Part One, January - June

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A. Virgil Barnhill, Jr. June 26 1998
Am seeking information on an Abel BARNHILL of Scott Co., AR. He is reported to have married Sarah MATTHEWS and they had three children: Samuel Wesley, b. 12 July 1868; Abel L., b. Nov 1869; and Lucinda, b. c1870. There were at least two BARNHILL families in Scott Co. in 1860 & 1870 but no connection can be established to them. They resided in Washburn Township in the northern part of Scott Co; this area was taken into Logan Co. when it was organized in 1871. I am aware that there were a number of BARNHILLS who carried the name Abel. Who I am seeking is the parents of the Abel BARNHILL who married Sarah MATTHEWS. I may be contacted at: A. Virgil Barnhill, Jr., P.O. Box 22621, Knoxville, TN 37933.
Email: avbj@esper.com

JoAnn Cantrell June 19 1998
FOX, JOHNSON, ROBERTSON: Looking for info on Enos O. FOX family who resided in Scott Co AR in 1860-70 and later were in Logan Co when it was formed. Especially would like to find names of parents of Enos and his wife Docia. Enos O. FOX b. 1829 Indiana, d. c1863 during war. His wife Docia A. JOHNSON b. Mar 1834 in Ohio and d. 1918 in Logan Co. She md. 2nd Marque R. ROBERTSON; 3rd Neely L. HARDIN. Children of Docia included: Sarah C. FOX b. 1848 Scott Co md. Leroy SCROGGINS; John A. FOX b. 1851 Scott Co d. before 1900; Reubin James FOX b. 1854 Scott Co; George M. FOX b. 1857 Scott Co; Mary E. FOX b. 1859; Henry M. FOX b. June 1862; Louisa J. ROBERTSON b. 1869 Scott Co; William M. ROBERTSON b. 1871 md. Ella JOHNSON. Any help greatly appreciated. JoAnn Cantrell, Rt. 6, Box 308, McAlester, OK 74501
Email: n5tc@edumaster.net

JoAnn Cantrell June 19 1998
BELL, ELKINS, DICKERSON, MANGRUM: Looking for info on Archibald BELL. Where and when was he born? Who were his parents? His widow, Sarah ELKINS BELL and children resided in Scott Co. AR on the 1870 census. Family history has it that Archibald was killed in 1864 during the war. His widow Sarah b. 1836 SC d. after 1900. Second husband of Sarah ELKINS BELL was James SKAGGS. She married him in 1882. On the 1900 Scott Co. census Sarah was listed as age 64, the widow DICKERSON, and lived with her dau. Frances BELL MANGRUM, wife of Edward F. MANGRUM. Children of Archibald & Sarah BELL were: Frances Levina BELL b. 1858 AR md. Edward F. MANGRUM d. 1936; William S. BELL, b. 1861 died young; Levicia E. BELL b. c1862 md. James MILLER in 1885; Thomas A. BELL b. 1864 d. 1900. Thomas had one son, Chester Clay BELL b. 1888. Since dau. Frances was born 1858 in AR, where was this family in 1860? Have been unable to locate the Archibald BELL family in 1860 or before. Any help greatly appreciated. JoAnn Cantrell, Rt. 6, Box 308, McAlester, OK 74501
Email: n5tfc@edumaster.net

JoAnn Cantrell June 19 1998
Looking for info on the parents of Jacob PIERSON and Jacob's wife. Jacob b. c1785 Indiana and d. c1855 Scott Co. Jacob & family resided in Scott Co. AR on the 1840 through 1880 census. Unsure of name of Jacob's wife as census is hard to read: maybe Sintha or Janette. She was b. c1793 KY and d. c1862 Scott Co., AR. Children include: James PIERSON, b. c1820 Indiana, d. 1864 Lewisburg, AR; Andrew Jackson PIERSON, b. 1823 Indiana, d. 1878 Logan Co., AR; Martha PIERSON, b. c1824 IN md. G.W. WHITE in Scott Co; Sarah A. PIERSON, b. c1827 md. William BARNARD; Isaac N. PIERSON, b. c1830 IN; Loucretia A. PIERSON, b. 1835 IN md. James MANGRUM. Any help greatly appreciated. JoAnn Cantrell, Rt. 6, Box 308, McAlester, OK 74501
Email: n5tfc@edumaster.net

