This oil & gas lease is significant in that it is the earliest to be found in the extant Scott County deed books.

Scott County Arkansas, Deeds & Mortgages Book 5, p.179-181

This Lease made this 14th day of April A.D. 1888, by and between E.S. Robbins of the County of Scott and State of Arkansas, of the first part, and George L. Kimbal of Dardanelle Arkansas of the second part, Witnesseth, That the said party of the first part in consideration of One Dollar paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and of the stipulation, rents and covenants hereinafter contained, on the part of the party of the second part, and by his successors and assigns to be kept, paid and performed, has granted, demised and let unto the said party of the second part his successors and assigns, the exclusive right to and for the purpose of prosecuting, drilling, excavating and operating for Oils, Coal, Gas, Iron Ore and other valuable minerals and volatile substances, all that certain tract of land situated in Blansett Township Scott County, and State of Arkansas, described as follows to wit: The South half of North East quarter and the North West quarter of the South East Quarter and the North East quarter of the South West quarter of Section 21 Township one North Range 31 West containing 160 acres excepting and reserving the remaining [illegible] acres more or less owned by said first party in said Section No. 21 upon which there shall be no wells drilled to have and to hold the said premises unto the said party of the second part its successors and assigns for clearing[?] and until the full term of five years next ensuing the day and year above written or as long [as] oil, gas, coal, iron ore, or other valuable minerals or volatile substance exists in paying quantities. The said party of the second part hereby covenants, in consideration of said grants and demise to deliver unto the said party of the first part and his heirs and assigns on the premises herein leased the full equal one sixteenth part of the oils, coals, iron ore or other valuable minerals or volatile substances discovered and produced on the premises herein leased (except gas.) It is further agreed that if gas is obtained in sufficient quantities to be utilized and the same is utilized, the consideration in full to the party of the first part, shall be Twenty five ($25.00) for each and every well drilled on the premises herein leased per anum payable within ninety days after the completion and utilizing of such well or wells, and thereafter yearly in advance, at Waldron, Arkansas, and being full consideration thereof. The said party of the first part, to fully use and enjoy the said premises for the purpose of tillage except such parts as shall be necessary for said prospecting, excavating, mining and operating purposes, and a right of way over and across the premises of the party of the first part, the said party of the second part, is further to have the privilege of using sufficient wood, water, coal and gas free from the premises herein leased to run the necessary engines and the right to move any and all machinery and fixtures placed on said premises by them, also the exclusvie right to lay, operate and maintain railway and pipe lines to convey oil, gas and other substances over and across the premises of said party of the first part, the party of the second part agreeing to pay any damage done to the growing crops by the laying of said line or railway, and for all damage done to the buildings on said land. Operations on the above described premises shall be commenced within two years from after the date hereof, and in case of a failure to commence one well, mine or shaft within the above specified time the party of the second part hereby agree[s] to pay to the party of the first part for such delay the sum of twenty dollars per annum within three months after the time of commencing such well, mine or shaft as above specified payable at Waldron, Arkansas. The party of the first part hereby agrees to accept such sum as full consideration and payment for such yearly delay until one will, mine or shaft shall be commenced and a failure to commence a well, mine or shaft or to make any such payments within such time or at such place as above mentioned, renders this lease null and void and to remain without effect between the parties hereto. It is understood by and between the parties to this agreement or lease that all the conditions between the parties hereto shall extend to their heirs, executors, successors and assigns.

[Signed] E.S. Robbins [Seal]

State of Arkansas}
County of Scott}
Be it remembered that on the 14th of April 1888 came before the undersigned a Circuit Clerk within and for the county aforesaid duly commissioned and acting Circuit Clerk E.S. Robbins to me personally known as the grantor in the foregoing Lease and stated that he had executed the same for the consideration and purpose therein mentioned and set forth. In Testimony Whereof I have set my hand and seal as such Circuit Clerk on the 14th day of April 1888.

[Signed] Thomas M. Duncan, Circuit Clerk
By Wm. B. Turman, Dept. Clerk

Filed for Record May 4th 1888 at 10 o'clock a.m. T.M. Duncan, Clerk

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