Descendants of William James "Jim" Hefley

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My main concern, with this family is Allison Nelson Hefley and his marriage to Dorie M. Garner. 
So many questions, and no diffinent anwsers. If any one can clarify, when Dorie and Allison,  died. 
Or if for sure he married a second time---his part of this is specualative at this time--

Descendants of William James "Jim' Hefley
Generation No. 1
1. WILLIAM JAMES "JIM'3 HEFLEY (JOHN ANDREW2, PHILLIP T.1) was born 1821 in Tennessee, and died 
Bef. 1870 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. He married SUSANNA PARKER Abt. 1850, daughter of QUANNAH PARKER 
and RACHEL WARD. She was born 1827 in North Carolina or Tennessee.
1870 Center, Sebastian County, Arkansas
Hefley, Susan
Martha age 18
Virginia A. age 15
Albert P. age 13 
Columbus age 11
Louisa age 8 [may be Eliza J. or another child]
Allice [Mary A.] age 7
Alison N. age 4
1880 Center & Cole, Sebastian County, Arkansas 
Hefley, Susan age 53 Mother head
Virginia A. age 22 b. ?
Collumbus age 18 male b. TX Farmer
Eliza J. age 15 female b. TX
Mary A. age female 14 b. TX
Allison N. age 12 male b.TX
According to these census records I suspect that William James Hefley, the father passed away between 
1868 and 1870. ***** More About WILLIAM HEFLEY and SUSANNA PARKER: Marriage: Abt. 1850 Children of WILLIAM HEFLEY and SUSANNA PARKER are: i. MARTHA E.4 HEFLEY, b. 1850, Texas. 2. ii. MISSOURI CATHERINE HEFLEY, b. 1851, Texas. 3. iii. VIRGINIA A. HEFLEY, b. 1854, Texas. 4. iv. ALBERT PERRY HEFLEY, b. 30 May 1860, Comanchie or Hunt County, Texas; d. Apr 1938, Charleston, Ar. 5. v. COLUMBUS L. HEFLEY, b. Bet. Dec 1860 - 1862, Texas. vi. ELIZA J. HEFLEY, b. 1865, Texas. vii. MARY ALLISON HEFLEY, b. 1866, Texas. 6. viii. ALLISON NELSON HEFLEY, b. 1868, Texas. Generation No. 2 2. MISSOURI CATHERINE4 HEFLEY (WILLIAM JAMES "JIM'3, JOHN ANDREW2, PHILLIP T.1) was born 1851 in Texas.
She married ISAAC M. POWELL, son of ISAAC POWELL and HANNAH BAILEY. Child of MISSOURI HEFLEY and ISAAC POWELL is: i. MISSOURI JOSEPHINE5 POWELL, b. 07 Nov 1870, Greenwood, Sebastian County, Arkansas; d. 26 Oct 1970, Keota, Haskell, Oklahoma; m. WILLIAM CHAD SEWELL; b. 11 May 1868, Newman, Georgia; d. 24 Nov 1958,
Ft. Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas. 3. VIRGINIA A.4 HEFLEY (WILLIAM JAMES "JIM'3, JOHN ANDREW2, PHILLIP T.1) was born 1854 in Texas. She married WILLIAM C. MITCHELL, son of JOHN MITCHELL and SELENA FAULKNER. He was born 19 May 1856 in Mississippi, and died 07 Jul 1908 in Charleston, Arkansas. Children of VIRGINIA HEFLEY and WILLIAM MITCHELL are: i. CLAUDE H.5 MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1881; m. UNKNOWN. ii. ELMORE FORT MITCHELL, b. 11 Nov 1883; d. 16 Sep 1884. iii. JESSE HOUSTON MITCHELL, b. 02 Feb 1885, Keota, Indian Territory, Oklahoma; d. Abt. 1963, Checotah, Oklahoma; m. LENA BROWN, Abt. 1909, Charleston, Arkansas; b. 21 Feb 1887, Georgia; d. Mar 1972, Muskogee,
Muskogee County, Oklahoma. More About JESSE MITCHELL and LENA BROWN: Marriage: Abt. 1909, Charleston, Arkansas iv. JEANNETTE MITCHELL, b. 14 Mar 1887; m. ELIAS NORMAN WEAVER; b. 1886, Charleston, Arkansas;
d. Nov 1938, Oklahoma. More About ELIAS NORMAN WEAVER: Burial: Davenport, Oklahoma v. ESTER EVERT MITCHELL, b. 13 Apr 1889; d. 19 Jul 1890. vi. MONTEREY "MONTIE" MITCHELL, b. 26 Jul 1890; d. 04 Dec 1986, New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas;
m. FINIS HILL; b. Abt. 1890. More About MONTEREY "MONTIE" MITCHELL: Social Security: 444-26-4406 OK vii. MARVIN MITCHELL, b. 22 Aug 1890; d. Abt. 1970, Glendora, Los Angeles, California; m. KATHRYN BROTHERTON;
