Mt. Zion Baptism

Source:From THE KEY. Summer 1980. Vol. 15, Issue No. 1

Submitted by Jack W. James

"Last Sunday, September 28, 1907 or 1908, was a good day for Mt. Zion Baptist Church, there being thirty-six added to the church by baptism, three by letter and one more approved for baptism, all being the results of a meeting held at the above mentioned place by Rev. J. C. Williamson, the Pastor, and Rev. J. W. Comer, the Missionary of Concord Association.

The meeting was said by many of the older members to be the best in the history of the church. Suffice it to say, the church is greatly strengthened and are going forward with renewed zeal and energy.

The meeting surpassed in some respects any that I ever held, especially in the untiring efforts of the members of the church, the deep interest of the unsaved, and the great out pouring of the Holy Spirit.

The baptizing was done in Vache Grass Creek near Greenwood. One of the largest and most orderly congregations that the writer ever saw at a like occasion, attended the solemn and impressive service, and as a quiet hush seemed to fall upon all, Bro. Comer and myself buried each happy soul with Christ in baptism, that they might become living witnesses of the Resurrection, Life beyond the grave.

The following are the names of those received by letter and baptism: Mr. and Mrs. Pogue, by letter; Mrs. Griffin by letter; Mr. Gibbs, by letter; Mr. Martin, approved for Baptism.

Sisters Hilda Melton, Bartlett, Mary Williams, Liza Skinner, Jennie Edwards, Ola Basinger, Auda Pogue, Flossie Pogue, Myrtle Williams, Thursa Griffin, Isabel Griffin, Clara Griffin, Mary Lanier, Ethel Izell, Minnie Oak, Minnie George, Laura Bartlett.

Brethren John Edwards, Charlie Edwards, T. L. Skinner, Henry Basinger, James Basinger, Elmer Izell, Joe Griffin, David Griffin, Charlie Wilkerson, Jesse Wilkerson, Maynard Wilkerson, Garland Gibbs, James Jamison, Samuel Williams, Allen Shulare, Claude Self, James Bartlett, Bert Fry, and Grover Peninger.