Jim M. Robertson June 17 1998
Ephrium ROGERS, b. 1828, md. _____ SHIPMAN, b. 1828. Only known child: Jonathan ROGERS, b. Nov 1846, TN, d. 1876, Waldron, Scott Co., AR, md. Mary Ann BEESON, b. 1841 MO, d. 29 Nov 1916 Carter, Beckham Co., OK. Jonathan ROGERS (1846-1876) and Mary Ann BEESON (1841-1916) had three sons and one daughter: Tom Wilson, James Preston, Nancy Bell and Josephus S. ROGERS.
Email: James.McCarty.Robertson@worldnet.att.net

Donna Riley June 14 1998
I am searching for anyone who might have any information on Elizabeth (RITTER) McBRIDE who I believe remarried, possibly in Mississippi, and moved to Arkansas, possibly Scott County. Elizabeth is believed to be the sister of Benjamin Franklin RITTER who I believe was in Scott County about 1880 to 1897/98. If anyone has any information on this family I am trying to determine the parents of Elizabeth (RITTER) McBRIDE and Benjamin Franklin RITTER. Benjamin is my great-grandfather. He and several of his children show up in the 1900 Indian Territory census around the Ada Oklahoma area.
Email: d_riley@bellsouth.net

Tom Presley June 9 1998
Looking for information on Louisa PRESLEY, age 15 on the 1870 Scott County Census, in the household of Robert PRESLEY. Possibly his daughter. She does not appear on the 1880 census, disappears without a trace. What happened to her? Did she marry or did she die? If she married, to whom?
Email: tapres4@worldnet.att.net

Debra Kinman June 6 1998
I am looking for the maiden name of my great-great grandmother Elizabeth [SURNAME UNKNOWN] GIPSON MOORE LONG. She died in 1907 in the Bates area. She was the mother of James J. GIPSON, Elias M. MOORE and Benjamin F. LONG. She was born around 1840, married John W. GIPSON who died in Scott County around 1855; James MOORE who died in Scott County around 1864; then married John B. LONG in 1866. Any information would be helpful.
Email: scteach@hotmail.com

Tom Presley May 27 1998
Am seeking the burial place and stone information on Robert L.(possibly F.) PRESLEY. Indications are he paid a poll tax for 1865 and was on the Hickman Township 1870 census but not the 1880 census for Scott County. His burial site might be near that of John R. PRESLEY, his son whose final resting place is also unknown but is in Scott County. Any information on the PRESLEY'S in Scott county appreciated. Robert L. would of been my gg g-father.

Jeanne Wince Stone May 21 1998
Seeking information on parents and siblings of Margaret Olivia Iowa RUPE. She was born 12 Oct 1869, she married on 20 January 1887 to William Harrison BROWN of Scott/Sebastian Counties. Would like to exchange information.
Email: trackers@planetwide.com

Donald J. Hunt May 17 1998
Looking for information on Jesse M. FREEMAN and Parthena HUNT. At the time of the 1900 Federal Census, they lived in James Township, Scott County, AR with three daughters: Anna S. (age 15), Charlotte (age 14), Emma B. [Imogene] (age 11). Seek Jesse M. FREEMAN's parents and birth/death date [born in AL according to that census]; seek marriage date to Parthena HUNT (about 1881).
Email: DOB7942@aol.com

Debra Blackard May 12 1998
Charles HICKEY, b. ca 1790, VA, and various members of his family, including son-in-law, Charles Newton TANNEHILL, moved to Scott Co. from Johnson Co., AR, after 1840 and before 1845. Charles N. TANNEHILL entered lands in Scott Co., in 1848. No BLM record is indicated for Charles HICKEY, but the original plat for T1N-R29W, shows the location of his field. Although Scott Co. records were destroyed by fire, it is possible that landowners re-recorded their deeds to document their land title. I would appreciate contact from anyone familiar with Scott Co. land records who may have noticed these surnames and any associates.
Email: blackard@cswnet.com

