Bull-Norried Cemetery

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Brown, Ruben

1794 Mar 29, 1864
Crossroads, Sebastian Co.
It is told in local history that Ruben Brown was wounded during the Civil War and came onto John Bull's land & died there. He was the first person buried in the Bull Cemetery. I have not made a connection, but there was a Thomas Brown who moved Alabama about 1840 from Alabama to the Shilo Community of Sebastian County Arkansas. Thomas Brown was married to Mary "Poly" Bull and she was the age generation that she may have been a sister to John Bull. Rueben Brown is of the same age generation he may have been a brother to Thomas Bull. John Bull was a northern sympathized and he did not fight in the civil war. It is very possible that Rueben Brown was hiding from the confederate or bushwhackers from that area. Marker Photo

Bull, Ida

Feb 16, 1884 Oct 7, 1884 Infant daughter of Allen L. Bull & Sarah Hughes Bull Marker Photo

Bull, Infant

Jul 13, 1896 Jul 13, 1896 Infant of John Jackson & Elizabeth "Lizzie" E. Cowen Bull. Inscription: "Infant of M.E. & J.J. Bull" "Sleep Baby Sleep" Marker Photo

Bull, Jennie

Feb 29, 1884
Crossroads, Sebastian Co.
Sep 14, 1885 Infant daughter William Basil & Sarah Elizabeth Miller Bull. Inscription: "Daughter of S.E. & W.B. Bull - Gone to rest" Marker Photo

Bull, John

May 10, 1812
Jefferson Co., Tenn
Oct 22, 1897
Crossroads, Sebastian Co.,Ar
John Bull lived for a time in Alabama & married (1) Martha Jeffers. He moved his family to Texas about 1840 before he moved to Polk County Arkansas. By 1850, he was living in Polk County and he had married (2) Mary Delia Self. They had several more children and eventually settled in the Crossroads Community near Dayton Arkansas. He was the founde of the Bull Cemetery & several of his children are buried in the Bull Cemetery. This cemetery is now know as the Bull-Norried Cemetery. One of John's grand-daughters married into the Norried Family and the cemetery is on land that came into the hands of the Norried Family. It was descendents of the Norried Family who went back in and place a chain link fence around the cemetery. Charles Vincent, husband of Janette Bull, cleared the cemetery of ungrowth & trees that had overtaken the cemetery. John Bull & Mary Delia Self Bull had 9 children; Martha Louisa, Elizabeth "Betsy" "Kissie", Sarah Luusia "Tucker", Benjamin McGee, William Basil, Allen Lester, Thomas C., Elmira Clementine "Annie", & Nancy Angeline. John Bull is my GGGGrandfather. Marker Photo

Bull, John P.

Dec 8, 1877
Crossroads, Sebastian Co.
oct 8, 1879
Crossroads, Seabastian Co.
Son of William Basil & Sara Elizabeth Miller Bull. Inscription: Son of S.E. & W.B. Bull - Sleep in Jesus Marker Photo

Bull, Mary Delia Self

Oct 21, 1820
Blount Co., Al
Jan 10, 1895
Crossroads, Sebastian Co., Ar
I have not been able to prove parentage of Mary Delila Self. She was living in Polk County Arkansas in 1850 along with other Self Family members that are descendants of Elijah "Eli" and Sarah Fletcher Self. She was the second wife of John Bull. They were married about 1849 probably in Polk County Arkansas. Marker Photo
Additional Photo

Bull, Nancy Angeline

Mar 26, 1862
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Jan 6, 1950
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Youngest daughter of John & Mary Delia Bull. She never married but had a daughter named Ozelar Bull. Ozelar Bull married James A. Norried. Marker Photo

Bull, Norman Elmer

Aug 31, 1895
Crossroads, Sebastian Co.
Sep 7, 1895
Crossroads, Sebastian Co.
Infant son of John Jackson & Elizabeth Cowen Bull. Inscription: N.E. Bull - Son of J.J. Bull & Wife - In Heaven Our Darling Babe Marker Photo

Bull, Robert Jefferson

Dec 31, 1869
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Nov 20, 1948
Dayton, Sebastian Co
Son of Sarah Jane Bull. Sarah Jane never married but she had one son. Robert Jefferson Married 1)Lola Ingraham, 2) Martha E. Glover, & 3) Mary Elizabeth Beaty. Robert & Lola had a daughter named Myrtle that was born in Indian Territory; Robert & Mary had a son named Ewell Jefferson Bull. Marker Photo

Bull, Sarah Jane

Dec 15, 1843
Polk Co., Ar
Crossroads, Sebastian Co.
Daughter of John & Martha Jeffers Bull. John Bull had two daughters named Sarah. Sarah never married but she had one son, Robert Jefferson. Sarah Jane Bull, Nancy Angeline Bull & Sarar Louisa "Tucker" Bull lived together in Crossroads. Two of the girls had children out-of-wedlock. Marker Photo

Bull, Sarah Louisa

Apr 26, 1852
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Mar 3, 1924
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Daughter of John & Mary Delia Self Bull. Sarah never married. She was nicknamed "Tucker" to distinguish between her and her sister Sarah. Marker Photo

Bull, Theodora

Oct 22, 1891
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Sep 4, 1893
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Theodora Bull was a twin to Leonora Bull. They were children of William Basil & sarah E. Miller Bull. Inscription: Son of S.E. & W.B. Bull - Our Darling is at Rest Marker Photo

Condry, Chester Chevis

Aug 12, 1925 Dec 11, 2001 Husband of Safrona Louise Norried. She was the daughter of William Edward & Hester Spain Bull. William was the son of James A. & Ozelar Bull Norried. Inscription: "Father" "Married January 11, 1947". Double Marker. He also has a military marker. Marker Photo

Condry, Safrona Louise Norried

Jun 22, 1930 Jun 3, 2000 Daughter of Williams Edward & Hester Spain Norried. Grandaughter of Ozelar Bull Norried. Married Jan 11, 1947 Marker Photo

Gann, Luther M.

