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Samuel McGowan Wann was a Private in Captain Joshua Wann's Co., Norwood Battalion, in the Alabama Military. He enlisted for a three month period for the Cherokee Removal in 1838. He enlisted on 13 June and was mustered in on 14 June of 1838 at Bellefonte, Alabama. He mustered our on 17 July 1839 at Gunters Landing, Alabama and received $160 in pay.

On 28 October 1850, Samuel Wann submitted to the Pension Office an Affidavit as to service, stating his enlistment date, time served and discharge date. This affidavit was prepared as he states on the Affidavit that "he lost his certificate of discharge." The Affidavit was prepared in Independence County, Arkansas and signed by Urban E. Fort, Justice of the Peace. The Clerk of the Court, William r. Miller, notarized signatures 12 days later, 9 Nov. 1850, in Batesville, AR. Another affidavit was prepared by James Bain and Thomas Loyd on this same date.

On 8 August 1851, the Affidavit of Hamblen Hogan, J. P., was prepared to provide proof of identity of Samuel Wann and his service in an expedition against the Cherokee Indians during the Florida War. Samuel signed it and it is marked by the Commissioner of Pensions, Washington City, DC.

On 4 May 1855, Samuel Wann, age 40, and a resident of Jackson Co., Arkansas, filed a Bounty Land Claim with a declaration for surviving soldier. He made this declaration for the purpose of obtaining bounty land to which he may have been entitled to under "act granting additional bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States," approved March 3, 1855. He refers to his former declaration made under act of September 28, 1850, upon which he obtained a land Warrant No. 2804, for 40 acres, which he states he legally transferred and disposed of. Samuel Wann signed it. Thomas Loyd, J. P. attested to his signature. Robert Reynolds and Jesse Webb witnessed.

Martha Wann made a Declaration of Widow for Pension under the Indian War Pension Act of July 27, 1892, on 16 September 1895. She was 80 years old at the time and a resident of Carolan, Logan Co., Arkansas. She attests that she is the widow of Samuel Wann, that he served as Private in the company commanded by Captain Joshua Wann in the Seminole Indian War of 1838. She also states that she and Samuel married 15 December 1836 and Joshua Wann married them at Bellefonte, Alabama. At the time of entering the service, her husband was 24 years of age, had blue eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion. He was a farmer and was born in Kentucky. It is also indicated that her late husband had a Land Warrant. She made this application for the purpose of obtaining a pension under the provisions of the Act approved July 27, 1892. She signs her name with an X mark. W. E. Carolan and R. B. Walker witnessed her mark.

A General Affidavit was filed in Scott Co., Arkansas by A. C. Rosson in the matter of the application for pension of Martha Wann, for Pension No. 6440 A.C. Rosson (Abraham Rosson, husband of Ann Catherine Wann), age 54, Belva, Scott Co., Arkansas attested that Martha was a widow since Samuel's death 19 Oct. 1857. The testimony was written from her dictation by R.L. Duncan and signed by her mark. She could not read or write. Witnessed by J. W. Lindsey and E. L. Lantrip.

On 4 Feb. 1896, Martha Crabtree, attested to a Proof of a Marriage to a Soldier. She was 76 years old, resided in Hazel Grove, Independence Co., Arkansas, and was present at the marriage of Samuel and Martha Wann. She was the daughter of the Justice of Peace that married them, Joshua Wann.

18 Feb. 1896 Affidavit
In the Matter of Martha Wann, widow of Samuel Wann, died. Regarding Indian War Claim 6440, Martha filed her Affidavit as to proof of Samuel's service. She was 80 years old and a resident of Carolan, Logan Co., Arkansas. She states at the time of Samuel's death he was 48 years, four months and 24 days old. She gained this knowledge from him having heard him tell his date of birth and it was her recollection that the bible contained it that way by having heard the bible record read. She states she can not read writing. She also attests that she and Samuel resided at Elgin, Jackson Co., Arkansas from 1850 to 1857. Again, she signs by her X mark and it is attested to by W. R. Smith and W. C. Kersey.

On 18 February 1896, S. T. Carolan, Notary, attests to the bible "containing the record of Samuel Wann's marriage, death, etc. "The bible did appear to be old and not lately made." Martha states that her son recorded this just as she told him. Soon after the destruction of the original bible, her son rerecorded the last record in another bible [the one presented for this affidavit]. There was no way of knowing when the bible was published as it was worn out from "long use." "She says her son who wrote the record is dead. This I believe to be true as gospel." Bible Record 27 Nov. 1898.

After Samuel's death, Martha filed a Claim of Widow for Bounty Land on 30 March 1896, under act approved Marc 3, 1855. She claimed she was a resident of Carolan, Arkansas. She requests that her Land Warrant be sent in care of S. T. Carolan. This was witnessed by R. S. Foster and R. Godwin. The proof of his service is of record and on file under pension no. 6440.

A Drop Order and Report #4535 was issued for Martha Wann after her death in April 1909. This report is dated 6 May 1909 and states her last pension check was issued on 4 Feb. 1909 in the sum of $12.00. She was dropped from the rolls on 8 May 1909.

On 7 Jul. 1909, Savannah Wann Godwin, daughter, applied for reimbursement of expenses (Indian Wars - Application for Reimbursement by Savannah Godwin) She states: She lives in Ione, Arkansas. Martha had no life insurance. Death occurred 7 April 1909. She resided with Savannah and Ransom Godwin. Death caused by Lagripp [influenza] complicated with pneumonia. Nursing was a necessity and Savannah provided it herself. Physician was R. S. Foster. Attested by:O. L. Yarborough, Matta Peck. Martha left only $5.00 when she died. This was paid towards her Funeral. She had no real estate when she died. She paid no rent. She died in the home of Ransom and Savannah Godwin, and was buried in Ione, Arkansas. Debts: Dr. R. S. Foster - $10.00; J. T. Walker - $10.50 (making coffin) J. W. Methvin - $9.18 (clothing for burial) Total - $29.68. I have no records to show if she ever received the reimbursement.


Private Robert Wann served under Capt. Joshua Wann's Co. under Norwood's Battalion, Alabama Military for three months in 1838 for the Cherokee Removal of 1838. He mustered in on 14 Jun. 1838 (with son Samuel Wann) in Bellefonte, Alabama. He mustered out at Gunters Landing, Alabama on 17 July 1838. He joined for duty on 13 June 1838, with son Samuel, for three months. He received $160 in pay upon mustering out.

Rachel Wann filed a Bounty Land Claim on 4 May 1855. Rachel, 60 years old at the time, states she was the widow of Robert Wann and attests to service dates above and that he was honorably discharged. Rachel also states that she and Robert married on 25 Mar. 1814 in Wayne Co., Kentucky by Nicholas Loyd, JP. Her maiden name was POE. Robert Wann died in Jackson Co., Arkansas, on 5 April 1850. She obtained Bounty Land Warrant under Act of Sep. 18, 1850, for 40 acres which she transferred. This declaration was made for purpose of obtaining additional bounty land under Act of March 3, 1855. It was witnessed by: Samuel Wann, William Cowart, 4 May 1855, Independence Co., Arkansas. The family bible was used in this affidavit to attest to Samuel's birth and death. The original was destroyed, and a second bible was 'rerecorded' for events and dates.

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