Letter from Elizabeth Spencer Ingram
to her sister Aletha Spencer Godwin abt. 1878

Taken from book titled "Godwin-Hill and Related Families" by Ruth Godwin Gadbury

Submitted by M.G. 'Jerry' Spencer

(Elizabeth and James lived in McNairy Co., TN in 1850, and by 1878 had moved to Myers Landing, Sebastion Co., Arkansas where they owned a store. See note from submitter at end of letter)
(Myers Landing Postoffice existed from 1877 to 1879)

Sebastian County,Arkansas

December 7

Dear Sister,

I reckon you think the time long of hering from your letter and pickter. I have bin waiting for to have my pickter taken to send you as I was not abel to have it taken until now and I will send it to you. I can't find language to acpress my joy when I rceived yours. The people say it so much like me.

Sister, I would give anything to see you. If you can travel, come and stay with us for a while. I am not abel to keep house. My youngest daughter, that is living, lives with us. She has two little boys, they seem all most like my own children. Our youngest daughter died 4 years ago.

My health is tourabele. I have had a cold for 2 mounth and a sore throat and we have all bin sick with colds for some time and sverl about has died with neumonia. This is a good country to make a living but we have some sickness.

Our Children is all so glad to her from you and to see your pickture. Tha say "mother it so much like you". We have a son that is a dockter. His name is Lee. He come to this country and practice medison five years. He maired a widow that had a large farm on the river and quit practice for a while but has rented his farm and move closer to us and is a going practice again. I am so glad, he is a good docter.

Sister Vina (Lavina) has bin sick this fall. One of her daughters live in Fort Smith and our folks see her when they go to town. Roda is her name. It is so prising to think sister Vina and you and me has live to the age we have. God has bin very merciful to us and i hope spared us for a good purpose but your days is all most gone and I hope your last days may be your best days and that we may live nearer to god and if faithful to the end we shall soon meet in glory wher parting will be no more. This dus me good for i believe god has blessed us and will to the end. I read the scriptures ever day if I am abel and a book by the name of the santes rest and it is like preaching to me. May god bless you and your children. Be sure to anser this letter, do not delay.

Aletha Godwin farewell, Elizabeth Ingram. Dear sister may heaven bless you.


Note:Aletha Spencer Godwin and Elizabeth Spencer Ingram were daughters of Seymore Spencer who was born in Montgomery Co., North Carolina about 1780.Aletha was born 18 October 1814 and Elizabeth was born 13 June 1818 in Montgomery Co., NC. Elizabeth married James M. Ingram and Aletha married John Allen Godwin.

Seymore Spencer was a son of William And Hannah Spencer of Montgomery Co., NC. William was born circa 1736 and my first record of him is a land grant issued in 1747 in Craven Co., NC. William moved from Craven Co. to that part of Anson County which became Montgomery County, where he purchased land from Thomas Sugg in 1763.

I descend from Elijah Spencer, brother of Seymore.