Pictured above is the Shiloh Baptist Church. According to J.G. Livesay's History of Early Day of Blansett Township, the first church at Shiloh was organized in 1872 and was called Landmark Baptist Church. He writes that, about 1895 there was a revival and about fifty people were converted. At that time the church was reorganized and renamed the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Mr. Livesay states in his book that a Reverend Sheldon from Polk County was one of the early pastors. He carried a gun to protect himself from wild animals. Mr. Livesay also wrote of one old preacher who rode in a sled drawn by one steer for 16 miles to pastor Shiloh Church. Oldest written records must have been lost. Earliest records that are available show some of the names to be found on the Roll of Members to be Mrs. Allie Gore, Mrs. V.V. Richmond, Mrs. J. Bell, Mrs. Jonnie Brown, Mrs. Lizzie Smith and Mrs. Emmie Riddle. There is no date of when received. Families of the community have tried hard to keep the church active through the years. Some very loyal members are working hard at this time to complete a fellowship hall. The present pastor is Danny Staggs. Pictures and information contributed by Winna Tharp. The picture below shows the foundation for the new fellowship hall, photo taken September 2000.

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