Sept 22, 1884
Dayton, Sebastian Co
Mar 19, 1889
Dayton, Sebastian Co
Luther M. Gann is the son of William Vinyard & Mary "Polly Ann" Bull Gann. Mary "Polly Anne" was the daughter of John & Martha Jeffers Bull. William Vinyard Gann was the son of Adam A. Gann. Inscription: "Son of W.V. & P.A. Gann" also it is inscribed as L.M. Gann. Marker Photo

Gann, S. Emaline

Oct 2, 1866
Dayton, Sebastian Co
Oct 15, 1888
Dayton, Sebastian Co
S. Emaline Bull, daughter of William Vinyard & Mary "Polly Anne" Bull Gann. Inscription: "Infant daughter of W.V. & P.A. Gann" Marker Photo
Additional Photo

Miller, Sarah A.

Jan 25, 1889
Dayton, Sebastian Co
Jan 31, 1889
Dayton, Sebastian Co
Marker for Sarah A. Miller, daughter of Arthur & Elmira Clementine Bull Miller. Inscription: "Daughter of A.W. Miller" "Marked as S.A. Miller. Elmira Bll was the daughter of JOhn & Mary Delia Self Bull. Marker Photo

Norried, Carl Edward

Feb 15, 1933, Sebastian Co Oct 12, 1996 Marker for Carl Edward "Buddy" & Mary Evelyn Hurt Norried. Carl was the son of William Edward & Hester Spain Norried. Mary is the person who spent much time & captial to clean-up the Bull-Norried Cemetery. Carl was the grandson of Ozelar Bull Norried. Inscription: "Together Forever" "Married May 5, 1951" Marker Photo

Norried, Eva A. Wade

Nov 8, 1923 Mar 3, 2003 Eva A. Wade Norried was the wife of Robert Huston Norried. He was the grandson of Ozelar Bull Norried Marker Photo

Norried, Hester Spain

Jul 6, 1899
Lexington, Henderson Co., Tenn
Nov 30, 1987
Ft. Smith, Ark
Hester Spain Norried wife of William Edward Norried. He was a son of Ozelar Bull Norried Marker Photo

Norried, Ozelar Bull

Mar 9, 1878
Sep 6, 1900
Crossroads, Sebastian Co
Ozelar Bull Norried was the daughter of Nancy Angeline Bull and the grandaughter of John & Mary Delia Self Bull. Ozelar married James A. Norried and they had at least two sons; William Edward & Floyd "Roddie" Ray Norried. Marker Photo

Norried, William Edward

Aug 26, 1897
Crosssroads, Sebastian Co.
Feb 27i, 1979
Dayton, Sebastian Co.
William Edward Norried was the son of James A. & Ozelar Bull Norried. He married Hester Spain Norried. They had the following children: Lucielle, Robert Huston, Safrona Louise, Charles Edward "Buddy", & Rubin Reed Norried. Marker Photo

Owen, DeAnn Norried

May 8, 1959
Aug 21, 1996 DeAnn is the spouse of Ronald E. Owen. I do not know how she fits into the Norried Family Marker Photo
Addition Photo
Owen, Ronald E. Aug 6, 1960 Jan 31, 2006   Marker Photo
Seay, Thos Nov 15, 1854 Mar 16, 1891   Marker Photo



Bull-Norried Cemetery

John Bull May 10, 1812 - October 22, 1897
Delia (Selph) Bull October 21, 1820 - January 10, 1895
Sarah Jane Bull December 15, 1843-1905
Robert Jefferson Bull December 31, 1869 - November 20, 1948
Sarah louisa Bull - (nickname "Tucker") April 26, 1882 - March 3, 1924
Nancy Angelina Bull March 26, 1862 - January 6, 1950
Ozelar (Bull) Norried March 5, 1878 - September 6, 1900
S. E. October 2, 1868 - October 10, 1868 Daughter of W.V. and P.A. Gann
L.M. September 22,1884 - March 18, 1889 Son of W.V. and P.A. Gann
John P. December 8, 1877 - October 8, 1879 Son of S.E. and W.B. Bull
Jennie February 29, 1884 - September 14, 1885 Daughter of S.E. and W.B. Bull
Theodora October 22, 1891 - September 4, 1893 Son of S.E. and W. B. Bull
Ida Bull February 16, 1884 - October 7, 1884 Daughter of Allen and Ellen Bull
S.A. January 25, 1889 - January 31, 1889 Daughter of A.W. Miller and Wife
N.L. August 31, 1895 - September 7, 1895 Son of J.J. Bull and Wife
Infant July, 18, 1896 - July 18, 1896 Baby of M.E. and J.J.Bull
Thomas Seay November 15, 1854 - March 16, 1881
Rubin Brown March 29, 1864 Age 70 years
William Edward Norried August 26, 1897 - February 27, 1879
Hester (Spain) Norried July 6, 1900 - November 30, 1987
DeAnn (Condry) Owen May 8, 1959 - August 21, 1994
Carl Edward (Buddy)Norried February 15, 1933 - October 12, 1996

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