Pictured above is Columbus Edward Smith (b. 07/25/1875- d. 09/11/ 1911) and daughters Julia Ann (b. 02/04/1906- d. 07/27/2005) and Bertha Ellen Smith (b. 08/09/1902- d. 01/22/1970). Husband and children of Minerva Jane Pool Smith. Minerva Pool Smith was milking a cow in 1906 at her farm in the Packsaddle community in Scott County, AR. The cow was easily scared and was skiddish. Minerva climbed into the loft to throw down some hay to busy the spooked cow. She evidently lost her footing and fell into the stall where the cow was tied. She was kicked repeatedly. The cow tore up the barn, stomping the milk bucket almost unrecognizable. She made her way into the house but never regained true consciousness and died of a brain hemorrhage two weeks later at the age of 24.

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Jack James

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