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Linda Spencer June 17 1999
Looking for Martin WADDLE, my ggg grandfather, who is listed on the 1860 Mortality Schedule of Arkansas: he died at age 75 in March of Lung Fever in Scott County. He also had lived there at some time earlier. Some of his late life children were born in Arkansas. He is regarded as a pioneer of Dade County, MO., and was born in Kentucky.
Email: ljhs@infi.net

Susan Hamilton June 15 1999
STEELMAN siblings: James Bethel STEELMAN b abt 1838 m (1) Lettie BOYETT dau of Thomas BOYETT and Nancy REEVES. Lettie d August 19, 1881 b Coop-Prairie Cemetery, Mansfield, Scott Co. James Bethel STEELMAN m (2) Susan BOYETT, sister of Lettie. They were in Scott Co in 1880. William Carrol STEELMAN b abt 1846, m Martha BOYETT, sister of Lettie and Susan BOYETT. John Wesley STEELMAN b Aug 12, 1854 m Polly Ann WILKINSON. Sarah STEELMAN b abt 1861 m Wm. M. HODGE Jun 9 1878 Greenwood, Sebastian Co. All lived in the Scott and Sebastian Co area. Allied families included COFFEE and DEVER.
Email: susan9@home.com

Dorothy Todd June 12 1999
HARDIN and PHIPPS: This mystery has stumped me for the past 25 years; and has stumped my mother for the past 52 years. My great grandmother, Lucy HARDIN, born July 4, c1855, Lawrence County, AR, married c1872, William W. PHIPPS from Scott County, AR. They raised their family and lived in Scott County for the next 50 years. Lucy had twin sisters and a brother named James who was a Methodist Minister. (James came to visit Lucy every now and then so he had to live close enough to make the trip). When the children were young, her father drowned in the White River while working on a raft of logs. Does anybody anywhere know who her parents are? Any clues will be gratefully accepted. Thank you.
Email: DToddAvery@aol.com

Barbara Hale Reynolds June 12 1999
JAMES/HALE/BATES: I found new cousins this week and it has opened up a whole new chapter in my search for my family. John married to Permelia Caroline YOUNG and they had John, Homer, Gary and Richmond BATES. Permelia died sometime before 1871 and John married Nancy Ann JAMES ca 1871 in Scott County, Arkansas. They had Parmelia "Carrie" BATES and Jesse James BATES. Nancy Ann JAMES is the aunt of my great great grandfather John HALE. Homer BATES married John HALE's daughter Lucy M. HALE. Lucy and Homer had Lydia ca 1904. I am looking for any additional information about these family members. I understand Lydia married a BROADERICK/BRODERICK. I would appreciate any information and will share what I know about my many Scott County family members.
Email: bhalereynolds49@aol.com

Linda Pollock June 6 1999
GRAHAM, SCARBROUGH, MCDONALD, ENSZY: I am looking for information on people with these names. Hamilton GRAHAM was born in Scott county in 1869. I think his parents were Thomas GRAHAM and Kathron ?. His son Hamilton GRAHAM was married to Elitha McDONALD. Their childrens names were Lenard, Lucy, Lille SCARBROUGH, Solon Emzy GRAHAM, Cohn GRAHAM, Boone. My grandmother was Ella Mae SCARBROUGH. Her siblings names were Lenard, Floyd, Scud, Paul and Kathryn ENSZY. Ella and Emzys childrens names were: Eardie, Lealand, Esline, Novella, Wynona. They lived in Parks and Waldron. They attended a Holiness church. They left AR and moved to Chowchilla, CA in 1939.
Email: lazydaisey309@yahoo.com

Shari Smith June 4 1999
Frank FULLER b. Abt. 1812, GA d. abt. 1878 in Scott Co. [aka Bedford Franklin, Jesse Franklin & perhaps John Franklin] Frank m. Nancy PAYNE abt. 1845 in LA. Nancy PAYNE b. AL, d. 1901 in Scott Co. Children: James Dupree, J. F. [could be Jesse], John, Charles Fell, Henry Allen and probably others. Was in Scott Co. some time aft. Civil War & bef. 1872. James D. FULLER m. Matilda TUCKER in Scott Co.
Email: SS1919@worldnet.att.net

