Searcy County Photographs

I don't know about ya'll, but the majority of the counties that I research are ones that
I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity to visit.  Reading physical descriptions is nothing like
seeing them:)  I had the opportunity to drive through Searcy County in March, 2002.  Unfortunately,
I left my digital camera at home!  Using a disposable camera, I snapped these shots.  I hope that these
pictures will give those of you who have never visited this area an idea of what Searcy County looks like:)
If you have any pictures (historical, family, etc), you'd like to donate, please let me know-
I'd love to put them online!


Searcy County Courthouse, Marshall, AR.
                  March, 2002

    Part of the town square in Marshall

  Driving over the Buffalo River, 2002

Leslie, Arkansas, June 2001 
Donated by Sheryl Unrath 

Pink's Nob, between St.Joe and Pindall, homeplace of 
Pinkney Monroe Daniel.  Donated by Lois Stradley. 


            Marshall Cemetery, 2002

           Searcy County scenery

      Spring 2002

Leslie, Arkansas, June 2001 
Donated by Sheryl Unrath


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