Some Residents of Sebastian County 
- 1903 -
by Township & Range

Submitted by Curtis Hannah
From 1903 Atlas of Sebastian Co.
This list contained only the names of people who paid
to have their information included.
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"Patron's Directory of Sebastian County, Arkansas"

Township 7N - Range 32W

Post Office
Booth, W.R. Justice of Peace Bonanza Vil
Caldwell, R.G. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith  14
Carnall, T.B. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 3
Central Coal & Coke Co. Coal Mine Operators Bonanza Vil
Clinton Bros Dealers in Fine Wines, Liquors & Cigars.  Best of Beers always on hand Bonanza Vil
Cromwell, S.M. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 15
Degen, H. Dairyman Ft. Smith 3
Douglas, A.T. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith ---
Ferguson, J.N. Superintendent of Poor Farm R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 4
Gann, I. Dealer in Staple & Fancy Groceries, Flour, feed, Crockery, etc. Bonanza Vil
Geren, E.T. Farmer Bonanza 22
Geren, T.M. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 28
Geren, O.R. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 29
Gray, J.R. Farmer Bonanza 32
Grober, Chas Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 27
Hamilton, J.A. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith ---
Hightower, C.J. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 5
Hinek, W.F. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 15
Home Mercantile Co. Dealers in Dry Goods & Clothing Bonanza Vil
Houk, J.L. Farmer Bonanza 26
Johnson, C.H. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 5
McCoombs, A. Butcher Bonanza Vil
McDonald, A.L. Farmer Ft. Smith ---
Mullen Bros. Dealers in Fine Wines, Liquors & Cigars.  Fresh Beer always on tap Bonanza Vil
Oliphant, H.A. Dealer in General Merchandise Bonanza Vil
Peck, B.A. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 8
Price, Mrs. L.M. Farming R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 5
Richardson, G.W. Attorney at Law, City Clerk Bonanza Vil
Smith, Rev. A.S. Minister Bonanza 32
Wyman, A.W. Farmer R.F.D. No 3, Ft. Smith 13

Township 6N-Range 32W

Clark, J.W. Farmer Hackett 25
Fannin, Dr. H.W. Physician Hackett Vil
Hale, J.E. Dealer in General Merchandise Hackett Vil
Hale, Oscar Farmer Hackett 34
Harper, J.W. Farmer Hackett 19
Hardesty, Sarah A. Dairying Hackett 10
Hays, W.M. Fruit Grower Hackett 15
Hays, John Farmer Hackett 9
Jackson, J.W. Physician Hackett 33
McBride, D.B. Farmer Hackett 33
Mackey, J.B. Farmer Hackett 27
Miller, J.M. Farmer Hackett 14
Rupe, J.D. Fruit Grower Hackett 25
Rupe, G.S. Farmer Hackett 28
Scott, A.J. Fruit Grower Hackett 15
Spangler, J.S. Farmer Hackett 34
Tharel, T.I. Cattle Raiser and Dealer, Farmer Hackett 24
Walker, H.D. Farmer Hackett 35
Williamson, J.B. County Surveyor Hackett Vil

Township 5N-Range 32W

Allen, W.H. Farmer Montreal 11
Anderson, John H. Minister Slatonville 8
Bishop, R.A. Farmer Montreal 13
Butler, W.D. Fruit Grower Hackett 10
Dugan, J.W. Farmer Burma 23
Evans, M.O. Farmer Montreal 23
Foreman, D.D. Fruit Grower Slatonville 16
Glidewell, J.T. Fruit Grower Hackett 9
Harris, A.F. Fruit Grower Hackett 4
Jordan, J.W. Fruit Grower Hackett 10
Kersh, W.H. Farmer Slatonville 29
Nichols, F.P. Fruit Grower Hackett 11
Patterson, M.B. Farmer Slatonville 5
Peek, W.M. Farmer Slatonville 21
Sanders, G.V. Farmer Hackett 3
Scott, M.N. Fruit Grower Hackett 10
Taylor, I.H. Farmer Burma 23
Wilbanks, M.M. Farmer Slatonville 15