Dorothy Todd June 3 1999
BARNES & PHIPPS: I am looking for the names of descendants of E. Henry Barnes that married Amanda "Mandy" Phipps, daughter of William W. Phipps and Lucy Hardin. Henry and Mandy married November 16, 1904 at Scott County, AR. Their descendants, my cousins, were living in Scott County after WWII and may still be there. I believe they had twin daughters and a son. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Email: dtoddavery@aol.com

D.L. Lacefield May 29 1999
I am interested in exchanging information on the surnames of LACEFIELD and HARBERSON of Scott Co.
Email: delilac@sprintmail.com

Mary Jo Bassham May 28 1999
I have several family lines in Scott County I'm looking for. Any information on them would be helpful. DOYEL, John "Jim," William, or Landy T. COOK, Asa or Armentia. DILL, Jeremiah or Arzella. ANTHONY, Jesse or Cynthia Eleanor. Any help on these lines would be greatly appreciated.
Email: mjbassham@yahoo.com

Jim Newman May 25 1999
I would like information on my great, great Grandfather, Freiderich NIEMANN who later changed his surname to NEWMAN. He was married to Nancy Ann NEWMAN and they had two sons, William R. NEWMAN and James M. NEWMAN. Apparently they lived near Ione for some time and we believe that Freiderich is buried at Bloodworth cemetery south of Ione in Scott County. Eventually, Nancy Ann, William R., and James M. lived in the Hon area where Nancy died in 1917, William in 1964, and James in 1966. They are buried at lower Center point cemetery near Hon.
Email: rdjrn@ipa.net

Bobby J. Randolph May 24 1999
Would like to make contact with anyone researching the WARE, PLUMMER, SMITH, SHACKLEFORD, PHIPPS, CHASTAIN families in Scott County. William Y. WARE is listed on the 1890, 1900 and 1910 Census of Scott County. All of these persons resided in Hon Township.
Email: bobrand@infinitytx.net

Shirley Scruggs Ridge May 16 1999
I am in search of my Grandmother's burial place. She lived in Olio about 1916 when she married my Grandfather who lived in Blue Ball according to marriage records. She died when my Father was a baby and that should have been the early part of 1922. My Grandmother was Clarcie WIGLEY SCRUGGS of Olio. My Grandfather was Little Roland SCRUGGS of Blue Ball. It was told that her mother married a WOODARD after Grandpa WIGLEY died. Grandma WOODARD'S given name was something similar to Belle. Any info would be appreciated.
Email: Sridge1946@aol.com

Cindy Hinslee Stamps April 5 1999
HENSLEE/HENSLEY: Would like to make contact with anyone researching the HENSLEE family in Scott Co. James B. HENSLEE is listed on the 1860, 1870, and 1880 Census of Scott Co.
Email: bstamps@tenet.edu

Edd Hyatt April 2 1999
Joseph W. LOOPER: Looking for descendants of Joseph W. LOOPER who appears on the 1900 Census for Scott County, in Cauthron Township. Sons believed to be Joseph LOOPER and Jasper Newton LOOPER.
Email: EHyatt9798@aol.com

