William T. Goodwin's 
application for land grant
Submitted by Lynn Risener
Sebastian Co, AR GOODWIN WILLIAM T --- 20 ----- T6N- R30W - Sec 40 ---- 1889/11/30

“Notice for Publication Land Office At Dardanelle, Ark Dec 23, 1886 Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the County Judge of Sebastian county at Greenwood, Ark on February 1, 1887, viz: Wm. T. Goodwin, Hd. Entry No. 15,522 for the sw1/4 se1/4 section 20 township 6 north range 30 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and ciltivation of said land , viz? Mike Dorsey, T.J. Hannrah, R.A. Varner and W.R. Martin of Burnesville, Ark. A.G. Lening, Register”

The app is dated 3/6/1881 and is in Sebastian Co. He states he is William T. Goodwin of Greenwood, Sebastian Co, AR.. Date of entry was Mar 16, 1881, residence Feb 1881 and proof Feb 1, 1887. Improvements were log dwelling house, log crib, log stable, smoke house and 20 acres of cleared land. Crops were corn, cotton, wheat and oats. He has a wife and 3 children.

Mike Dorsey says he is age 35 and lives at Burnesville and lives about 3 miles from Wm T. Mike said he had known Wm T. for about 15 years. He lived about 8 years in Franklin Co and all the balance of this time in Sebastian Co. Mike said when he first knew Wm T he was a carpenter and worked at this trade about 3 years for eveyone that would employ him and since that time had been a farmer. Wm T's family does reside on said land. They moved there about a month before Wm T homesteaded this land.

Wm T. states that his name is William Thomas Goodwin and he is 33 years old. His PO address is Burnsville, AR. Before coming to this land he says he lived in Franklin Co only about 3 years after I came to this state and while there worked at the carpenters trade and moved from there about 12 years ago to this county Sebastian County and have been farming ever since.. The only time he has been gone was for a few days to visit his brother in law in Franklin Co, AR.