Township 4N - Range 32W

Barnes, J.H. Farmer Hartford 20
Bolen-Darnell Coal Co. Coal Mine Operators Gwyn Vil
Bowen, J.W. Miller and Farmer Nep Vil
Davenport, Dr. C.P. Physician Gwyn Vil
Davis Bros. Dealers in all kinds of General Merch. Hartford Vil
Dodd, G.W. Lawyer Hartford Vil
Dorsey, J.D. Teacher Nep 24
Goddard, C.E. Farmer Hartford 21
Goset, John Farmer Peoria 1
Gwyn, W.P. Farmer Gwyn 15
Harp, Jesse A. Lawyer Hartford Vil
Hill, R.J. Farmer Hartford Vil
Leatherwood, T.H. Farmer Hartford 20
Luccy, W.N. Publisher of "Hartford Developer."  All kinds of Job Printing neatly executed Gwyn Vil
McConnell, J.A. Dealer in all kinds of General Merchandise Gwyn Vil
McCluney, S.T. Farmer Hartford 20
Pitchford, J.A. Farmer Nep 19
West. I.B. Farmer Hartford 19
Williamson, J.T. Dealer in Real Estate Gwyn Vil

Townships 7&8N - Range 31W

Becker, R. Farmer Barling ---
Blythe, J.M. Farmer Crescent 18
Bugg, T.W. Farmer Barling 8
Carson, H.T. Farmer Greenwood 13
Clark, M.J. Farmer Ft. Smith 32
Duke, R.A. Farmer Central 12
Edenborn, W. Capitalist Chicago  
Elsey, E.R. Farmer Barling 10
Ermann, Wm. Farmer RFD No. 2, Ft. Smith 3
Farrare, Angelo Farmer Crescent 19
Felker, M.E. Farmer Crescent 15
Geheb, A.W. Farmer RFD No. 2, Ft. Smith 9
Greb, Geo Farmer Barling 7
Griffin, R.H. Farmer RFD No2, Ft. Smith 11
Hill, F.C. Mine Operator Central 5
Hood, C.W. Minister Jenny Lind 19
Lyons, H.L. Farmer RFD No. 2, Ft. Smith 32
McAlister, Rev. J.A. Minister Jenny Lind 22
Maddox, J.W. Dealer in Gen. Merchandise Barling Vil
Maxwell, John Farmer Jenny Lind 15
Maxwell, W.A. Farmer Jenny Lind 15
Michael, J.F. Farmer Barling 32
Misee, T. Farmer Jenny Lind 11
Moody, Walter Farmer RFD No 2, Ft. Smith 20
Moody, J.M. Farmer RFD No 2, Ft. Smith 30
Moore, R.G. Farmer RFD No 2, Ft. Smith 7
Morris V.R. Dealer in all kinds of General Merchandise Central 1
Murphy, A.H. Farmer Ft. Smith 9
Nance, J.N. Farmer Central 35
Nolen, J.P. Farmer Barling 11
Rogers, T. Farmer Jenny Lind 28
Ross, Chas. F. Farmer Barling 5
Ryan, Dr. I.A. Physician. Dealer in Drugs, etc. Barling Vil
Rye, W.T. County Treasurer Crescent 19
Schmidt, Christ Farmer FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 32
Sharum, S.S. Farmer FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 31
Sharum, C.L. & Bro Dealers in General Merchandise FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 30
Simpson, S.A. Farmer Jenny Lind 30
Smith, J.H. Teacher and Farmer Barling 3
Stanford, J.W. Farmer Barling 29
Swift, L.L. Dealer in all kinds of Gen. Merchandise Barling VilVil
Snyder, Geo Farmer Barling 4
Taylor, A.J. Farmer Barling 11
Thompson, R. Farmer Ft. Smith 30
Tumblin, V. Farmer Barling 8
Weindel, F.W. Farmer FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 4
Weir, J.P. & W.C. Farmer FRD No. Ft. Smith 19
Williams, J.D. Farmer FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 18
Wingfield, E.M. Farmer FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 16
Wingfield, E.W. Farmer FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 16
Younger, Mrs. M.M. Farmer FRD No 2, Ft. Smith 31
                                                                                              ("FRD" is what is printed in the book)   