Bob Foster March 27 1999
Does anyone have any information on the family of the eleven-year old girl L. M. STATON who is on the 1860 Arkansas census for Scott County, Washburn TWP? The enumeration reads:
John BARNARD 49 m w SC
Cada 32 f w SC
L. M. STATON 11 f w TN
Mary P. JOHNSON 55 f w SC
My reason for asking is that my g-g-grandmother's maiden name, according to multiple family sources, was Larcenia Miranda BARNARD, but I have had absolutely no luck tracking her family down. I know she married my g-g-grandfather Martin COUGHRAN, CSA, immediately after the Civil War and they lived in Scott County, Washburn TWP and Logan County from about 1866 to 1885 when they moved to Indian Territory. I also know from later censuses that she was born May 1848 somewhere in Tennessee. Based on this purely circumstantial evidence, I am inclined to think that this L. M. STATON may have been her. The next question is why was she living with John BARNARD and why did she take the BARNARD name? Adoption? Was Cada her mother and a remarried widow? Is Polly JOHNSON Cada's mother? And if L. M. STATON was adopted, who was her blood father? Thanks for any help.
Email: rlfost@campusnet.org

Missy Wagner March 23 1999
I am seeking information on the names of the children and their spouses, etc. of Jefferson F. (born c1852, died 1910-1920) and Sarah Jane (BARNARD) CALLAHAN (born c1874, died 1971) of Scott Co. They lived in the Lamb community and are found there on the 1910 and 1920 census. Both are buried at the Lamb Cemetery.
Email: lwagner@troi.csw.net

David Eick March 20 1999
I am seeking information about my maternal great-grandfather and his ancestors who lived in and around Scott Co. from the early 1900's - 1960's. His name was Frank Cyrus NEFF, b. abt. 1889, possibly Missouri. He was the son of Worth NEFF and Emma BROWN. (Would love to know more about them too.) He had two brothers and one sister: Hugh, Squire and Nora NEFF. He married Dora Eva CAGLE in 1909 in Scott Co. and had several children including Mildred, Opal, Helen and Don NEFF. They lived in and around Waldron for many years, and may have attended Winfield Baptist Church. They also seem to have close ties to Heavener, OK. Dora died about 1918 (swine flu?) Wish to know where she is buried, etc. Her children are unsure. Frank remarried by 1920 to Ersey HAWTHORNE, and he died in 1966 in Orange, CA. My grandmother, Mildred, resides there now, but neither can give clear answers anymore. Would appreciate any help I can get.
Email: daleick@msn.com

Mary Ann Million March 20 1999
I am looking for descendants of Andrew James KELLY, born July 22, 1852 in Tn., married Emma CORNET who was born 1853 in Ark., they had three children: Lilly; Eva; and John E. KELLY. Andrew James died March 6, 1877 in Scott Co. Ark and is buried at Pleasant Grove No. 2 Cem. Emma married (2) Clay ROGERS. They were listed on 1880 Scott Co. Ark census. Emma died 1934 and is buried at Coop Prairie Cemetery, Mansfield. Would like to know what happened to Lilly, Eva & John E. KELLY? Andrew James's mother Rebecca A. KELLY died in Scott Ark. His father William James KELLY was killed in Franklin Co. Ark in 1863, by southern raiders. He was in the Union army. I would appreciate any help.
Email: mam@itexas.net

Grace Baxter Constantine March 20 1999
Am interested in BAXTER and NICHOLSON families in 1850-1870 era. Am trying to locate parents of Arthur W. BAXTER, 1849/1850. Later lived in household of Nathan NICHOLSON with other BAXTER children. Possibly son of Reuben W. and Sophia BAXTER. Believe these families lived in Alabama or Tennessee before coming to Scott County.
Email: gconstan@worldpath.net

Sandi K. VanBibber March 15 1999
ROLAND: Looking for information on Jefferson and Leticia ROLAND family of Scott County. Childrens names are: Elijah ROLAND 1825-1890, Drury ROLAND 1833-1891, Lorenzo J."Ran" ROLAND 1820-?, Jane ROLAND, Sallie ROLAND.
Email: sandik@koyote.com

