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Alice WILEY, the widow of Thomas J. WILEY applied for pension, 1890, No 458078. Thomas J. WILEY served as a Private in Co. I, 1st Ala. Volunteer, Cav. Rate per month $8.00 commencing Aug. 22 1890. Additional sum of $2.00 per month for each of the following children until arriving at the age of 16 years, commencing Aug 22, 1890
Mary A. E. Wiley, 16 on Sept 25 1890
Daisy A. Wiley, 16 on April 16 1894
Cordella Wiley, 16 on Nov 26 1897
Issued Oct. 9th 1893
Mailed Oct 14 1893
Fee, $10.00

Claimant's Affidavit

State of Arkansas, County of Scott in the matter of pension claim of Alice Wiley on this 25 day of August 1891. MARTIN M. Smith states he was acquainted with Thomas J. Wiley before the war and after the war until his death.
Martin M. SMITH made his mark.
Witness: J. F. WADE, John S. WILEY

General Affidavit

State of Arkansas, County of Scott. In the matter of Alice WILEY wife of Thomas J. Wiley, deceased. On this 23 day of February, 1891 Thomas CALLECOATTE, age 40 and Redmond COLE, 31 years of age, stated they were acquainted with Mrs. Alice WILEY. They listed the names and date of births of the minor WILEY children.
Signed Redmond COLE and Thomas CALLECOATTE.
COLE and CALLECOATTE's affidavit was not excepted because they didn't state how they acquired their knowledge of the children's births.

General Affidavit

State of Arkansas, County of Scott. In the matter of Mrs. Alice WILEY, widow of Thomas J. WILEY, Deceased. On this 23 day of February 1891, Sarah A. SMITH age 50, living in Booth stated she was there for the births of the children. Eliza WILEY born September 26 1874, Daisy Amanda WILEY born April 17, 1878 and Corda WILEY born November 27, 1881
Signed Sarah A. SMITH

General Affidavit

State of Arkansas, County of Scott in the matter of evidence concerning the claim of Alice WILEY, widow of Thomas J. WILEY for pension on the 17th day of March, 1891. Sarah A. SMITH age 50 of Booth and W. M. GIPSON, age 45, of Booth state they lived a near neighbor to the said Thomas J. WILEY, Decd. and the late husband of Alice WILEY the claimant. They lived near him for a period of ten years or more being there often and know that the Soldier to wit: Thomas J. WILEY was previously married and also know that Alice WILEY, widow of the soldier, was previously married. Being a near neighbor to her and her former husband for a period of ten years. The soldier's former wife to wit: Martha WILEY, died March 15th 1886. These facts we know being there in person at her death and funeral and the claimant Alice WIELY has not remarried since the death of the Soldier. Signed Sarah A. SMITH and W.M. GIPSON

Hand written Affidavit:

State of Arkansas, County of Scott. In the matter of Pension Claim of Alice WILEY, widow of Thomas J. WILEY. I, L? K? McDonalds, a Notary Public in and for the county of Scott and the State of Arkansas, duly commissioned on the 1st Day of Feb. 1892 do certify that the following is genuine copy of the births of the following maned children of Thomas J. WILEY. To wit: Mary Ann Eliza WILEY was born Sept 26, 1874. Daisy Amanda WILEY was born April 17th 1878. Cordella WILEY was born November the 27th 1881. The above copy is taken from the family Bible of Thomas J. WILEY (from the family record) and has every appearance of being genuine and written at the dates named as some of the ink is faded and turning in yellowish color.