Township 6N - Range 31W

Anderson, H.L. Farmer Greenwood 16
Biggins, James Miner Jenny Lind 5
Chandlre, Dr. J.A. Dealer in Drugs, Toilet Articles, etc. Greenwood Vil
Blaylock, J.E. Teacher Greenwood 15
Carson, H. T. Farmer Greenwood 13
Claunts, P.M. Publisher of Greenwood Democrat  All kinds of Job Printing Greenwood Vil
Cros, L.S. Farmer Witcherville 33
Crow, B.A. Farmer Witcherville 32
Davis G.P. Farmer Witcherville 35
Davis, J.H. Farmer Witcherville 35
Dobbins, Dr. A. H. Dentist Greenwood Vil
Donahoo. J.L. Farmer Greenwood 2
Durden, J.P. Farmer Greenwood 11
Edwards, J.H. Farmer Greenwood 10
Evans & Brown Attorneys at Law Greenwood Vil
Gibles, W.F. Farmer Jenny Line 9
Goines, Mrs. N.A. Farming Greenwood 19
Gross, A.L. Farmer Witcherville 16
Harris, J.S. Farmer Greenwood 11
Hartsfield, J.J. Minister Greenwood 31?
Harper, Miss Fannie Milliner, Latest Style Millinery Goods at all times Greenwood Vil
Harper, R.A. Livery Stable, Best Rigs, commercial trade especially Greenwood Vil
Hendrix, V.A. Farmer Greenwood Vil
Hester, O.J. Farmer Jenny Lind 5
Hester, Eli Farmer Greenwood 10
Hester, T. Farmer Greenwood 33
Holland, J.H? Lawyer, Representative in State Legislature Greenwood Vil
Jones, Ben Dealer in General Merchandise of all kinds Greenwood Vil
Joyce, W.H.A. Deputy Sheriff Greenwood Vil
Little, John S. Member of  Congress Greenwood Vil
La?er, R.C. Farmer Greenwood 29
Leonard, S.C. Teacher and Farmer Witcherville 28
Long, T.P. Farmer Jenny Lind 6
McFarlane, R.W. Lawyer, Dealer in all kinds of General Merchandise Greenwood Vil
Mikel, G.E. Mine Operator Greenwood Vil
Neeley, Rev. F.C. Minister Greenwood Vil
Nelms, F.G. Farmer Greenwood Vil
Norris, T.A. County Treasurer Greenwood Vil
Powel, R.T. Lawyer Greenwood Vil
Pryor, T.B. Attorney at Law Greenwood Vil
Raburn, W.C. Farmer Hackett 31
Raines, E. Farmer A?tus 6
Reed, John H. Deputy County Clerk Greenwood Vil
Reed, James G. Farmer Greenwood Vil
Rowe, R.A. Attorney at law Greenwood Vil
Smith, F.M. County Assesor Greenwood Vil
Stanfil, Sollie Carpenter and contracting Greenwood Vil
Stewart, J. Frank Es County Assessor Greenwood Vil
Spradling, Jos.M. Attorney at law Greenwood Vil
Tatum, John E. Circuit clerk & Recorder of Deeds Greenwood Vil
Williams, J.A. Farmer Greenwood 16