Connie Rushing March 11 1999
STURGEON, BATES, BREWER, DILL, WILES, McCONNELL: The Thomas "King" STURGEON family lived in White Oak Twp, Franklin Co AR during the 1870 census enumeration. Children in this household were Manson, William, and Harley STURGEON. 1) Margaret (BATES) STURGEON may have died during the birth of the youngest child, Emma. Thomas "King" married 2) Mary E. SMITH (1877) in Franklin Co, AR. William STURGEON married 1) Eva Jane BREWER (1886) in Scott Co, AR. One child, James Isaac STURGEON was born to this marriage. 2) Mary Malinda DILL (1891) in Scott County, AR. William and Malinda left Arkansas and were in Oklahoma by 1900 census. Manson Sturgeon married 1) Malinda WILES (1888) 2) Mrs. Sarah NIX (1907) in Scott Co, AR. Emma Sturgeon married Noah McCONNELL and remained in Waldron.
Email: KA5NJ@neto.com

Georgia Aeverman March 8 1999
BARNARD, CALLAHAN, CLARK, FRUEN, HENDRIX, MEEKS, RALLS, WHITE, WHITLOCK: I have just learned that my great grandmother, Rose WHITLOCK was Part Cherokee. Her grandmother was full blood. Rose's mother was Mary E HALPAINE. (HALPAINE is a phonetic spelling, acquired from my great aunt. She was unsure of spelling. And she said HALPAINE could be the maiden name or her first married name). I have no information on Mary's husbands or the name of her mother. Rose WHITLOCK married John W HENDRIX in Scott County in 1901. Mary and her children are listed on the 1900 census for Cauthron township in Scott County.
Email: georgiaart@sbcglobal.net

Ronald Goforth March 7 1999
I am interested in finding information on the family of James GOFORTH, (1832-1905) who married Matilda PARRACK (1846-1875.) They lived near Bates in Scott Co and are found on the census there in 1870, 1880 and 1900. They are both buried in Gipson Cemetery.
Email: rgoforth@hal-pc-org

Georgia Fruen Aeverman February 26 1999
BARNARD, CALLAHAN, FRUEN, HENDRIX, WHITLOCK: Seeking information on these surnames for Scott County. Peter P BARNARD, b 1850; Tabitha BARNARD, b 1850; Sarah Jane (BARNARD) CALLAHAN, b 1870; Jefferson F CALLAHAN, b 1869; Joe FRUEN, b ?; Cordelia FRUEN, b 1830; Will Ed FRUEN, b 1872; Isabel (CALLAHAN) FRUEN, b 1887; John W HENDRIX, b 1879; Rosa M (WHITLOCK) HENDRIX, b 1881.
Email: georgiaart@sbcglobal.net

Tammy Covey February 26 1999
JONES, HENRY, STARR: I am trying to find any descendants of the following people:
Martha STARR, born about 1906 in Scott Co.
Montie STARR, born about 1908 in Scott Co.
Nora STARR, born about 1918 in Scott Co.
The above people would be my grandfather's first cousins.
Email: Tcovey0498@aol.com

Sue Countz February 21 1999
MCCASLIN/MITCHELL: I am seeking information on Ira MCCASLIN b. Nov. 1822 IL married Melissa MITCHELL b.1824 IL. They were in the 1860-1870 Scott County, AR Census and seven of their children were born there. (1) Webster "Bob" b. Dec. 29, 1844 AR married 1st Emmeline GUNTER and 2nd Jeanette WILSON (2) Nancy Jane b. 1847 AR married John D. RAMSEY (3) Isle b. 1851 AR (3) John Carl b. April 27, 1854 Scott Co. married Nancy MILLER (5) George Aquilla b. 1857 married Ann SLOAN (6) Eliza Jane b. 1860 Scott Co. married Richard MELTON (7) Isabelle b. 1865 Scott Co. AR (8) Henry b. 1867 Scott Co. (9) Andrew D. b. 1869 Scott Co. married 1st Elizabeth BUCK 2nd Myrtle WILSON 3rd Willie DUNCAN. I have no information on Melissa's parents, any help would be appreciated.
Email: stc@icok.net

