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My line of Family stems from Rilda Roach, shown as Arrilda age 13 born AR on the 1870 census of Scott Co., Hickman Twp., P.O. Waldron, #15/15:
Colens M. Roach age 50 ,born VA
Malinda age 38 born IL
John H. age 18 born AR
Arrilda age 13 born AR
Colens M. age 4 born AR
Manervy age 1 born AR

Another son Elijah born abt 1873 AR wouldn't be born yet to be in this census but is shown at age 7 on the 1880 census with his widowed mother Malinda. Oldest son William D. age was listed a few dwellings away at #32/32 in 1870. He was 19 years old, with wife Martha, 18, and daughter Martha M., 1 year old. Family story from Granddaughter of Rilda said that Rilda was born near Waldron in Scott Co., AR on March 2, abt 1856. Her mother, Malinda, had lived in Illinois and was part Cherokee Indian and her Father-Collins, who was English,had grown up in Petersburg, VA and when he was 21 decided to leave home and see the world. He went to Illinois, where he met and married Rilda's mother, Linda or Lynn as many called her. They later moved by wagontrain to near Waldron, AR to what was known as Lone Elm Community. While children where young, the Civil war started between the North and South. Collins was too old for the service. They lived on a farm east of Waldron. A lot of the Men who didn't go to war went about robbing, stealing and killing people so Collins decided to go to Ft. Smith to find a place for his family. He did and sent for his family. They walked to Ft. Smith on what is now known as Old Highway 71, which was only a cow trail at that time. When war was over they walked back to Waldron and started all over again. Collins and Malenda are buried at the golf course near Waldron. (See picture below.) Later Rilda met and married John Scantling who lived nearby.

Would like to connect with family members. Belinda Beldin

Homestead Application No. 1015
Final Certificate No. 560

Homestead Application for Collins M. Roach

Land Office at Dardanelle,Ark.
January 8th, 1875

It is hereby certified , that pursuant to the provisions of the act of Congress approved May 20,1862, entitled "An Act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on public domain," Collins M. Roach has made payment in full for N.E. 1/4 of S.E. Section 2 and N.W. 1/4 of S.W. 1/4 of section No (1) one in township No. (3) three North of range No. (29) twenty nine west containing (80) eighty acres. Now, therefore, be it known that on presentation of this Certificate to the Commissioner of the General Land Office, the said Collins M. Roach shall be entitled to a patent for the tract of land above described. Signed Robert T. Naylor, register.

Application Homestead
No 1015-Waldron , Scott Co., May 8th 1868

Collins M. Roach, a citizen of Scott Co., Arkansas, do hereby apply to enter under the provisions of an act of Congress approved May 20,1862, entitled "An act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain," the North East 1/4 of the South east 1/4 of section no. 2 township No 3 North of range No 29 West and the northwest 1/4 of the south west 1/4 of section no 1, township No 3 North of range No 29 west containing 80 acres $1.25 Collins M. Roach (x) his mark

Proof required under Homestead Acts May 20,1862, and June 21,1866

We, Thomas W. Evatt & John T. Frazier do solemnly swear that we have known Collins M. Roach for 7 years last past; that he is the head of a family consisting of a wife and four children, a citizen of the United States; that he is an inhabitant of the NE 1/4 SE 1/4 sec 2 & NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of section no 1 in the township No 3 N of Range no 29 W and that no other person resided upon the said land entitled to the right of Homestead or Pre-emption.

That the said Collins M. Roach entered upon and made settlement on said land on the 27th day of May 1868 and has built a house and has lived in the said house and made it his exclusive home from the 27th day of May 1868 to the present time, and that he has, since said settlement, plowed, fenced , and cultivated about 20 acres of said land and has made the following improvements thereon, to wit: dwelling house, smokehouse, corncrib.
Signed Thomas W. Evatt and John T. Frazier.

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