The wills from Will Book A have been fully transcribed and copies of the typewritten transcripts may be ordered from Scott County Historical & Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1560, Waldron, AR 72958 for $2.00 each plus a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The key to using the following index is:

ADLER, Joseph W.=Name of Testator
w.1884=Will written in the year 1884
f.1909=Will filed for probate in the year 1909

ADLER, Joseph w.1884, f.1909
AKIN, Joel Wesley w.1904, f.1918
AMMONS, James w.1905, f.1916
ANDERSON, Sephrona Emeline w.1897, f.1897
ATCHLEY, George W. w.1908, f.1911
AUDAS, William M. w.1901, f.1901
AVERY, Henry T. w.1891, f.1891
BEAM, J.W. w.1910, f.1910
BIRD, J.M. w.1889, f.1894
BOOTHE, Addison T. w.1913, f.1913
BOOTHE, Katie w.1914, f.1915
BRAZIL, William B. w.1888, f.1888
BRIGANCE, R.R. w.1906, f.1907
BROWN, John C. w.1886, f.1886
BROWN, Mary E. w.1889, f.1894
CARNALL, John w.1886, f.1892
CASTLEBERRY, M.M. w.1914, f.1917
CAVER, G.P. w.1910, f.1917, 4 pages
COKER, Louella "Lucy" w.1914, f.1914
COX, Peter w.1883, f.1886
DENTON, Leonard J. w.1888, f.1902
DIXON, H.W. w.1904, f.1908
DOYEL, Jane w.1916, f.1917
DOYLE, James w.1882, f.1883
EDWARDS, Richard M. w.1882, f.1905
EVATT, James L. w.1911, f.1915
EVATT, John W. w.1887, f.1888
EVATT, Mary E. w.1888, f.1888
EVATT, Thomas Monroe w.1916, f.1917
FEAZEL, George w.1901, f.1902
FULTON, Mary B. w.1915, f.1915
GIBSON, James D. w.1888, no filing date
GILBREATH, Catharine w.1896, f.1897
GILES, William A. w.1913, f.1914 (Recorded in Deed Book 35)
GIST, John w.1884, f.1884
GOFORTH, James w.1904, f.1907
GOOLSBY, Kerby Sr. w.1885, f.1889
GOSET, Ruth w.1914, f.1914
GRIGSBY, Aden w.1889, f.1899
HALEY, Allen w.1883, f.1884
HAMPTON, Alexander w.1882, f.1885
HAWKINS, J.J. w.1886, f.1893
HERRMANN, Uriah w.1909, f.1910
JOHNSON, Mrs. A.J. w.1917, f.1917
JOHNSON, Benjamin F. w.1882, f.1883
JOHNSON, Sarah w.1886, f.1886
JONES, Joseph D. w.1897, f.1898
JONES, Mary E. w.1908, f.1908
JONES, T.B. w.1909, f.1912
JONES, Walter R. w.1916, f.1917
KAY, M.Q. w.1896, f.1902, 2 pages
KEENER, Sarah Isabel w.1909, f.1910
KEY, William w.1909, f.1916
KILLION, Moses w.1917, f.1917
LEDGERWOOD, L.B. w.1901, f.1901
MARKHAM, Frances w.1879, f.1884
PAYNE, Jesse H. w.1889, f.1893 (recorded twice)
PEACE, A.D. w.1892, f.1892 (Name is actually PEARCE, listed both ways in Will)
PEER, A.E. w.1906, f.1915
POE, Frank M. w.1913, f.1914
PYLES, W.L. w.1912, f.1913
QUEENER, Olive M. w.1906, f.1908
RAULINGS, John w.1892, codicil w.1894, f.1895
RHYNE, Hoyle w.1916, f.1917
ROSS, Henry w.1895, f.1908
ROSS, P.V. w.1913, f.1917
ROTH, Joseph A.J. w.1898, f.1899
SCHOPP, John w.1900, f.1900
SELF, Joseph L. w.1894, f.1899
SHIERY, Edward E. w.1885, f.1885 (Signed as Edmond E. Shiery)
SLIGER, F.M. w.1891, f.1899
SMITH, Daniel M. w.1884, f.1884
SMITH, Thomas P. w.1910, f.1911
SPEHR, William w.1892, f.1896
STREATOR, Sarah w.1915, f.1916
SWAIN, Rhoda C. w.1907, f.1908
SWINNEY, Sarah W. w.1908, f.1908
WEBB, Elisha H. w.1892, f.1892
WILLIAMSON, Marganna w.1892, f.1893
YANDELL, A.J. w.1900, no filing date

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