1887 Land Owners Plat Map for T6N - R31W

Transcribed by Lynn
From 1887 Sebastian County Atlas

Surnames Shown on the Map Below

It is possible that I missed one or two. See the original plat for any missed or mispelled.
Surnames: Adamson, Allen, Avery, Baker, Bates, Bennight, Blakemore, Blair, Blanie, Blaylock, Bookout, Boone, Boswell, Bryan, Burlain, Caldwell, Carlisle, Carver, Chandler, Chaney, Cleveland, Conner, Cope, Crabtree, Cross, Davis, Denson, Diffie, Dobbins, Dozier, Duval, Dyer, Edwards, Evans, Florence, Gaines, Gartrell, Gautier, Gilliam, Goins, Green, Harris, Hartsfield, Hester, Hocott, Holland, Holt, Hudson, Hughs, Irvin, Izell, Jackson, Joiner, Keller, Kersay, King, Leonard, Little, Logan, Long, Loudermilk, Lowe, Martindale, Maurer, McCarell, McClure, McMillan, Mendenhall, Milam, Minton, Moltham, Moore, Morrow, Neal, Needhum, Nixon, Parke, Parsons, Patton, Phillips, Pigg, Pogue, Powell, Plunkett, Puckett, Rayburn, Reutzel, Reynolds, Riackhart, Roberts, Robbins, Rodden, Rogers, Routzel, Rudell, Russell, Rust, Scott, Shaw, Shuller, Simpson, Smith, Solesbee, Steelman, Steward, Strand, Strout, Strozier, Swell, Talkington, Tatum, Tedford, Thompson, Townley, Truitt, Tunnley, Upchurch, Varner, Vineyard, Waldroof, Walker, Ward, Weir, Westmoreland, Wilkerson, Wright, Yadon, Yeats, Young