Part 2, July - December

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Dale Thompson December 31 1998
Looking for any information on J.P. THOMPSON, who was said to be a long time Scott Co. resident. He was born in AL abt. 1834 and moved to AR as a young man, later married Frances SPENCER, they had 11 children. He served in the 24th AR Inf. and the 19th AR Inf. during the Civil War, later moved to I.T. I would gladly share any info. that I have on this family. Thanks.
Email: dthomp@arn.net

G.W. Cornelius December 11 1998
Update to BATES query: Searching for info on BATES of Scott & Montgomery Co., AR. Maggie Della BATES, my grandmother, married William Spurgin McKAY of Scott Co. & later Clarksville, Johnson Co. Maggie was dau of Joseph R. BATES & Mary M. ELLISON of Mt. Ida area. Joseph R. was son of Martin S. & Sarah E. BATES. Martin S. was son of J.R. BATES & Mary Ann DOBBS of SC & GA. J.R. was son of Stephen BATES of VA. Stephen was son of William BATES of VA. Any info will be appreciated.
Email: gw.c@comcast.net

G.W. Cornelius December 1 1998
CORNELIUS/MCKAY/BATES/CAIN/WOODMAN/NICHOLS/BARRETT: My McKAY as follows: W.S. McKAY ( William Spurgin) married Della BATES, were my grandparents. W.S. father was Abraham Lincoln McKAY. W.S. McKAY and Della lived in Harvey and Waldron, and later moved to Clarksville. George W. CORNELIUS married Sarah Nancy BARRETT, their child William Francis CORNELIUS b. Harvey Ark was my grandfather, he married Elizabeth HARBERSON. My parents were George W. CORNELIUS and Pearl Estelle McKAY CORNELIUS, of Harvey, Waldron, Crump Town. Any info on any of these names would be helpful and I would be glad to share what I have. I have McKAY pedigree back to 1500"s in Scotland and CORNELIUS back five generations, but I am searching personal info. I am told that George CORNELIUS served as county judge or J.P. for Scott County in late 1800-early 1900.
Email: gw.c@comcast.net

Junior Metcalf November 11 1998
My Scott County ancestors were Thomas J. METCALF born 1820 in TN and wife Elizabeth born 1822 in TN. They lived in Texas from 1848, possibly before, until 1869 when they moved to Scott County, Arkansas. They had 12 children, all born in Texas: Francis Marion, William H. (Ham), Andrew Jackson, Mary, George Washington, Martha, Nancy, Thomas J., Joseph Anderson (Joe), James Monroe, Samuel Houston (Sam), and Henry Howard. One of their children, George Washington, was born in Harrison County, TX and this is where they were living when they migrated from Texas to Scott Co, Arkansas. I have not found them listed on the Texas census or any Other records in Texas. Thomas and Elizabeth METCALF homesteaded land in the Packsaddle Community of Scott County and are listed on the 1870 census, Tumbleston Township, #129/130. I am searching for the parents of Thomas and Elizabeth METCALF and for Elizabeth's maiden name. Joseph Anderson (Joe), my great grandfather, was born in Waco, McLennan Co., TX. He was married 3 times, first to Mollie (HUTTO) METCALF 24 Jul 1889, second to Nellie CATING 18 Jul 1900,and third to Annie CANTRELL 14 Feb 1918. Joesph and Annie moved to Lake City, Craighead Co, AR. He died there 17 Sep 1921. I am descended from his first marriage to Mollie (HUTTO) METCALF. I would like to correspond with anyone from the HUTTO, CATING and CANTRELL families who has connections or information to share. Please contact me at PO Box 13, Huntington, AR 72940 or (501) 928-5714.
Email: JrMetcalf@aol.com

Mel Jones November 4 1998
Looking for JONES, HOLLAND, MOLDER, JACOBS, HAMMON, WILLIAMS, LAMB, BURT, and EVATT in Scott Co. and surrounding areas. If you have anything at all, even something remotely connected, please contact me. Thanks.
Email: MJones1803@aol.com

Martha Lafferty Harris November 4 1998
Virgil S. SELF and Annie McDOUGAL m. 14 Dec 1884, Scott Co AR. There were nine children born of this union: Franklin, James William, Effie S., Martha Beulah, Mary Louise, John T., Tendrick M., (----), Velma Dovie. Any information will be appreciated.
Email: COTTON234@aol.com

