Downtown Ft. Smith
Submitted by kellee ragains

The first picture is on the corner of Towson and Garrison Ave in Fort Smith, Arkansas, looking east. Not sure of the correct year, but it is back when the bus lines were running, a long time ago. (from another source: The theatre on the south side of the street, near Texas Corner (Garrison and Towson ) was the Plaza....the one you see in the top picture. Across the street and up a ways on the north side of Garrison at around 10th Street was the New Theatre, which changed name to the Malco later on. Toward the bridge, and on the north side of the street around 3rd or 4th, was the Fort Theatre. The Joy Theatre was on (I think) 9th street south of Garrison. It, and the Temple Theatre on B Street , were the "fancy" ones. And don't forget the Rex Theatre , out 11th Street on Midland.)
The second picture is on Garrison also, looking west toward the river and was made during a Christmas season....look at the old lights strung across the street.