1887 Sebastian County 
Lawyers, Doctors, Ministers & Druggist
From 1887 Sebastian County Atlas
Submitted by Deborah Musgrove


Dr. J. D. Williams of Hartford, Arkansas-Doctor/Merchant; Born in Arkansas.

Dr. T. C. Miller of Dayton, Arkansas-Doctor; Born in Indiana. Settled here in 1869.

Dr. E. M. Davenport of Witcherville, Arkansas; Doctor; Born in S. Carolina. Settled here in 1876.

W. F. Blakemore of Greenwood, Arkansas-Doctor; Born in Middle Tennessee. Settled here  in 1857.

Dr. D. A. Sims of Washburn, Arkansas-Doctor/Farmer; Born in Louisiana; Settled here in 1871.


G. W. Goodwin of Dayton, Arkansas-Druggist; Born  in  Tennessee. Settled here in 1881.


S. L. Alexander of Mark, Arkansas-Cumberland Presbyterian Preacher; Born in East Tennessee.  Settled here in 1870.


B. J. H. Gaines of Greenwood, Arkansas-Probate Judge; Born in East Tennessee. Settled here in  1880.
R. S. King of Greenwood, Arkansas-Justice of the Peace. Born in Alabama. Settled here in 1869.
John S. Little of Greenwood, Arkansas-Farmer/Attorney/Circuit Court Judge; Born in Arkansas.  Settled here in 1876.
John A. McClure of Greenwood, Arkansas-County Clerk; Born in East Tennessee. Settled here in 1871.
J. H. McConnell of Greenwood, Arkansas-Attorney. Born in East Tennessee. Settled here in 1860.