Township 5N - Range 31W

Alexander, W.R. Attorney at law Mansfield Vil
Anderson, J.P. Farmer Witcherville 12
Blan, J.W. Nurseryman and Fruit Grower Witcherville 1
Bright, G.L. Farmer Witcherville 12
Burk, A.J. Attorney at law Huntington Vil
Campbell, L. Teacher Huntington Vil
Central Coal & Coke Co Coal Mine Operators Huntington Vil
Choctaw Pressed Brick & Tile Co. Brick Manufacturers Mansfield Vil
Clifft, W.J. Farmer   23
Council, G.H. Farmer   1?
Cross, A.J. Farmer   ?
Cross, Mrs. M.A. Farming   ?
Cross, A.C. Contractor and Farmer Witcherville 12
Cross, J.L. Contractor Witcherville Vil
Crump, R.A. Farmer Witcherville 3
Davenport, Dr. E.M. Physician Witcherville Vil
Denson, A.J. Farmer Witcherville 12
Epley, S.J. Farmer Witcherville 1
Foley, D.A. Dealer in Real Estate Huntington Vil
Foster, F.J. Fruit Grower Huntington 24
Forrister, Rev. N.B. Minister and Farmer Witcherville Vil
Halwell, W.T. Proprietor of Hotel.  First-class in every respect Mansfield Vil
Harwell, O.M. Attorney at Law Huntington Vil
Hill, Prof. W.A. Teacher and Minister Witcherville Vil
Hocott, A.K. Farmer Witcherville 3
Hogan, Dan Attorney at Law Huntington Vil
Hudson, J.F. Lawyer Huntington Vil
Jean, D.M. Farmer Witcherville 2
Johnson, Rev. H.G. Minister & Teacher Witcherville Vil
Jones, Jink Contractor and Farmer Witcherville 14
Kansas & Texas Coal Co. Coal Mine Operators Huntington Vil
Kincannon, Mrs. D. Farming Witcherville Vil
Little, S.T. Farmer Witcherville Vil
Loveley, H.K. Farmer Huntington Vil
McCalister, J.J. Farmer Witcherville Vil
McConnell, John Physician Huntington Vil
Marshall, J.M. Dealer in Furniture & Hardware Mansfield Vil
Mayer, H. Dealer in General Merchandise Huntington Vil
Montreal Coal Co. Coal Mine Operators Montreal Vil
Moore, Rev. D.L. Minister Witcherville Vil
Moore, Mrs. Nannie E. Farming Witcherville 1 & 2
Packard, L.C. Postmaster Mansfield Vil
Packard, C.C. ------- Mansfield Vill
Patterson, W.B. Farmer Witcherville Vil
Peer, A.E. Dealer in all kinds of Lumber & building Material Mansfield Vil
Pettigrew, L.E. Farmer Witcherville 3
Pettus, G.H. Farmer Witcherville 2
Pettus, J.C. Farmer & Vegetable Raiser Witcherville 11
Powell, Mrs. M.L. Farming Montreal 7
Pritchett, J.C. Farmer Witcherville 12
Quinley, W.T. Coal Mine Operator Burma Vil
Remley, Geo Carpenter & Contractor Mansfield Vil
Rogers, D.F. Hotel Keeper Huntington Vil
Rogers, H.F. Manager of Prarie Creek Coal Co., Coal Mine Operator Huntington Vil
Rowton, Bros Dealers in all kinds of General merchandise Witcherville Vil
Stevens, T.D. Farmer Witcherville Vil
Sorrels, Dr. J.W. Phusician Mansfield Vil
Talbot, Davis Farmer Montreal 18
Tomlin, C.V. Peddler Montreal Vil
Whedbee, R.D. Carpenter Witcherville Vil
Williams, J.F. Stock Raiser & Farmer Witcherville 31
Winstead, C.W. Farmer and Miner Witcherville 32
Witcher, W.J. Dealer in all kinds of General Merchandise.  Postmaster Witcherville Vil
Witcher, W.M. Farmer Witcherville Vil

Township 4N - Range 31W

Bethel, G.F. Farmer Mansfield 12
Chant, M.C. Farmer Mansfield 2
Claborn, W.C. Farmer Peoria 17
Claborn, W.M. Farmer Peoria 17
Clayton, A.J. Fruit Grower Peoria 30
Duncan, W.W. Farmer Mansfield 1
Duncan, Isaac Farmer Mansfield 1
Evans, Rev. G.W. Minister and Farmer Peoria 8
Hart, Jane D. Farming Mansfield 1
Johnson, W.H. Farmer Mansfield 5
Mannon, Mrs. B.E. Farming Mansfield 1
Norris, J.W. Farmer Mansfield 4
Parks, R. Farmer and Agent Mansfield 3
Patterson, Mrs. S.A. Farming Peoria 6
Patterson, R.T. Saw Milling Mansfield 9
Pickle, Jerome Farmer Peoria 7
Smedley, W.L. Farmer Peoria 7
Sorrels, J.E. Farmer Peoria 8
Vaughn, W.R. Farming and Postmaster Peoria 7
Yowell, W.M. Farmer Mansfield 13

