Corrections for Off Site Marriage Records

Record for Qassie Jackson to Elmer Gann, Marriage Book E, Page 24102 for Oct 6, 1906 should read "Tassie" Jackson - Submitted by Ann Gann

No. 6475, Greenwood D - "Bared", Rosa 18 and J.E. Bates 23,
It should read Greenwood D Bond, Rosa 18 and J.E. Bates 23.
This couple are my maternal grandparents. Her full name is Rose Helen Bond. She was born in Illinois, died in Alma, Crawford County, and is buried in Love Cemetery north of Alma. J.E. Bates' full name is John Elbert Bates. He was born near Iuka, Mississippi. He died at Fine Springs, Crawford County, Ar. and is buried in Love Cemetery also but neither have a marker. Rose Helen did get married as Rosa Bond. She often referred to herself as "Rosie" or "Rosa." She was a daughter of an English immigrant who came to the US in 1851. - Submitted by Silver

Record for Pearl Forrister and Martie Cross, Book E, Page 9601. Forrister should be spelled with an e not an I, Forrester.

Record for Evanell Hartsfield and S.C. Cross, Book I, Page 506. Evanell should be Eva Nell.

Record for Rosie Jeffcoat and Wilbur C. Cross, Book I, Page 35. Groom name should be Wilbur U. Cross.

Record for Cordelia B. Cross and L. Loyd O. Gilliam, Book C, Page 9202. Groom name should be Lloyd O. Cross.

Record for Laura Cross and J. W. Harwell, Book E, Page 9402. My records indicate Brides name should be Lena Viola Cross.

Record for Jewell Catherene Wilson and Bent Carter, Book H, Page 158 is duplicated in the database. One record lists ages as 0.

Record for Thelma Wilson and Aubrey Duren, Book G, Page 34502 is duplicated in the database. - Submitted by James A. Wilson