State of Arkansas, County of Scott in the matter of the Pension Claim of Alice WILEY No. 458078, widow of Thomas J. WILEY. Co. I, 1st Regt. Ala. Cav. On this 25 day of March 1892, W. E. SMITH, age 25, Booth, county of Scott and S. M. WORKMAN age 29, Booth, Scott Co. AR. states they know personally the heirs of Thomas J. WILEY deceased viz: Eliza WILEY, Daisy WILEY and Cordie WILEY are the lawful children of the said Thomas J. WILEY and they are available to testify they personally were known to the deceased and the above named heirs for a number of years. Signed W. E. SMITH and S. M. WORKMAN

General Affidavit

State of Arkansas, County of Scott. In the matter of Pension Claim of Alice WILEY, widow of Thomas J. WILEY. On this 4th day of February 189? Sarah A. SMITH age 54, Booth Ark. and Martin M. SMITH 62, Booth Ark. give the names of the Wiley children and their birth dates. They were personally acquainted with Alice WILEY and have known her for 18 years and know that she had no means of support except what her relations give her. She is entirely dependent on them, as her health is very bad. Signed Martin M. SMITH and Sarah A. SMITH

General Affidavit

State of Arkansas, County of Scott in the matter of Pension Claim of Alice Wiley, widow of Thomas J. WILEY. On this 4th day of February, 1893, Cordia McDONALD age 28, Booth AR. states she knows that Martin M. SMITH and Sarah A. SMITH are credible persons and good citizens and their names is good on any note or affidavit. Cordia has been acquainted with them for several years and they are considered by all their acquaintance to be good, conscientious, truthful persons. Signed Cordia McDonald

Hand written letter to the Commissioner of Pensions
Booth Ark., Aug 4th 1893 Commissioner of Pensions, Washington D.C. We the undersigned (Pensioners) peg of you to investigate the pension claim of Alice WILEY, widow of Thomas J. WILEY deceased. Said Alice WILEY made application for pension in August 1890 the same time we did has not received hers yet and we have been drawing nearly two years. Mrs. WILEY has no means of support and is needing help badly. Very Respectfully, Abner. H. FARMER and M. M. SMITH

Widow's Pension #458078

Claimant Alice WILEY
Soldier Thomas J. WILEY
P.O. Huntington
Rank Pvt. Co. I
Sebastian County, Ark.
Regiment 1st Ala. Vol. Cav.
Rate $8 per month, commencing Aug 22 1890 and $2 per month addition for each child, as follows
Mary A. E. Born Sept 26 1874
Sixteen Sept 25 1890 Commencing Aug 22, 1890
Daisy A. Born Apr. 17 1878
Sixteen Apr 16 1894 Commencing Aug 22 1890
Cordella Born Nov 27 1881
Sixteen Nov 26 1897 Commencing Aug 22 1890
Submitted for Adm., Sept 20 1890 - Approved for admission, Sept 30 1893 The soldier was not pensioned. Enlisted July 21 1862 - Discharged July 19 1865 - Died May 8, 1888, Scott Co. Ark.

Other facts included in pension Records. Marriage License of T. J. WILEY, age 42 and Alice Hogan 37, 5th March 1887, Scott Co. AR.
Thomas J. WILEY died May 8, 1888, Scott Co. AR.

Names of all children of T. J. WILEY
William Sherman WILEY born March 27 1867
John S. WILEY born March 9, 1869
James Marshall WILEY born April 23, 1871
Mary Ann Elizabeth WILEY born Sep 26 1874
Daisy Amanda WILEY born Apr 17, 1878
Cordella D. WILEY born Nov 27, 1881

Record from Waldron, Scott Co. Circuit Court and on the Chancery side.
Alice HOGAN Plaintiff Against Daniel HOGAN Defendant
February 11, 1885 - Divorce
The hand written pages state Alice and Daniel were married 8th of Dec., 1869, Fort Smith AR. They lived together as husband and wife until Jan 1883 in the state of AR. Daniel HOGAN abandoned and deserted his wife leaving her with no support.
Children - Daniel HOGAN age 14, Mary Ellen HOGAN 11, Rueben HOGAN 5
Alice HOGAN and the children were living with her brother since the defendant deserted them. The divorce was granted and Alice was given custody of the children, free from the interference of the said defendant.

Info. from the death certificate of Alice Iola WILEY.
Born Feb 16 1850, Ft. Smith AR. Died Dec 25, 1926, Ft. Smith AR.
Father - S. D. McDONALD born IL. Mother - Mary Hampton TURNER? OK.
Informant, Ruben HOGAN, son. Buried in Oak Cemetery, Ft. Smith AR.

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