Mitch Walker May 12 1998
WALKER Family: I am interested in sharing information with anyone researching the Bird B. WALKER and Louisa (TAYLOR) WALKER family. Bird and Louisa were both born in Tennessee, and were married in Rutherford County, TN in 1834. They lived in MO, TX and finally Scott County, AR. Because of border changes, they were either thought of as being in Scott or Logan County. They had several children: Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary Frances, Sarah C., Louisa Jane, Samuel B., Aden Taylor, Robert, Nancy, Bird B., Rachel, Jackson Tillman, and Judy. Several of these children had families in Scott County: Sarah married William H. BUNCH, and he later ran off with her younger sister Judy. Samuel married Elizabeth JONES and Taylor married Savillah Tennessee SPEARS and later Minerva Caroline JONES (sister of Elizabeth). Dr. Bird B. WALKER was one of the physicians in Scott County. He married Jane E. HURT. Rachel married Colonel Hugh BATES of Logan County. Nancy married Lewis WALKER (no known relation) they had a child named Viola who married William L. MOORE. Jack married Julia Odello WILLIAMSON and when she died, later married Melissa Ann WANN RANES. Bird B. and Louisa are buried at the Carolan Cemetery in Logan County, as are several other WALKER family members. He died in 1879 and she in 1889.
Email: mwalker@lexmark.com

Mitch Walker May 12 1998
LASITER / LASSITER Family - I am interested in sharing information with anyone who might know about Emma C. LASITER (her maiden name is unknown to me). She had a daughter named Louella E. LASITER, born either the 20 or 21 of Sep 1890 in Scott County. Emma was first married to J.I. LASITER then married John T. JOHNSON on 4 Jan 1892 in Scott County, then later married William EVANS on 27 May 1909 in Logan County.
Email: mwalker@lexmark.com

Dennis Newton May 2 1998
BOULTINGHOUSE, CARROLL/CARRELL I am searching for information on Daniel CARROLL and wife Nancy BOULTINGHOUSE. I know they were living in Waldron in 1851. Daniel was killed while working in the fields on May 6, 1851. He had a brother, George. Nancy's father, Daniel BOULTINGHOUSE was also living there at that time. Dennis, James, and Zacariah BOULTINGHOUSE also figure into this picture. If anyone has information, please contact me. Susan Blackmon, HC 74 Box 957, Graham, TX 76450
Email: avery@wf.net

Gina Clingan Apr 28 1998
I am doing research on my gr-grandparents, John Tidwell KING and Laura SPARKS. One of their sons may have been born in Scott Co. in a town called Weeks. Dennis KING was born May 12, 1909. I also have information to share and would appreciate any help.
Email: littlewingtalks@webtv.net

Betty Hollowell Apr 27 1998
Would like to hear from relatives of Ira Barto and Ova Gay Sparks HUTCHENS. I am desperate to find the family of Frances Harriett HUTCHENS/HUTCHINSON who married first David A. WILSON and was on the 1870 and 1880 Scott Co. census. She then married Israel BROTHERS.
Email: holwel@mycvc.net

Virginia Allen Apr 25 1998
James Stewart HOPKINS, b. June 1853. He was an Arkansas sheriff and was killed Dec. 26, 1884. His wife was Lucy KENDALL and they had two children: Euphia Carneal HOPKINS and Troy HOPKINS. Euphia married Charles ALLEN and they were listed on the Scott Co. census at Waldron in 1910 and 1920. Can anyone help me on this family, please.
Email: vallen@1starnet.com

John Lohman Apr 8 1998
I am researching the descendants and ancestors of Francis Marion BLYTHE, my maternal great-grandfather. Family tradition suggests that this Blythe line came from Virginia. I would appreciate any guidance and help. Washington County, Texas, 1860 Census information and a family Bible indicate that Francis M. was born in Tennessee on 14 May 1821 and married Virginia Lockhart HARRISON in Pulaski County, Arkansas on 12 April 1842. Virginia L. was born in Alabama May 16, 1823. Scott County, AR Federal Land Records show that BLYTHE, Thomas J. acquired land on June 1, 1875. Can anyone connect Thomas J. to Francis Marion?
Email: jlohman@txdirect.net

Roger Palmer Apr 4 1998
Looking for information about the parents and descendants of Edwin ROBERTSON who was born May 1861 in Tennessee. His parents were from South Carolina. Edwin ROBERTSON married Annie VAN NESS possibly in Texas. They lived in Mansfield, Scott Co., Arkansas during the 1900 census. Their children were Charley ROBERTSON born March 1889 in Texas, Kate ROBERTSON born January 1893 in Texas, Zoe ROBERTSON born September 1895 in Texas, Lawrence ROBERTSON born September 1899 in Arkansas.
Email: RogerP1057@aol.com