught school. Later married Alfred H. BENNETT in Waldron. They had a son born in Waldron, Theron, in 1912. They left the area. Alfred was the son of Jacob BENNETT and Mary F. "Molly" BENNETT. Alice Lee was the daughter of John and Sarah DAVIS. Would like to make some connections. Am looking for information, photos, etc.
Email: Dryan43196@aol.com

Jan Hoeft Mar 16 1997
Looking for any ESSMAN in Waldron, Scott, Arkansas.
Email: janhoeft@oregontrail.net

Ruth L. Jenkins Mar 15 1997
Looking for information about C. ALLEN who lived in Mena around 1925. He had served in the Civil War and had lost his leg, so had a wooden leg. Before moving to Mena, he had owned land up in the mountains and lived near Cherry Hill (close enough for his son to walk to the Cherry Hill store and back). After his wife Mary died, he married a second time and moved to Mena. There he had a house and barn. He played a fiddle, had a lively personality, reddish hair, blue eyes, and was nice looking, small, and thin. He had a sister who had many children, one who moved to Waldron and was named Buster. He probably died in Mena sometime after 1925. His children were John S. ALLEN b. 1870 AR, Elizabeth D. ALLEN GRANDSTAFF b. Feb 1871 AR d. abt 1950 Ft Smith m. George Milton GRANDSTAFF, Ben Hase S. ALLEN b. 1873 AR, and George P. ALLEN b. 1879 AR. C. ALLEN was born 1846/7 AR m. Mary A. ___ b 1854 AR d. abt 1920. He was my husband's gg grandfather and Sybil CONDRY JENKINS, my husband's mother remembers the above things about him from her childhood visits to Cherry Hill and Mena. We really would like to be in touch with a relative or friend of the family who could fill us in on more details. What did the C. stand for (Charles?)? Who were his parents and family? What was Mary's maiden name? Sybil says that they owned land so maybe there are land records, birth or death records of the children, etc. Thanks for any help you can give. [This is the Carr ALLEN family of Scott County.]
Email: vaju54a@prodigy.com

Donald G. Banhart Mar 13 1997
Scott County Con BANHART owned 152 acres in this county in 1907! Was he married? He also has family in Altus, Franklin Co., AR. Thank you very much!
Email: Redfoot13@worldnet.att.net

Roberta Crabtree Mar 7 1997
Dr. Jessie W. CASTLEBERRY who has done extensive research of the Castleberrys, says the Castleberrys are of German descent. He said they were Kasselbergs and changed their name to Castleberry upon their arrival in the U.S.A. (My grandparents and great-grandparents said they were of Irish descent. Their speech indicated that to some extent.) Dr. Castleberry did go on to say, "The relation of this family (David Castleberry) to other Castleberry families has not been established to the Editor's (Dr.Castleberry) knowledge." Our local genealogist specialist at the History Commission in Little Rock says it is possible that David Castleberry and ancestors were Irish and when the Kasselbergs came to the U.S.A. they changed their name to the more popular name. Any comments, please.
Email: Robirda@worldnet.att.net

Norman T. Blansett Mar 7 1997
Looking for BLANCET, BLANSET, BLANCETT, BLANSETT, BLANSCET in Scott County. There was a Blancet Twp., in Scott County, I believe it is now spelled Blansett.
Email: nblanset@tcac.com

Anna Fields Mar 5 1997
Researching CRAWFORD family. In 1855 Cunningham A. CRAWFORD purchased lands in Scott Co. In 1860 Eli N., James H. and William H. CRAWFORD purchased lands. In 1888 Luke B. CRAWFORD homesteaded lands and in 1897 James J. CRAWFORD purchased land. Wish to hear from anyone having knowledge of the CRAWFORDS.
Email: afields@cswnet.com

Marvin Janeway Mar 3 1997
Searching for information on the following families in my roots. YANDELL, Rebecca A. born 1859 Scott County, STARR, David Jr., born 1856 Ark. county unknown, SNOW, Polly unknown birth or state, GRIGSBY, William M. born 1872 Madison County, HUCABY, Walter M. died in Sebastian County 1882?, HUCABY, Emily J. daughter of Walter.
Email: mjaneway@vegas.infi.net