Township 8N - Range 30W

Binkley, T.B. Farmer Lavaca 14 & 23
Bryant, J.C. Farmer Lavaca 29
Cason, Mrs. Sabra C. Farming Lavaca 21
Coker, Ernest Farmer Lavaca 27
Davis, W.J. Farmer Lavaca 2
Dooley, H.P. Farmer Lavaca Vil
Erickson, Jno. H. Railroading Lavaca Vil
Ewing, N.A. Farmer Lavaca 23
Ingraham, L.H. Dealer in General Merchandise, etc. Lavaca Vil
Lawrence, C.H. Farmer Lavaca 28
McClendon, L.G. Farmer Ursula 1
McKinney, L.H. Postmaster and Undertaker Lavaca Vil
Measles, J.W. Farmer Lavaca T7N-R30W, 1
Measles, J.D. Farmer Lavaca 35
Scruggs, F. Farmer Beverley 29
Sutherland, G.F. Farmer Lavaca 33

Township 7N - Range 30W

Alstatt, D.S. Farmer Augurn 25
Bassett, F.R. Farmer Greenwood 20
Bauer, H.A. Farmer Central 18
Campbell, S.P. Farmer Greenwood 34
Cumbie, R.C. Farmer Greenwood 21
Cumbie, H.S. Fruit Grower.  Dairyman Greenwood 21
Etheridge, T.E. Farmer Central 6
Hamilton, Steve Blacksmith Bloomer 12
Joyce, R.M. Farmer Greenwood 31
Price, Albert Farmer Bloomer 12
Rippy, T.A. Minister Auburn 35
Young, C.A. Farmer Auburn 22


Township 6N - Range 30W

Amos, J.H. Farmer Burnville 24
Clark, W.H. Farmer Auburn 3
Coleman, T.J. Farmer Greenwood 9
Dawson, B.F. Miller and Ginner Burnville 15
Efurd, C.O. Farmer Greenwood 9
Ellmore, L.L. Farmer Milltown 26
Ellmore, T.H. Farmer Milltown 36
Floyd, J.S. Farmer Burnville 13
Holland, T.S. Farmer Milltown 25
Holland, F.P. Farmer Milltown 25
Johnson, W.J. Farmer Burnville 15
Johnston, I.A. Farmer Greenwood 6
Oldham, Amos Farmer Auburn 2
Williams, J.B. Farmer Auburn 12