Sue Countz February 21 1999
SLOAN/SLONE: I am seeking information on Samuel SLOAN/SLONE b. ca 1792 GA or TN married Lunna/Lucena_______b. ca 1795 AL or SC. They were in the Scott County, AR Census in 1850-1860. Their known children were (1) Nancy b. 1833 AR married 1st Marshall DAVIS and 2nd Andrew MILLER (2) Janon b. 1830 AL (3) Lucinda b. 1838 AR married ______HOGAN. These are my ggg-grandparents and any help would be appreciated.
Email: stc@icok.net

Penny Peace February 21 1999
Nathan Green FORREST/FOREST was on Scott Co 1900 census using the name Green FORREST. This ancestor also went by Nathan, Nathaniel and Green. Listed with him in 1900 were wife Manerva nee MILLER, Henry R, Samuel, Sherman and Lula P. His other children from two previous marriages were: dau S.E. born 1875; son W.J. born 1873; son G.D. born 1871. In 1880 he was living in Johnson Co. AR. Any info or clues would be greatly appreciated because the above info is the only info I have. Thank you.
Email: pennypeace@prodigy.net

Christine Neal February 19 1999
NEAL, COX: I am looking for information on Robert Samuel NEAL b 11/26/1849 m. abt 1876 Elizabeth Jane Cox b 6/15/1857. They married in Scott County and believe most of the children were born there. Children William Garland NEAL b 7/16/1877, John J. NEAL b 7/16/1879, Mattie NEAL b 3/12/1882, Charles Walter NEAL b 3/17/1885, Eula Lee NEAL b 10/1888, Louis Arch NEAL b 3/1/1890, Benjamine Otto NEAL b 4/1892, Minnie Elizabeth NEAL b 2/10/1895 . Robert Elmo NEAL was born in Texas 8/28/1898. Need help. Husbands side of family. Thank you.
Email: ccplay @aol.com

Donna Chism February 12 1999
McCONNELL, JONES, PARKER, RHOADES, SPENCER: My grandmother is Gladys McCONNELL. She married Robert "Sugarbabe" McCONNELL. Gladys's parents were Walter JONES and Viola PARKER. Both are buried at Parks Cemetery at Nola in Scott Co. Viola's parents were James D. PARKER and Cristiana RHOADES, and her parents were ??RHOADES and ??SPENCER. All of these families were from the Scott/Yell Co. area. My grandmother Gladys McCONNELL still lives in Gravelly Yell Co., Ark. Here are the dates for the ones that I have: Gladys McCONNELL, born April 8, 1915; Robert McCONNELL, born Aug 1, 1906 died May 15, 1985 buried Parks Cemetery; Viola PARKER-JONES, born Sept. 13, 1894 died March 5, 1982 buried Parks Cemetery; Walter JONES, born 1889 died 1964 buried Parks Cemetery; James D. PARKER, born Nov. 27, 1850 Jackson, Tenn. died Dec. 26, 1900 Gravelly, Ark; Cristiana Ann RHOADES-PARKER born 1864 died 1943 buried Young Gravelly Cemetery.
Email: TStorm2@aol.com

Tammy Covey February 11 1999
I am interested in finding the whereabouts of a cemetery in Scott County by the name of "GOBBLER'S KNOB." This cemetery is supposed to be the burial place of Savannah JONES YANDELL and possibly her mother, Mildred HENRY JONES and her father, Isom T. JONES. It is supposed to be an old Cherokee Indian cemetery. If anyone know the possible whereabouts of this cemetery, I would be very thankful for any information.
Email: TCovey0498@aol.com

Susan Blackmon February 10 1999
BOULTINGHOUSE/CARROLL: Looking for any information on Daniel CARROLL and his wife, Nancy BOULTINGHOUSE. They were living in the area of Waldron in 1850. Daniel was killed while getting logs into the slough on May 6, 1851. He had a brother, George CARROLL. Also looking for Daniel BOULTINGHOUSE, father of Nancy. His first wife, Sarah, died in Scott Co. in 1846. Would like to know of any graves that pertain to the BOULTINGHOUSES. Also Dennis, James, and Zachariah BOULTINGHOUSE. This family connects to the STUART, HON & HUIE families of Scott Co.
Email: noskcaj@wf.net

