1903 City & County Officials

Source: 1903 Sebastian County Atlas

Submitted by Curtis Hannah

1903  Sebastian County Government

1903 County Seats at Greenwood and Fort Smith

County and Probate Judge - W.A. Faulkner.

Circuit Clerk - John E. Tatum.

Circuit Clerk, Deputy at Fort Smith - Claude Hoffman

Coroner - Dr. J.A. Smith

Sheriff - Bryant Barry

Treasurer - W.T. Rye.

Assessor - Hilliard Byrant

Surveyor - J.B. Williamson

Circuit Judge - S.T. Rowe.

Prosecuting Attorney - W.B. Cravens.


1903 United States Officials of Sebastian County

Judge, John H. Rodgers, ably presides over the deliberations of the United States District Court

Thomas Boles is the efficient clerk of the United States Circuit Court and a prominent member of the Fort Smith bar.

H.B. Armistead is the United States District Court Clerk and executes the business of his office with great credit to himself  and the Court,  whose records he keeps.

James K. Barnes fills the office of United States District  Attorney and  is ably assisted by Frank A. Youmans.


Ft. Smith City Government

Mayor - T.B. Garrett

City Clerk - D.B. Sparks

Treasurer - J.A. Hoffman

Police Judge - Frank F????

City Attorney - F.M. Jamison

Chief of Police - John Fuller

City Engineer - T.O. Bayley

City Weigher - Henry Wegman

Chief of Fire Department - J.W. Rice

Street Commissioner - Will Farrior


Among the most popular and efficient aldermen serving the city may be mentioned W.H. Dooley,  H. Kuper, Jr.,  John Schapp and T.F. Grober.

Police Department

The Police Department, in charge of Chief John Fuller, is a positive assurance that the city will be well policed.  Mr. Fuller has given one satisfaction as Chief and is well fitted for the duties he performs and is both popular and efficient.  Two of Mr. Fuller's most popular and well known assistants on the force are W. N. Moore and Sidney Johnston.  Both these gentlemen have fine records as officers and Fort Smith is proud of them.