Don & Bess Ramey November 4 1998
We are seeking any information about the parents, siblings, cousins, etc of the following: William Wallace McVAY, b. 10 Nov 1850 in Ky., m. 2nd Louisa PARKER, b. 6 May 1869 on 12 Nov 1898 in Scott Co. Her 1st marriage to a JOHNSON or JOHNSTON. His first marriage unknown. William bought land in Scott Co. in 1896. Their daughter Elsie Faye McVAY was b. in Scott Co. 13 Aug 1900. The whole group moved to Kaufman Co., Tx in 1903. William died there 22 Jun 1916, Louisa died there 2 Jan 1912. Any help appreciated.
Email: bldr@socket.net

Sharon Staton November 3 1998
STATON/BARNETT: I am trying to find the family of Thomas BARNETT that lived in Scott County in 1870. Thomas BARNETT b. 1832 in N.C. was married to Narcissus (?) b. 1824 in S.C. They had a daughter Lucinda b.1856 in Ga. who married Franklin STATON, and a son James b. 1865. Was John W. BARNETT b. 1800 in NC living in Scott Co. in 1870 his father? If anyone knows anything about this family I would appreciate hearing from you. I need all the help I can get on this. I have been stumped on this line for a long time.
Email: slstaton@arkansas.net

Georgia Aeverman October 30 1998
I am researching FRUEN, CALLAHAN, HENDRIX & BARNEY in Scott County. This is an update to my earlier query of October 4, 1998. Grady FRUEN and Minnie Mae RALLS are my parents. Grady's parents are William Edward FRUEN, b. in 1872, d. in 1944 and Isabel CALLAHAN, b. Jul, 1887 or 1889, d. 1964. They were married in 1907. They had 8 children: Delia, Hazel, Joe, Dona, Bill, Ellis, Grady, and Josephine who died at about 2 years. Grady and Ellis were born in Waldron. The widowed Isabel lived in Bates as I was growing up. William and Isabel are buried in Lamb Cemetery in Waldron. William's parents are Joe and Cardelia FRUEN. Isabel's parents are Jefferson and Sarah Jane (BARNEY) CALLAHAN. In a 1910 census, Jefferson was 48 years old. By the 1920 census, Sarah Jane was a widow. Sarah Jane died in 1971.
Email: georgiaart@sbcglobal.net

JoAnn Cantrell October 27 1998
SCROGGINS: Need info on the Wm. & Sarah SCROGGINS family who resided in Scott Co. on the 1860-70-80 census. Wm. SCROGGINS was b. ca 1813 in GA. He died 25 Aug 1879 in Scott Co. Sarah -?- SCROGGINS was b. 15 Aug 1816 MS and died 28 Aug. 1885 Scott Co. This family resided in Franklin Co. AR in 1850. Children of this family included: Mary SCROGGINS b. ca 1834 married Elijah MORRISON in Franklin Co. in 1853, Leroy SCROGGINS b. 1837, Asa SCROGGINS b. ca 1839, Jack SCROGGINS b. ca 1843, Margaret J. SCROGGINS b. ca 1845, Walter SCROGGINS b. ca 1847, Joanna SCROGGINS b. ca 1853, Nancy C. SCROGGINS b. ca 1855, and W.W. SCROGGINS b. ca 1859.
Email: n5tfc@mmind.net

Margie Myers October 24 1998
CRUMP, Jacob R. - Married Jane McVEY 13 Aug 1857, married Lexanner THAYSON 1882, married Adeline (LAWRENCE) BROWN in 1883. Last known in Scott County in 1885. Not on the 1900 Scott County census. Need to know where he may have gone from Scott County. Children known to have been born in Scott County were Rufus Butler CRUMP, and Dovie CRUMP married to John CLOPTON. Rufus Butler CRUMP married Christian Ann ROSE, daughter of John A. ROSE and Rebecca (SCOTT) ROSE, from Scott County. Would like to hear from any descendants of any of these names.
Email: bmyers@viclink.com

Lynn Carter Somerville October 24 1998
Would like to correspond with anyone researching these two Scott Co. Families: Ichabod SANDERSON, age 22 in 1880. He married Mary E. CHANDLER, daughter of Andrew CHANDLER. Ichabod's mother may have been Priscilla McCRAY/McRAY/McROY. All were living in Scott Co. in 1870 and 1880.
Email: somervil@sstelco.com

