Shiloh Methodist Church

Located between Hartford and Mansfield

Submitted by Jack W. James

The Shiloh Methodist Church is a wonderful old church in the front of the Shiloh Cemetery. Almost everyone in South Sebastian county over the age of 45 has wonderful memories associated with the church. The pews have been removed and placed in the pavilion at the Hartford Memorial Cemetery, the pot bellied stove is now at a local home and my sister and brother-in-law own the old upright piano from the church.

History of this church and list of pastors below picture.

History of the Shiloh Methodist Church

(This was written Sept. 7, 1932)

The first organization of M. P. Church after the Civil War, at Shiloh was made by Rev. Blake Wilson about 58 or 60 years ago. It was organized with 40 charter members: John Dill and wife Mary, with other men and their wives, in the old house with shed and fire place which stood west of cemetery.

A. J. Smalley help construct and dedication of the next church building, a box house on the same site east of cemetery, where the frame structure now stands.

Brother B. A. Thompson dedicated the present frame building.

List of Shiloh Pastors

1. Walter J. Hill
2. Blake Wilson- Organized Church in about 1874 after the Civil War.
3. John Williams
4. A. J. Mackey
5. J. R. Wood
6. James Whitaker
7. R. V. Tunstall
8. A. J. Steinbaugh
9. John Stockton
10. A. J. Smalley
11. S. T. Shackleford
12. A. Roark
13. R. R. Nichols
14. Lee Neal
15. W. S. Murdock
16. R. V. Moore
17. Clark Mason
18. W. F. Jacobs
19. J. B. Hopkins
20. J. A. Grubb
21. H. T. Floyd
22. R. B. Cole
23. J. E. Carnett
24. Polk Burr
25. J. A. Burrows
26. Robert Bounds
27. Findley Brooks
28. B. F. Avery
29. George Hullinger
30. B. A. Thompson
31. J. A. Kilgore
32. J. A. Moody
33. J. L. Land
34. Milburn
35. Dr. Rutz
36. Rev. Lewis
37. Rev. Miller
39. Wadie Harrison
40. ? Wheeler

W. S. Murdock, Rev. Miller and Blake Wilson are pastors who were buried at the Shiloh Cemetery.