The Scott County Record (newspaper)
September 1, 1921
Visiting Rural Schools

Schools visited by County Superintendent the last 30 days with the name of the teacher in charge.

Boothe, teachers, Hubert Smith and Miss Azel Workman
Dist. 35, teacher, Hubert Scott
Freedom, Miss Florence Ramay
Adam’s Chapel, Miss Willie Jones
Winfield, Walter Gilbreath
Denton, Lester Denton
Haw Creek, Miss Effie Oldham
Blackfork, Bailus Rowland
Kersey, Elmore George
Boles, Dennis Williams and Miss Med Jefcoat
Buffalo, Fred Bockman
Parks, Loyd Robertson and Delbert McCraw
Cedar Creek, Jack L. Hughes and Miss Ila Hughes
Little Texas, Tom Sullivan
Harmony, Miss Nancy Hunnicutt
Harvey, Miss Bettie McQuery and Miss Claude Monroe
Newman, Mrs. Lois Sutton
Chant, M.L. Higgins
Johnson Creek, Mrs. R.D. Rose
Mill Creek, Miss Maggie Ward
Pine Grove, Miss Myrtle Yowell
Cross Creek, Miss Eva Knight
Lower Center Point, Miss Freeda McNutt
Cauthron, Denver Brashier, Mrs. Dolph Kirk and Mrs. Emmett Johnson
Dist. 42, Miss Brucie Collins
Pleasant Hill, Robert Cross
Evening Shade, Donald Poe and Mrs. Leming
Fair View, Miss Elizabeth Balden.

The school attendance this summer has been splendid and the interest is good. We wish to call attention to the school on Blackfork where Mr. Bailus Rowland is teaching: they voted the twelve mill tax for school purposes and then hired the teacher for nine months. School began on Blackfork the first Monday in July and will continue for nine (9) months without a vacation. It can be done! E.B. Whisenhunt, B.A. Bowen and B.A. Farmer are the directors. As a rule, the schools mentioned in the above list have clean and well kept school houses. Of course, this rule like all rules, has some exceptions—a few of the school houses were dirty and the water supply inadequate.

Scott County Ranks 65th Educationally.
G.C. Ellis,
County Superintendent.

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