Fort Smith's Business' List 

Submitted by Deborah Musgrove

The Elevator
Fort Smith, Arkansas
26 August 1887

Ice factory
Water works
three banks
Electirc lights
Street railways
canning factory
Fruit evaporator
Incandescent lights
2 iron foundries
Several lumber mills
One carriage factory
4 wagon factories
Numerous brik yards
Galvanied iron works
Steam sausage factory
2 steam brick machines
2 large furniture factories
Largest cotton seed oil mill in the south
2 large cotton yards and warehouses
3 extensive lumber yards and several smaller ones
3 railroads and 2 more to be completed at once
The U.S. Court, the largest criminal court in the world
4 fine public school buildings and the largest school found in the south
Various and sundry other enterprises and establishments too numerous to mention