Land Records of Thomas J. Hannah - 1876

Other surnames on these documents: Varner, Martin, Milam, McNabb & Denson

These records pertain to Thomas J. Hannah's homestead property located in Sebastian Co., and it's latter distribution among some of his children. Thomas after the death of his second wife Parlee, moved to Oregon and left his property in the care of his brother James M. He was never heard from again, and it's not known if he remarried or was the victim of foul play. The mystery continues to this day, despite many hours of searching the available records.
The last family member to live on both homestead properties was James L. Hannah, A son of Thomas J. and his second wife Parlee, who latter abandoned the property and moved to California with his family. (He had first offered it to any family member who wanted it and pay the back taxes, but nobody at the time did.) A very unusual deed record describing the property and giving much family history deals with one of the homesteads.