"Juvenile Party Given"

Submitted by H.E.Huber
the actual fourth birthday date was Sept. 24, 1933

Ft. Smith Newspaper
September 26, 1933

Mrs. Herbert E. Huber entertained at her home, 1700 South Q street in honor of the fourth birthday anniversary of her son, Herbert E. Huber, Jr. Guests were George Jackson, Gene Clay, Dorothy Martin, Mary Morrow, Betty June Manor, Rex Green, Johnnie Thames, Jimmie Trisler, Buddy Trisler, Billy Trisler, Doris Smith, Velma Smith, Doris Graham, Dorothy Graham, Joyce Ann Finnegan, Donna Gayle Vick, Boots Porter, Gene Blair, Jack Blair, Mildred Blair, Bob Martin, Ben Edwin Kaufman, Johnnie Mike Kaufman, Margaret Ann Kaufman, Charles Hiner, George Bentley. Favors were pink and green hats and balloons.