Carla Brigance February 6 1999
The Rogers/Hensley Cemetery is located just south of Y-City in Scott County. In the cemetery, there are four graves with the surname THOMAS. The information found on the stones is listed below. If anyone knows anything about these folks such as their relationship to one another, please contact me.
Albert THOMAS no dates
Elizabeth THOMAS no dates
George THOMAS 1832-1910
Martha THOMAS 1841-1894
Email: brigfam@ipa.net

Bob Foster February 6 1999
COUGHRAN, BARNARD: Looking for info on Martin J. COUGHRAN/CAUGHRAN/ COCHRAN b. 1837 Scott Co AR, and his wife Larcenia M(iranda?) BARNARD/ BERNARD/BARNETT b. March, 1848 in unk TN county. They were residing in Scott Co, Washburn TWP according to the 1870 census, and then in Logan Co. by 1878 according to BLM Land Records. This change may be the result of county boundary changes and not as the result of actual moves. Martin was a CSA Civil War vet (4th ARK Inf. Reg.) and married ~1866. All that is known of his family is that his father Lewis b. 1811 came from IL and was in old Hot Spring Co. by at least 1834, possibly as early as 1829. Nothing at all is known about Larcenia, except that she preferred to be called Miranda. Their children: Sarah b. 1867, Robert b. 1868, Rebecca b. 1870, John E. b. 1879, William M. b. 1880, Susanna D. 1882, and Minnie M. b. 1883, all born in Scott/Logan Counties. They may have had other children as well: Warren, Henry, Tobe and Mary, but this is just oral tradition and I've found no records to support this (though there is a nine year gap between 1870-9 that I can't account for.) The family relocated to I.T. by at least 1890 (Beck TWP, Canadian District, Cherokee Nation.) Martin was widowed by 1920 and died sometime thereafter; he is buried in Lee's Chapel Cemetery, Muldrow, Sequoyah Co., OK. Thanks for any help.
Email: rlfost@campusnet.org

Melba Goff Allen February 5 1999
Researching the McLENDON/McCLENDON family of Scott Co. Interested in all with this surname, but searching for Mark Allen McCLENDON who was born 1822 Perry Co., AL and died 1871 in Scott Co. Appreciate any help!

Pat Simmons February 2 1999
Looking for anyone who has access or information about the community of Shiloh, it's history and most especially the old Shiloh Church and cemetery. Working on family history through Thomas and Nancie CARTWRIGHT. We have been told that the first burial in the cemetery was that of a CARTWRIGHT infant. Does anyone know who it was?
Email: domjohn@swbell.net

Rose Parks January 22 1999
HUNT, McDANIEL, HYFIELD/HIGHFILL: I am trying to find the family of Susan HUNT born 1830-1832 in IN. Descendants say her parents were John HUNT and Susan HYFIELD. She married James McDANIEL. In the 1850 Scott Co. census there is a James McDaniel and wife Susan with 3 month old son William. Their ages are right and place of birth. My James and Susan also had Susan b. in Conway, AR 1853 (oral tradition) and her sister Louisa b. 1857 in Tarrant Co. TX where James volunteered for State Militia and then CSA and died early in the war. If anyone can connect with any of these persons, please let me know. I have some ideas but need more direct proof. I have information to share on this family if we can connect.
Email: Rparks@msn.com

Carole Tyler January 14 1999
I have Maren William "Willie" WHITE, b. AR, m. Mary Rose/Rosa ELISENBY(?) in Scott Co. They had 4 children: William Troy WHITE, b. 9 Aug 1913; Coy WHITE (also known as Fred); Ruth WHITE (also known as Glenda) and Ruth's twin who died. William Troy WHITE was my father-in-law and I am researching this family for his grandchildren. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a little info and will share.
Email: ctyleris@jps.net