List of Pensioners 

1883 Sebastian Co., Ar

                                                                                                                                                  wd.=wound   g.s.=gun shot

Name of Pensioner P.O. Address Cause for which pensioned Mo. Rate Date of Original Allowance
Carson, George H. Bloomer ch. diarr $8.00 Oct 1880
Whitson, Calvin Bloomer wd. of  face 12.00 Mar 1868
Dyer, James B. Chocoville g.s.w. left hand 12.75 Oct 1867
Wilson, Charles Cocoville dis. of skin, impure vaccine 2.00 Jun 1882
Walter, Leslie Dayton g.s.  wd. r. shr 18.00  
Cleburn, Benjamin B. Dayton g.s. wd. of head 18.00  
Mackey, Andrew J. Dayton wd. of r. wrist 16.00 Aug 1874
Allen, Malatha A. Enterprise widow 8.00 Mar 1869
Cook, James H. Ft. Smith injury to abdomen 18.00  
Williams, Thomas Ft. Smith amp. r. let 18.00  
Sykes, Daniel M. Ft. Smith wd. r. hand, loss 3rd fin 3.00 Jul 1869
Peters, Samuel Ft. Smith g.s. wd. r. leg 14.00 Oct 1870
Waters, James Ft. Smith dis of eyes 8.00 Jul 1877
Boon, William Ft. Smith inf. of spine 18.00  
Cleveland, William H. Ft. Smith dis. of heart 18.00  
Barney, Linderman Ft. Smith g.s. wd. r. hand 4.00 Sep 1873
Fisher, Wm. Ft. Smith wd. r. leg 8.00 Feb 1874
Burns, Alexander F. Ft. Smith 3 minors 14.00 Jun 1881
Sehorn, Fabitha Ann Ft. Smith widow 1812 8.00 May 1880
Clendenning, James H. Ft.Smith g.s. wd. r. thigh & wrist 17.00 May 1874
Gunter, Thomas Ft. Smith inf. to l. side 18.00 Aug 1880
Grey, Mathew Ft. Smith ch. rheum 18.00 Jun 1880
Gist, Andrew Ft. Smith dis. of eyes 12.00 Aug 1880
McGuiniss, Eleanor Ft. Smith widow 8.00 Oct 1867
Hook, Philomeana Ft. Smith widow 19.00 Aug 1882
Preswton, Philomena Ft. Smith widow 8.00 May 1866
Eagan, Cornelius Ft. Smith shattered r. leg 14.00 Feb 1867
Dillon, William Ft. Smith g.s. wd. l. leg 14.00 Nov 1866
Downing, Joshua D. Ft. Smith g.s. wd. r. leg 8.00 Jan 1864
Daniel, Isham W. Ft. Smith dis of heart 12.00 Mar 1871
Freer, Francis T. Ft. Smith arrow wd. l. side hip & thigh 8.00 Feb 1861
Foster, Darris G. Ft. Smith injury to abdomen 8.00 Apr 1875
Sharp, William S. Ft. Smith loss l. eye & lower jaw 18.00  
Scott, Thomas H. Ft. Smith impure vaccination 24.00  
Stedzel, Martin Ft. Smith injury to abdomen 8.00 Oct 1874
Sims, John H. Ft. Smith g.s. wd. r. side of abdomen 4.00 Nov 1868
Simmons, Benjamin Ft. Smith g.s. wd., frac. of r. arm 6.00 Mar 1881
Ward, William Ft. Smith g.s. wd. both thighs 8.00 Mar 1882
Wyndham, Hiram L. Ft. Smith loss of part index fin 2.00 May 1879
Parrish, John H. Ft. Smith total blindness 72.00 Nov 1874
Bupp, John Ft. Smith g.s. wd. of r. hand 4.00 Apr 1866
Bracht, Charles Ft. Smith g.s. wd. of l. thigh 10.00 Jan 1866
Bulgin, Richard G. Ft. Smith g.s. wd. of l. thigh 18.00  
Roller, William Ft. Smith dis of lungs 8.00 Jun 1880
Richards, Samuel Ft. Smith sh. wd. of r. ankle 4.00 Jul 1882
Rice, Peter H. Ft. Smith g.s. w. l. forearm 6.00 Sep 1861
Vanderpool, William Ft. Smith inj. to abdomen & var. veins 16.00 Feb 1868
Vaughn, John Ft. Smith g.s. wd. l. side 10.00 Nov 1877
Brooks, Alexis Greenwood g.s. wd. of face 4.00 Sep 1878
Allison, Martha Greenwood widow 8.00 May 1867
Johnston, Sarah Greenwood widow 1812 8.00 Sep 1879
Joiner, Lucius L. Greenwood ch. rheum & par. blindness 14.00 Aug 1873
Gregory, Carrie W. Greenwood injury to abdomen 4.00 Dec 1877
McPherson, Sarah C. Greenwood widow 8.00 Nov 1867
Laster, Emily S. Greenwood widow 8.00 Feb 1868
Conley, Joseph Greenwood g.s. wd. r. shr 2.00 May 1879
Bridges, Freeling H. Greenwood impure vaccine 6.00 Mar 1879
Leavitt, Frank W. Hackett City wd. face 2.00 Aug 1866
Holeman, Thomas Hackett City g.s. wd. r. hand 4.00 Apr 1873
Booth, Nancy Hackett City widow 8.00 Mar 1867
Adams, Isaac Hackett City injury to abdomen 4.00 Apr 1870
Stephens, James B. Hartford henicrania r.s. head & face 37.00? Aug 1873
Davis, Melinda Hartford widow 1812 8.00 Jun 1879
Caskey, William C. Ipava g.s. wd. of l. thigh 4.00 Mar 1881
Bowman, James H. Lavaca cbr. bron. & eff'is typhoid fev. 8.00 Mar 1874
Hill, Tennessee Lavaca widow 8.00 Aug 1864
Grayson, William S. Massard enlargm't glands fr. imp. vac. 4.00 Apr 1880
Taylor, Sarah M. Montrose widow 8.00 May 1872
Farmer, John Witcherville g.s. w. l. hip & thigh 14.00 Jun 1866
McClure, Susan Witcherville dep. mother 8.00 Apr 1869
Haynes, Matilda Witcherville widow 8.00 Aug 1872
Talkington, Joel D. Witcherville impure vaccine 4.00 Jun 1875
Rataree, Wiley B. Witcherville impure vaccine 4.00 Aug 1871
Rust, Martin V. Witcherville vacc'n with virus poison 6.00 Jun 1882