Bryan Fuxa Mar 3 1997
I am looking for information on the HALL family of Scott County Arkansas. Specifically, James Carter HALL, m. Margaret HOLLISS (b. 1855, d. 1922). They had Thomas Jefferson HALL b. 1890 in Scott County, m. Sarah Lee Vinelee Paralee PENLAND, d. 1957 in CA.
Email: bdfuxa@minnie.nwalva.edu

Debbie Rainwater Anderson Mar 2 1997
RAINWATER, HISAW Interested in these families from 1860-1900. Records are spread through several counties. Any information greatly appreciated!
Email: autoprofit@iname.com

Wanda Butler Feb 28 1997
Looking for info on: ASHFORD, BENNETT, GIBSON, MEREDITH family names. John Melvin GIBSON came to Scott Co in early 1900s. Jacob E. BENNETT came to Scott Co in early 1900s. James J. GIBSON came to Scott Co in late 1800s. William H. MEREDITH was in AR Franklin Co in 1879, son William Henry MEREDITH died in Scott Co in 1919. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Email: lysel@aol.com

Frank G. Arthur Feb 26 1997
Looking for book---BIOGRAPHICAL STUDIES OF SAMUEL POE of Essex co. VA. Authored by McDonald POE of Waldron, AR. Can you tell me where I might find it?
Email: farthur@twave.net

Barbara Warthen Wallace Feb 25 1997
I am interested in the WORTHEN, BLAIR, FRIEND, CHITWOOD, AND FLETCHER families; if you are please contact me. My lines ended up in Texas and the Indian Territory. Will trade information.
Email: bwallace@startext.net

John Dill Feb 22 1997
Matilda (RUTLEDGE) GRAHAM, wife of Orange GRAHAM - buried in Golden City Cemetery, Logan (was Scott) County, AR in 1874. Interested in descendants and related families. On 1860 Scott County, AR census living with her bro-in-law, John DILL. Had just moved down from Newton Co., MO. I have been told that one of Matilda's sons later operated a store at Monroe, OK. Associated families at Golden City included WILLIAMS & SMITH. Other families associated with John DILL included MANGRUM, ARTER.
Email: johndill@ipa.net

Jacki Vinson Feb 22 1997
I have a very strong nucleus of my family tree in Scott County. Some of the names that I am researching are SCOTT, HAWKINS, SESSIONS and BILLINGTON. Right now I am searching for the family of Mary L. BILLINGTON my great-great grandmother. She was the second wife of Peter Washington SCOTT. I estimate their marriage to have taken place in the late 1880s. I know nothing about her or her family, I am not even sure that he met her in Scott County. Any information about her would be appreciated. I would also be more than glad to correspond about the other surnames; which branch out into a lot more surnames in the area which may be of interest.
Email: BVinsonJ@aol.com

John Dill Feb 22 1997
John Sutton DILL lived Sebastian. Co., AR 1875/1899. Prev. Scott Co., AR; Newton, MO, Jackson, TN. (1st) marriage to Elizabeth GALION. Children: James Wesley DILL m Sarah FORD & Louisania BREWER; William C DILL m Martha MORRIS; Minervah DILL m Isom G. ARTER; Matilda DILL m Isom G. MANGRUM; Elijah DILL m Eliza J. FORD & Mary _?_. (2nd) marriage to Mary RUTLEDGE. Children: Mary S.DILL married William HALBERT; Pairlee DILL m Lon Franklin WEST; John S. DILL m Laura B. JOHNSON & Arleasie TERRY; Margaret Alice DILL m George W. EVANS; Albert (Blake) DILL m Mollie MACKEY & Alice TERRY. Need descendants. Will exchange info.
Email: johndill@ipa.net

Chris Benson Feb 16 1997
I am researching the HENSON families of Arkansas. I'm trying to find the parents of Lewis J, Francis Marion and John C. HENSON of Scott Co. There were whole families of them living in Hot Springs in the 1840-60's. Anyone with HENSON kin out there?
Email: fishhead@ix.netcom.com