Gina Wells October 14 1998
BAXTER families living Scott Co 1850, 1860, 1870: I am looking for information on Thomas & Patience(POTHIOU? or POTHION?) BAXTER listed as living in Scott Co, AR from 1850 thru 1870 census. Their children were: William BAXTER b. 1834, Samuel BAXTER b. 1836, Mary BAXTER b. 1838, Mahaly BAXTER b. 1840, Nancy BAXTER b. 1841, Jasper BAXTER b. 1843, James BAXTER b. 1845, Lafayette BAXTER b. 1850, Calvin Albert BAXTER b. 1852, Alvin BAXTER b. 1852 (Calvin's twin) and Andrew Jackson "Jack" BAXTER b. 1855. If anyone has info on Calvin Albert BAXTER please let us know. Where did he go after 1870? Who did he marry? Where? We know that he had at least one son: Thomas Westley (T.W.) BAXTER who married Lela Ann FRANKS MYERS on Oct. 14, 1903. Thomas Westley (T.W.) BAXTER died 1920 or 1922 and is buried at Page, OK. in the Black Fork Cemetery. If you know anything about Calvin BAXTER please email me, also would appreciate info on this whole family. Thank you very much!
Email: wells4@pldi.net

Bill Hullender October 14 1998
Looking for information of the STRINGER and HULLENDER families who lived around Hon, Scott Co., AR.
Email: deepwell@worldnet.att.net

Dee Lewis October 11 1998
I would like to know about the will and final documents of the deceased grandparents: Tom Lewis and May Belle Hamrick Lewis. They resided at 20-3N-28W (east of Waldron) in Scott Co, and I believe a portion of that property may have been left to my husand. Thank you.

Georgia Aeverman October 4 1998
RALLS, FRUEN, HENDRIX, CALLAHAN: I believe several of my relatives were born in Bates, AR, Scott Cty. My father: Grady FRUEN. My mother: Minnie Mae RALLS (FRUEN) Grandparents: Charley Allen RALLS and Lottie Elvira HENDRIX (RALLS) and William and Florence Elizabeth Bell CALLAHAN (FRUEN). I attended school in Bates for the first and second grades.(1949-50) My father worked for Clyde WARD. Mrs. WARD was a school teacher at the Bates school. I knew their sons: Gene and Gerald.
Email: georgiaart@sbcglobal.net

John Skinner September 25 1998
I am looking for anyone who can tell me anything about the STORMES family tree. I know that a lot of my family went to the Bates School in Scott County and then to Heavener, LeFlore Co., Okla. My name is Johnny SKINNER but my blood name is Johnny Lee STORMES. My dad was Vester STORMES and my grandfather was Vanus STORMES. I would love to talk to anyone that knew them.
Email: jls@mail.cei.net

Joe September 7 1998
I am compiling a list of all known standing theater buildings in the US. Could you all search Scott County and tell me if there are any pre-1950 theater buildings still standing. The name, former names, date built, architect if known, the number of seats and the present use and condition is the information that I am looking for. When the list is finished it will be displayed by state at Music Fort Smith. Thanks in advance for your time and trouble.
Email: NewTheater@aol.com

Lisa Rothwell September 3 1998
BOYD: I am looking for information of the family of James C. BOYD, b.1852 in TN, m. Belle E. (maiden name unknown.) They had 3 children: George W., Ola E. and Emmett H., also known as John Emmett BOYD. The family resided in Mansfield, Lewis Township, Scott Co., AR.
Email: Csadautr@aol.com

