Margaret Caldonia Walker, born April 3, 1861 in TN. At age 20 she married 36 year old Edward W. McCann, on September 11, 1881 in Butler Co., MO. Edward was the son of Alfred McCann and Hulda North. He was born May 15, 1845 in IL. Margaret was a daughter of Charles C. Walker and Sarah. She was a sister to Jiles Thomas Walker.

On the 1910 census taken on May 4th they lived in Nelson Township, Clay Co., AR. She was the mother of 9 children with only 2 living. Their son Thomas Jefferson McCann was still in the household, age 19. They also had a grandson, Amos E. McCann, age 17; two granddaughters, Cora age 9 and Laura age 5 with a different last name of Harbison. Amos was two years younger than Thomas Jefferson McCann.

Darlene Thompson explained the relationships of the grandchildren on the 1910 census. Margaret Caldonia Walker's husband Edward W. McCann was first married to Mary Case. Edward and Mary had a son named Amos Riley McCann born in 1871 and one named William H. McCann. William H. was married to Martha Sells. William and Martha's son was Amos Edward McCann, born in 1894. William died in 1897. His widow Martha married again to Lee Harbison. Martha and Lee had daughters Cora and Laura. Lee died in 1907. Martha, a widow again, married Oscar Robinson in September 1910 four months after the census was taken.

Margaret Caldonia died 2 years after the 1910 census in 1912 at the age of 51 on May 29, 1912 in AR and was buried in Richwood Cemetery in Clay Co., AR.

Edward was 67 when his wife died. He lived 80 years and died on October 5, 1925 in Datto, Clay Co., AR. He is buried at Nelson Cemetery, in Reyno, Clay Co., AR.

Margaret and Edward McCann had 2 children. Pictured above in this very old picture are Margaret Caldonia and her 2 children Ida May and Thomas Jefferson. I got this picture from Darlene Thompson who is the granddaughter of the little boy in the picture.

a) Ida May “May” McCann, born February 28, 1885. She was 27 when her mother died. She married Charles C. Parish, born on January 5, 1881 in MO. He died June 15, 1960 in Ventura, CA at the age of 79. His mother’s maiden name was Wright. May lived 1 month short of 92 years and died on January 20, 1977 in Oxnard, Ventura Co., CA.

b) Thomas Jefferson McCann, born January 6, 1891. He married Rosie, born in 1891. He lived 57 years and died on May 6, 1948. He was born and died in Datto, Clay Co., AR. He was 21 when his mother died. This is the Thomas McCann and his family that was in the household of “JT” Walker in 1930. His children became very close to Hubert (grandson of JT Walker and son of George Walker and Irtely Hutchens) who lived there with his grandparents and very close to the same age. They remained life long friends as well as kin.

Children of Thomas and Rosie McCann:

1) Thomas Edward McCann, Jr. born 1921. I email his daughter Darlene Thompson in Carson, CA. (2005).
2) Calvin C. McCann, born 1923.
3) Melvin McCann, born 1927.
4) Bertha McCann, born 1930.

Pictured above, left to right: Hubert Walker, cousin Tilman Hutchens, Thomas McCann.

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