Above are the members of the Tate Town School, class of 1911. The picture was made at Dutch Creek, East on highway 80 and was given to me by Ray Wilson, whose mother, Mrs. H. L. Wilson, identified all the students. Those pictured are: (Left to Right)
Background: Walter Farnsworth, Brice Partin, Zora Payne, Tom Payne, Richard James, A.C. Halder, teacher, Archie Webb, Artie Webb, Loy Farnsworth, Willie Hunt.
Second Row: Essie Millard, Irene Layhue, Elsie Parker, Elmer Highfill, Oscho James, Myrtle Millard, Roy Parker, Joe Howerton, Viva Williams, Tina Williams, Vivilee Taylor, Tessie Millard.
Third Row: two girls on left end were unknown to Mrs. Wilson, third from left Dollie Pledger, Ethel James, Nettie Millard, Britt Parker, Syble Partin, Tressie Taylor, Nomer Hunt, Hettie Millard, Viola Layhue, Elva Williams, Floy Woodward, Mary Millard, Marmidell Taylor, and Dasy Williams.
Fourth Row: Miles Partin, Loyd Millard, Earl Layhue, Ira Taylor, Odell Williams, Roy Millard, Virgil Taylor, and Pete Taylor.

Submitted by Barbara Reynolds

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