Margie Schoen September 1 1998
Anxiously looking for information about Reubin TOMLINLSON, married to Matilda JOHNSON, and their descendants: Martha Jane TOMLINSON, married to David MARSHALL. They had a son, William, listed in 1860 Scott Co., census and lived next to Reuben TOMLINSON in Revielle Twp. What happened to David and William? A David MARSHALL enlisted Union Army, 10 Sep 1863, Dardanelle, AR, b. Morgan Co., NC, age 33; the same day as Martha's brother, John, enlisted. John died of a fever in 1864. Matilda JOHNSON TOMLINSON, died early in the Civil War years when she went into shock after witnessing the death of a Union supporter at the hands of Price's men. She died in childbirth. Martha Jane cared for the other children. Reuben was reportedly shot to death in front of his children the day peace was declared, by bushwackers. The children were separated. Martha went to Missouri where she married Peter ZUMALT, in 1870 or 1876; Arbell/Arbella TOMLINSON and brother, Tolbert TOMLINSON were listed in the household of John ROARK, in Franklin Co., 1870 census. Brother, Wiley Scott TOMLINSON, was not listed in the census index. Arbella married Dr. Edward DOSS and moved to Texas. Wiley Scott TOMLINSON married Mary Wehunt and eventually moved to Red Oak, OK. Martha was able to find Wiley Scott and Arbella before Martha's death in 1913. She never found Tolbert. If you have any information to share, will exchange information with you.
Email: mschoen@nckcn.com

Geraldine Farmer August 21 1998
FARMER, WILSON, EASTERS, COLE, RILEY: I believe my FARMER ancestor was the Finis E. FARMER, b. 1814 MO listed in the 1850 Scott Co. census, Hickman Twp. He supposedly md Rebecca WILSON, b. 1814 IN and had sons, John b. 1835, Jim, & twins Crittenden and Littleton FARMER b. 1851 & possibly others. The parents, Finis & Rebecca FARMER, both died sometime bet. 1851 & 1860, leaving orphans, because the children were "farmed out" in the 1860 census. Crittendon FARMER showed up in the S.S. EASTERS household in 1860. I am thinking they may be relatives somehow? I know there were connections with the WILSON, COLE, EASTERS & possibly RILEY families. We haven't found Littleton FARMER in the 1860 census. The WILSON and COLE FAMILIES and FARMER children ended up in Yell Co. in later census records. I do not know the parents of Finis FARMER or of his wife Rebecca WILSON. I am especially interested in hearing from WILSON descendants if you recognize these given names of WILSONS: Robert b. 1824 IN; Abram b. 1821 IN; George b. 1815 GA or TN; Nelly b. 1791 or 1783 NC; Elizabeth b. 1803 VA.
Email: gfarmer@mail.snider.net

Pat McNeely August 20 1998
McNEELY: I am looking for anyone with knowledge of this family in Scott County 1870 census, Sugarcreek Township: William V. McNEELY, b. 1831 TN; Lucinda McNEELY, b. 1839 GA; James A. McNEELY, b. 1851 GA; Mary M. McNEELY, b. 1855 GA; John C. McNEELY, b. 1856 GA. William came to this area (which became Logan Co. in 1871) by 1865. He filed for homestead. Son James A. died in 1876 and William recovered his homestead property, also. Mary McNEELY married Edmond HAMBY. John McNEELY eventually went to Christian Co, MO along with the HAMBY family where he married and raised 6 children. I'd like to correspond with anyone researching this family.
Email: pmcneely@aol.com

Carlene Hodges July 28 1998
I am interested in the ancestry of my grandfather Millard Filmore NORWOOD, born April 23, 1862 in Tennessee; died Nov. 15, 1900 Waldron. He is buried at Pilot Prairie Cemetery. He married Lula H. McCORD on Dec. 27, 1888 in Scott Co. I would be grateful for any information on this family. Carlene Hodges, 297 Bear Creek Rd., Little Mtn., SC 29075
Email: Jbh345@aol.com

Elsie Lilburn Jul 24 1998
John D. LILBURN purchased 40 acres in Scott Co. at the Clarksville Land Office in 1860. I am researching the surname LILBURN. Would appreciate any information and would be glad to exchange information. Thanks in advance.
Email: lilburn@txdirect.net

Farnell Vaughn July 22 1998
Looking for information on Seaborne HARRELL who came from Union Co., AR to Scott Co. and is listed on the 1880 & 1900 census in Scott Co., probably died there. Any information on him or family welcomed.
Email: fychan@webtv.net