Carma Whitaker Feb 6 1997
Looking for info. on the following people who lived in Scott County. John Newton RITTER, his wife Emma Elizabeth HARRIS and their children, Jim, Willie, Allie, Laura Ann, Benjamin Franklin. John Newton RITTER had a stepdaughter named Molly FLOYD.
Email: ranchero@fishnet.net

Chris Benson Jan 26 1997
Lewis J. HENSON b1824-26 TN married Minerva then Ferrabe then Elmira J. Homesteaded in Mountain Twp in 1882, but lived in Mountain Twp since 1860. Lewis and Ferrabe's daughter Fair Bee Delilah HENSON was my ggggrandmother. Will share/trade HENSON knowledge. Also looking for GOSWICK info.
Email: Fishhead@ix.netcom.com

Lynda Walgamotte Jan 19 1997
Looking for any information on the AYDELOTT/LOFTIS families of Scott County, especially John LOFTIS and wife Martha HELTON and Thomas AYDELOTT and his son John "Jack" AYDELOTT who married Mary Lee LOFTIS. Will share what I have, which is considerable. Any help appreciated.
Email: dafyduck@ix.netcom.com

Jerald Garner Jan 16 1997
Looking for information on Wyatt GARNER b. abt 1814 SC d. abt 1862 in then Scott County now part of Logan County. Lived around the Jack Creek or Sugar Grove area. Wife's name was Elizabeth. Children: Emaline, Winny, Eli, Samuel, James and Pleasant.
Email: rjgarner@itlnet.net

Patti Webb Jan 12 1997
I have just started researching the WEBB and WILSON families. My ggrandfather was Thomas Ditimus WEBB m. Mary HUNT, they had 7 children: Lester, Marvin, Kern, Arley, Annie, Floy,& Archie (my grandfather). Archie Thomas WEBB m. Ona Victoria WILSON, whose parents were Issac Jefferson WILSON and Minnie MOFFETT. They lived in and around Waldron, AR and in Scott County. Any info would be great would love to trade. We also have research on the CLUCK & BRAMMER lines from Crawford County. Thanks in advance for anyones help!
Email: webber@fs.cei.net

David Freeze Jan 4 1997
Looking for any information on William Thomas FREEZE or his father James FREEZE. Believed to have been in Scott county about 1879. Also any information on a William FREEZE in Scott county in 1860 would be appreciated. William FREEZE may be grandfather of William T. FREEZE.
Email: freezerd@worldnet.att.net

Shirley Denney Jan 4 1997
WARD-WILEY connection. I have Matilda WARD, age 89 in 1920 Scott Co. AR census living with Edgar Allen WILEY. Matilda's date of birth abt 1831 in AL. I need to find how Matilda WARD fits into the WILEY family. No death record has been found for Matilda in AR or OK. She collected a small pension from her first husband, unknown. She may have died in an old folks home. Were there homes that took care of the less fortunate in AR or OK and would they have records for these people?
Email: d-denney@sbcglobal.net

Linda CONAWAY Welden Jan 3 1997
VAUGHAN/VAUGHN---SUGG/SUGGS---CONAWAY/CONWAY Sebastian, Logan, Scott Cos and surrounding areas!! (Anywhere in AR)
Email: KTGB31A@prodigy.com

Debbie Rainwater Anderson Jan 2 1997
RAINWATER - HISAW - Looking for marriage, birth, death, census records on these families. They were back and forth between Sebastian and Scott Counties. Trade AR research for CA research??? I need help doing research in AR on these families. Any interested parties or places to head in my search greatly appreciated!!! Thomas L. RAINWATER dob 1856 MS married Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" HISAW dob 1865, MS in AR. Need marriage record! They were listed in the household of Joel Coffey HISAW on either the 1870, or 1880 Census (her father). This county, may lead us to which county they were married.
Email: autoprofit@aol.com

William Briggs Jan 1 1997
My ancestor John Chaplin HUNT lived in Scott Cty, AR, from abt 1861 through 1886. His brother Amaziah may have been in Scott Cty during the period. His son M.L. HUNT m. Emily Janie ROSE in Scott Cty. Am also researching the family of Charles Gibbin CRUMP and Harriett Catherine CORBELL, from Scott Cty. Would be interested in comparing notes with others interested in these families.
Email: WRBriggs@aol.com