b. Mar 1890, Charleston, Arkansas. 4. ALBERT PERRY4 HEFLEY (WILLIAM JAMES "JIM'3, JOHN ANDREW2, PHILLIP T.1) was born 30 May 1860 in Comanchie or Hunt County, Texas, and died Apr 1938 in Charleston, Arkansas. He married MATTIE CLEMINTINE PHILLIPS, daughter of BERRY SMITH and MARY PHILLIPS. She was born 11 Feb 1863 in Texas, and died 14 Feb 1917 in Arkansas. More About ALBERT PERRY HEFLEY: Burial: Spencer Cemetery-Charleston, Arkansas Children of ALBERT HEFLEY and MATTIE PHILLIPS are: i. JASPER5 HEFLEY1, b. 16 Oct 18812; d. Feb 19682; m. MARTHA ELLEN KENNAMER, 14 Nov 1906, Branch, Franklin County, Arkansas; b. 31 Oct 1885, Magazine, Logan County, Arkansas; d. 20 Jun 1962, Branch, Franklin County, Arkansas. More About JASPER HEFLEY: Burial: Cole's Chapel Cemetery-Franklin County, Arkansas More About MARTHA ELLEN KENNAMER: Burial: Branch, Franklin County, Arkansas More About JASPER HEFLEY and MARTHA KENNAMER: Marriage: 14 Nov 1906, Branch, Granklin County, Arkansas ii. JAMES AUSTIN HEFLEY, b. 12 Oct 1883; d. May 1923. iii. NELSON HEFLEY, b. 12 May 1886; d. 26 Sep 1886. iv. ZORA MYRTLE HEFLEY, b. 26 Aug 1887; d. 15 Dec 1978. v. ARCHIE HEFLEY, b. 06 Jan 1890; d. 31 Mar 1891. vi. MAUDE ETHEL HEFLEY, b. 31 May 1896; d. 20 Jul 1979. 5. COLUMBUS L.4 HEFLEY (WILLIAM JAMES "JIM'3, JOHN ANDREW2, PHILLIP T.1) was born Bet. Dec 1860 - 1862 in Texas. He married WINIFRED M. UNKNOWN. She was born Apr 1868 in Arkansas. Notes for COLUMBUS L. HEFLEY: 1900 Township 8, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory Household 236 Hefley, Columbus F.age 39 b. Dec 1860 TX married 3 may be 13 years hard to read Winifred M. age 32 b. Apr 1868 AR Married 3/13 years mother of 6/4 living children Hershal age 11 b. Sept 1888 AR James M. age 7 b. Jan 1893 AR Bollern/?????son age 5 b. Jan 1895 AR Myrtle age 3 b. March 1897 AR ***** 1910 Brooken Township, Haskill, OK District 85 Household 68 Hefley, Columbus L. age 53? married 1 time 23 years b. TX Winnifred age 47 married 1 time 23 years b. AR married 1 time mother of 8/? living children James M. age 17 b. OK Callier? age 15 b. OK Bonnie M. age 13 b. OK Velma A. age 8 b. OK Iles? M. age 5 b. OK daughter ***** Children of COLUMBUS HEFLEY and WINIFRED UNKNOWN are: i. HERSHAL F.5 HEFLEY, b. Sep 1888, Arkansas. ii. JAMES M. HEFLEY, b. Jan 1893, Arkansas/Oklahoma. iii. COLLIER? HEFLEY, b. Jan 1895, Arkansas/Oklahoma. iv. BONNIE MYRTLE HEFLEY, b. Mar 1897, Arkansas/Oklahoma. v. VELMA A. HEFLEY, b. Abt. 1902, Oklahoma. vi. ILES M. HEFLEY, b. Abt. 1905, Oklahoma. 6. ALLISON NELSON4 HEFLEY (WILLIAM JAMES "JIM'3, JOHN ANDREW2, PHILLIP T.1) was born 1868 in Texas. He married (1) NERVE A. UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1870 in Arkansas.
He married (2) DORIE M. GARNER 25 Dec 1892 in Greenwood, Sebastian County, Arkansas, daughter of JOSEPH GARNER and MARTHY CHAMBERS. She was born 1874 in Tn. Notes for ALLISON NELSON HEFLEY: 1910 Big Creek, Newton, AR District 92 Household 58
(not sure this is him, but very possible., If this is him, Dorie, must of died bef 1900, or they may have divorced but I can not find her again.) Hefley, Alison age 30 head married 10 years b. AR Farmer Nerve A. age 28 b. AR wife married 19 years mother of 4/4/ living children Can't read daughter age 8 b. AR Cynthia age 6 b. AR Nerve age 4 b. AR Vesta age 1 b. AR ***** Have found a A. N. Hefley, buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery-Greenwood, Sebastian, AR b. Feb 25, 1862 d. Feb 17, 1901--may be him, just don't know. ***** Marriage Notes for ALLISON HEFLEY and DORIE GARNER: Sebatian County, Arkansas Marriages 1892 Greenwood C 1402 GARNER, DORIE M 18 HEFLEY, ALLISON N 25 18921225 JOHN B. CONDREN ***** More About ALLISON HEFLEY and DORIE GARNER: Marriage: 25 Dec 1892, Greenwood, Sebastian County, Arkansas Children of ALLISON HEFLEY and NERVE UNKNOWN are: i. ?5 HEFLEY, b. Abt. 1901, Arkansas. ii. CYNTHIA? HEFLEY, b. Abt. 1903, Arkansas. iii. NERVE? HEFLEY, b. Abt. 1905, Arkansas. iv. VESTA HEFLEY, b. Abt. 1909, Arkansas. Endnotes 1., Family Archive #110, Social Security Death Index: U.S. Ed. 9, Social Security Death Index,
(Release date: April 10, 2000), "CD-ROM." 2., Family Archive #110, Social Security Death Index: U.S. Ed. 9, Social Security Death Index,
(Release date: April 10, 2000), "CD-ROM," Internal Ref. #