J.S. Hukill

Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove

Copied from: Sebastian County Probate Court:
Greenwood, Arkansas. Probate Book B

Ja. S. Hukill Esq. 833 & 74.622

J. S. Hukill guardian:
Zannual Account Current
Palerman C. Davis-minor
"Now on this day comes ansual[sic] account current of J. Sl Hukill, guardian of Palerman C. Davis ninor and of appearing that notice has been given of the fiting of said account in the inarrver required by law andno exceptions hearin have been filed to said account. The Court doth find that there remains err the harrds of eact [sic] Guardian at the date of his last settlement, the sum sixteen dollars and seventy cents , that the ears[sic] six dollars making the total amount of fourteen dollars and eighty cents; arret unknos[sic] striking the balance. The court doth fine Matther[sic] remains in the hands of said guardian he _____(illegible) of minor eight dollars and ___ cents__ arrd-said account being found correct is in all thing approved and confirmed.