Glen Davis July 22 1998
I am seeking information on my great-great grandfather James Monroe GRIGSBY, born ca Feb. 1844 in MO, married Rosa HERRIN(?) born c1850. They lived at Cedar Creek, Scott Co., AR about 1870. They had one son known to me: James Monroe GRIGSBY, born April 1871 near Cedar Creek. The younger James GRIGSBY lived at Cedar Creek at the time of the 1900 & 1910 censuses. He married Martha Jane HOLSONBACK. They had 8 children born from 1892-1913 in AR, probably Cedar Creek. Martha Jane had a sister, Mary Ann HOLSONBACK who married a McCLANE. Mary Ann's two children, Cally & Barley McCLANE lived at Cedar on the 1910 census with James & Martha. I would really appreciate any additional information on these folks.
Email: gdavis@bga.com

Ed & Glenna Bartlett July 21 1998
I'm looking for information on Louis Sweden BARTLETT family that lived at Gravelly in Scott Co. Louis may have been from a large BARTLETT family from Hot Springs area. He married Addie McCOY. They had the following children with ages from the 1920 Cedar Township, Scott Co. census: Marvin, 16; Bill, 13; Thady, 12; Ernest, 11; Ceral, 9; Nina, 4, and Sherman, 2. Other children born later were a son, Faith, Leunice and Edward Charles BARTLETT, born 1923. Addie was called a "Black Dutch" person, which refers to a location as I understand. Any help will be appreciated.
Email: owo@gte.net

Al Ragsdale July 21 1998
My great-great grandfather, Malachi UNDERWOOD, was born 1809-1818 Green Co., KY. He married Louisa TRAMMELL/HENDERSON (b. abt. 1825 IL) in Scott Co., AR in 1846. He may be related to James, William & William B. UNDERWOOD of Green Co., KY, Madison Co., MO & Scott & Johnson Co., AR. Louisa may have been Cherokee Indian. Her mother was a BOX & is buried at an Indian cemetery on Vernon Mtn., River Mountain Road, Delaware, AR. Trying to find more on both their parents and siblings. They were in Logan Co., AR in 1880. Malachi was there in 1900 & died there in 1910.
Email: WARagsdale@aol.com

Mary L. Simons July 9 1998
SESSIONS, IVEY, LOCKLEAR: Elijah and Mary (SESSIONS) IVEY lived in Scott Co., AR from about 1840 until ??? They were there in 1850. Does anyone know where and when they married? Did they leave Arkansas? John L. and Eliza (IVEY) LOCKLEAR were in Scott Co. on the 1850 census records. Does anyone know of any marriages of the LOCKLEARS while in Arkansas? Interested in info on the SESSIONS family. Does anyone know Mary's parents names? These families were in southern Illinois prior to coming to Scott County. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Email: MSimons@gt.rr.com

Brent A. Cowger July 9 1998
HOGUE, BOYETT: Would like any information on the death of William HOGUE, b. N.C., d. between 1877 and 1880, and his wife Elizabeth BOYETT, b. 1843 IN, d. between 1900 and 1910. William was son of Lewis & Esther HOGUE; Elizabeth was daughter of Thomas & Nancy BOYETT, listed 1870 Sebastian Co., AR census and 1880 & 1900 Scott Co., AR. Please contact Brent A. Cowger, P.O. Box 631, Murphy, OR 97533
Email: svcowger@budget.net

Carolyn Amant Bridges July 6 1998
RAMSEY: Seeking information about David Crockett RAMSEY family who lived in Scott Co. area around 1850-1860. Their daughter Melissa RAMSEY BAKER was born in the area. Any information would be helpful.
Email: bridgesw@ix.netcom.com

Jack Freeman July 4 1998
JONES, SLATE, HUGHS: Could someone tell me if the children of Edgar Royal & Myrtle (PULLEN) JONES are the grandchildren of Seaborn Turntine JONES & Sarah (SLATE) JONES? They had a son Edgar born 1884 Booth, Ark., died 1962, buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Scott Co., Ark. Sarah's parents were Jasper or James & Malinda SLATE. Malinda was a HUGHS. Sarah was my grandmother's (Roma ROLAND) half sister. I would like to get in touch with this family.
Email: drafter@brightok.net

Jack Freeman July 4 1998
TURMAN, HUGHS: I would like to find more information about a Mary HUGHS who is buried by William B. TURMAN in the Turman Cemetery in Scott Co. What relation was she to him? I know that William B. TURMAN'S mother was a HUGHS, but I believe that she died in Mo. before the family came to Scott Co., Ark. What was William's father's name?
Email: drafter@brightok.net