Sebastian County Arkansas Births

These records were abstracted from records at the Family History Center by Sherri.

For female children the names in the records listed mothers maiden name. There are some, though, that evidently were the mother's maiden names.

Surnames beginning with the letter



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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Location of Birth Father Mother
.-- .-- 18 Nov 1881 Ft. Smith, AR unknown June Penning
.-- Clara Elizabeth 17 Mar 1858 Arkansas Peter Nancy
.-- Mary Caroline 7 Mar 1850 Arkansas Peter Nancy
Abbington .-- 18 Jan 1889 Ft. Smith, AR S.H. Abbington Susie Dill
Abbington No. 1 28 Jun 1893 Lyman St. Park P. AD. L.H. Abington Susie Dill
Abington No. 2 28 Jun 1893 Lyman St. Park P. AD. L. Abington Susie Dill
Abler .-- 8 Aug 1892 Ft. Smith, AR Wm. F. Abler Ida Dooley
Abler .-- 8 Aug 1892 Ft. Smith, AR Wm. F. Abler Ida Dooley
Adair Star Bertha 15 Apr 1874 Burlington, Coffey Co., KS Robert H. Adair Jennie A. Pixley
Adair Star Bertha 15 Apr 1874 Burlington, Coffey Co., KS Robert H. Adair Jennie A. Pixley
Adams .-- 15 Oct 1890 Ft. Smith, AR Henry Adams Ruth Hood
Adams .-- 19 Oct 1893 Home Add. Jno. W. Adams Lillie Marshall
Adams .-- 4 Feb 1882 Ft. Smith, AR Rufus Adams Sarah E. Mcd..
Adams Annie Taylor 1 Nov 1848 Arkansas Eliza R. Adams
Adams Olin 21 Sep 1888 Ft. Smith, AR John E. Adams Mary M. Brown
Adams William Seth 7 Jun 1940 Ft. Smith, AR Seth Taylor Adams Hortense Marie Bass
Agnew Mary Elizabeth 27 Jul 1902 Rosalie, AR Jas. Madison Agnew Alice Stevens
Ahrends Karl Hermann Ludwig Friedrich 30 May 1873 Karl Ahrends Louise Ahrends
Ahrens Anna Helena 15 Dec 1875   Karl Ahrens Louise Welbruck
Ahrens Johan Friedrich 18 Jan 1879 Karl Ahrens Louise Ahrens
Al Bell Nettie Pearl 9 Jul 1896 Sallisaw, Indian Territory John Reed La Bell Belle
Albers Eleanor Stuart 26 Sep 1905 Ft. Smith, AR Harry K. Albers Lucy Kennedy
Albert Ida 12 Oct 1882 Ft. Smith, AR Jno. Albert Molly Foster
Albright Gladys Mayne 7 Dec 1892 Arkansas Edwin Ellis Albright Roxie Frances
Albright Henry O. 17 Jun 1882 Ft. Smith, AR Henry Albright Clem Smith
Albright Roxie Frances 17 Dec 1871 Arkansas David Cyrus Mowen Mary Josephine
Alexander .-- 14 Aug 1885 Ft. Smith, AR B.M. Alexander America M. Hardin
Alexander Otis 28 Aug 1896 Dallas, AR Olin Anderson Alexander Frances Thornton
Alexander Thomas 10 Jul 1887 Ft. Smith, AR Bartley Alexander America Hardin
Alfred Collela 4 Feb 1885 Ft. Smith, AR Joseph Alfred Mary B. Douthant
Allen William Hutchings 15 Jun 1926 Ft. Smith, AR William H. Allen Ella Julia Spinks
Allison Elizabeth Etta Arkansas James Allison Mary
Ambruster Paul Henry 27 Jul 1889 Ft. Smith, AR Adam Ambruster Lizzie Sandfort
Ambuehl Emma 13 May 1873 Johann A. Ambuehl Anna Elisabeth Mollet
Anderson Annia Elisabeth Brenner 30 Jan 1873 Lewisport, Hancock Co., KY Christian D. Brenner Eliza Jane Colbert
Anderson James Whitney Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK Chas. A. Anderson Annie E. Brenner
Anderson Margarite Nelsey 16 Oct 1893 10th & Chesnut St. Herman Anderson Alfreda Carlson
Anderson Melba Amelia 23 Dec 1903 Boise, Ada Co., ID George M. Anderson Mary Heisey
Anderson Nealsey M. 16 Oct 1893 1221 - No. 5th Herman Anderson Alfreda Carlson
Appleby .-- 13 Jun 1885 Ft. Smith, AR Alfred Appleby Orna Goldman
Appleby .-- (child of) 13 Jan 1884 Ft. Smith, AR Alfred Appleby Orna Goldman
Arbeary John 2 Feb 1874 Taney, MO Huston Arbeary Catherine
Arbeary Sarah 9 Feb 1885 Gaskin Gayo Bunton Mahaly
Arbeary Thomas 9 Oct 1896 Oakland, Marion Co., AR John Arbeary Sarah
Archer Joseph Henry 5 Nov 1893 Winslow, Washington Co., AR John Archer Minnie Hayes
Arington .-- 21 Nov 1885 Ft. Smith, AR Kelly Arington
Armbruster Ida 30 Jan 1892 Ft. Smith, AR Adam Armbruster Lizzie Sanford
Armour Caroline Elizabeth 15 Aug 1907 Arkansas Charles L. Armour Fannie K.
Armour Jane Campbell Puttsburn, Allegheny, PA Joseph Armour Marian
Armstrong Andrew Clinton 9 Sep 1909 Ft. Smith, AR Andrew Clinton Armstrong Maude Pearl
Arrington .-- 11 Feb 1893 City Robert Arrington Geneva Trent
Asber Amanda Johanna (Mrs.) 1860 Crawford Co., AR Thomas K. Woods Clarinda
Ashbrook Clarence Boudinot Ft. Smith, AR Clarence P. Ashbrook Sallie
Ashbrook Mary Willard 14 Nov 1862 Arkansas Clarence Peyton Ashbrook Sarah P.
Ashbrook Sarah Philler 25 May 1872 Ft. Smith, AR Clarence Peyton Ashbrook Sarah P.
Atkinson Mildred 15 Sep 1902 Arkansas Benjamin P. Atkinson Ollia Paulina Holden
Atkinson Mrs. Ben Arkansas E.P. Johnson M.E.
Attwell William 18 Feb 1874 Brazos Co., TX John Attwell Meley
Auguste-Godt Anna Wilhelmine 8 Oct 1872 Heinrich Godt Wilhelmine Henriette Hoffman
Ault Val 16 Oct 1870 Ft. Smith, AR Mathias Ault Francis Hammusly
Austerman .-- 4 Aug 1891 Ft. Smith, AR H. Austerman Kate Schl…
Austin George William 30 Mar 1883 Ft. Smith, AR Thomas Austin Cynthia Holt
Austin Sarah Ann 28 Mar 1876 Arkansas Thomas Austin Cynthia Holt
Austin Sybil Smith 15 Dec 1911 Mesa, Maricopa Co., AZ Sam Howe Smith Anna Marny Smith
Austin Thomas Richard 20 Jul 1880 Ft. Smith, AR Thomas Austin Cynthia Holt
Ayers .-- 10 Dec 1892 Ft. Smith, AR John Ayers Mary Drew
Ayers Mattie 9 Apr 1883 Ft. Smith, AR Columbus Ayers Mattie Stephens