Township 5N - Range 30W

Ashley, Mrs. Annie S. Farming Huntington 20
Barnes, J.B. Nurseryman Dayton 23
Black, J.W. Lawyer Milltown 2
Boyd, Mrs. T. I. Farming Dayton 17
Bull, J.J. Farmer Dayton 15
Bull, R.J. Farmer Dayton 16
Bull, A.L. Farmer Dayton 21
Bull, Nancy J. Farming Dayton 15
Bull, W.B. Farmer Dayton 15
Brewster, W.W. Farmer Huntington 19
Brown, Samuel Farmer Dayton 5
Coley, D.C. Farmer Dayton 4&5
Crittenden, T.F. Carpenter Dayton 19
Crrittenden, Mrs. N.E. Farming Dayton 19
Fellows, Samuel Fruit Grower Huntington 30
Ferguson, T.A. Farmer Dayton 8
Ferguson, W.W. Teacher Dayton 17
Gann, J.H. Farmer Echo, Scott Co. 11
Gann, W.V. Farmer Echo, Scott Co 11
Gann, W.J. Farmer Dayton 15
Hall, W.H. Teacher & Farmer Dayton 10
Harris, L.M. Minister Huntington 19
Holland, J.G. Farmer Dayton 15
Little, J.B. Farmer Dayton 23
Long, E.I. Farmer Dayton 17
Looper, M.A. Farmer Dayton 16
Looper, M.P. Farmer Dayton 16
McBride, T.H. Farmer Dayton 9
Miller, A.W. Farmer Dayton 10
Mullins, M.L. Farmer Huntington 19
Norried, James Farmer & contractor on Public Works Dayton 15
Owens, J.W. Dealer in General Merchandise Dayton 17
Payne, Z.C. Farmer Dayton 17
Pettus, J.W. Farmer Huntington 16
Pinkston, J.D. Fruit Grower Echo, Scott Co. 13
Prine, Ellen Farming Dayton 17
Ragle, W.K. Farmer Dayton 19
Ross, J.F. Farmer Dayton 9
Richmond, R.D. Farmer Dayton 9
Steinbough, Mrs. Mary Farming Dayton 7
Stewart, R.G. Dealers in Drugs, Notions, ect. Dayton 17
Varner, Mrs. Martha A. Farming Dayton 12
Varner, D.R. Farmer Dayton 12
Varner, I.M. Farmer Dayton 7&13
Waters, N.J. Farmer Dayton 17
Waters, W.A. Teacher & Farmer Dayton 17
Watkins, Mrs. Anna S. Farming Huntington 20
Whittaker, T.P. Farmer Huntington 19
Willis, W.P. Farmer Dayton 4
Willis, W.S. Fruit Grower and Gin Miller Dayton 5
Willis, R.E. Farmer Dayton 4
Willis, Mariah Farming Dayton 9
Wilson, Mrs. I. B. Farmer Milltown 2
Witcher, A.Z. Farmer Dayton 18

Townships 8N & 9N - Range 29W

Broadway, H. Farmer Island   5
Birchfield, A.V. Farmer Ursula 29
Carroll, John C. Farmer Ursula 33
Carroll, D.A. Farmer Island 31
Carruth, George Farmer Island 5
Craig, B.F. Merchant & Farmer Beverly 18
Cox, Mrs. Lizzie C. Teacher Bedford 5
Davis  Bros Merchants Island 4
Davis, Dr. E.W. Physician Island 4
Dewitt, D.S. Farmer Beverly 4
Edmonds, J.R. Farmer Beverly 17
Ewing, H.C. Farmer Island 31
Ingram, O.J. Farmer Island 32
Nixon, F.M. Farmer & Dealer in Gen. Merchandise Beverly 16
Oxford, J.M. Blacksmith Island 6
Smith, J.S. Farmer Beverly 8
Taylor, Chas Farmer Island 31
Underwood, A.J. Farmer Island 29
West, Elihu Farmer Beverly 29

Township 7 North - Range 29 West

Been, L. Farmer Auburn 31
Benefiel, Dr. C.E. Physician Auburn Vil
Brown, E.I. Dealer in Gen. Merchandise Auburn Vil
Colvard, J.H. Farmer Ursula 4
Fry, W.P. Farmer Auburn 30
Davis, I.V. Farmer Auburn 33
Morrison J.H. Farmer Ursula 4
Neal, S.D. Farmer Auburn 31
Wagoner, W.R. Farmer Auburn 19

Township 6N - Range 29W

Black, W.A. Farmer Washburn 21
Clyma, W.W. Farmer Washburn 24
Crossland, G.P. Farmer Burnville 4
East, M.A. Farmer Auburn 4
Ford, A. Dealer in General Merchandise Washburn 21
Glass, D.B. Farmer Washburn 22
Goulon, J.M. Farmer Washburn 29
Humphries, H.C. Farmer Washburn 28
Ivey, M.T. Farmer Washburn 28
Lambert, S.J. Farmer Washburn 21
Martin, A.H. Farmer Washburn 28
Martin, W.P. Farmer Burnville 18
Newman, M.E. Farmer Washburn 10
Nobles, J.W. Minister Auburn 5
Phillips, J.K. Farmer Washburn 21
Stanfil, Mrs. L. Farmer Washburn 19