Scott County Arkansas
Civil War Pension Applications

Contributed by Shirley Denney

Veterans Application for Pension
State of Arkansas, County of Scott

Typed as written.
I, Lewis Walker do solemnly swear ----served as a soldier in the army of the Confederate States, being a member of Colonel Brad Cochrell's Regiment of __ 1st in Calvary Company "H" and then transferred to Infantry and last in Artillery under Pleas Commons, Caption in Calvary from the State of Arkansas, in August 1861; that I was honorably discharged from such service on or about the __ day of August, 1865.

Wounded in June 1854 by gun shot wound in left knee on the Millitary Road near the Neosho River, near Baxter Springs, Kansas. That I am now 78 years of age and incapacitated by old age and said gun shot wound from doing manual labor.
Signed Lewis Walker23 July 1923.

Lewis Walker received his pension of $100.00

Affidavit, State of Arkansas, County of Scott
I J. E. VISE and Jim HAYWOOD each, after being first duly sworn by the undersigned as notary public, with in and for Scott County, AR., do certify that we are personally well acquanted with soldier Lewis Walker who served in Co. "H" Colonel Brad Cochrell's Rigement of Calvary in the confederate states, and the said soldier does not own property real or personal or both, or moneys or choses in action in excess of the value of $500.00.(Not including the value of his Homestead or household goods, owned by him. He has no wife living, and that he is not in receipt of any income, annuity, pension, wages for any service or the emoluments of any office in excess of $250.00 per year. And that he is on account of old age, and gun shot wounds incapacitated to perform manual labor in any of the ordinary avocations of life. That I have no interest in this claim. Witness my hand this the 23 day of August 1923
Signed Jas. HAYWOOD

Proof of Service

State of Arkansas, County of Scott
On this day personally came before the under signed a Notary Public within and for the County of Scott and State of Arkansas, citizens of T?. J. Malone whom I certify to be credible persons and worthy of confidence, who being duly sworn, state that SHE is personally, well acquainted with applicant, Lewis Walker and have know him for Life. That he was a confederate soldier, belonging to Company "H" Cavalry, Regiment of Colonel Brad Cochrell. That as such soldier he served from 1861 to 1865. That he was honorably discharged from such service and did not desert the same. That we have no interest in this claim. J. J. Malone, 23 July 1923

Evidence of Physician

State of Arkansas, county of Scott. I Dr. Cheves Bevill a duly registered and practicing physician in Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas. Do hereby certify that I am personally well acquainted with Lewis Walker of Bates, Arkansas. That at his request I have made an examination of his physical condition and find:
The left knee cap has been divided at abut the middle of the upper third, vacancy of about 4 inches exist when the limb is flexed which can only be about 45 degrees. A potion of the knee cap is attached to by the tendens above, as well as the porion below. His health is impaired by necroses of the lower potion of the brest bone, and the head of two or prehaps three ribs on each side, two opening exist and discharging puss regularly. His arteries are hard and wiery. Pulse 90 while sitting. Physical condition and to what caused is his incapacity for manual labor attributable, as above stated and that said disability is not the result of his own vicious habits still persisted in No. Extent of disability Total
Signed Dr. Cheves Bevill, 23 July 1923

Lewis Walker b 1845, MO. son of John C and Hannah Holcomb Walker., d 1928, Scott Co. AR.

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