Captain John Rogers
Founder of Fort Smith, Ark
Booklet by Elsa Vaught, 1959
Submitted by Curtis A. Hannah

Captian John Rogers

Sebastian County Surnames found in the booklet:

Gookin, Kannady, Stryker, Arbuckle, Bradford, Bonneville, Nicks,Tichenal, Pike, McClellan, Duval, Wharton, Herald, Graham, Carnall, Quesenbury, Townsend, Marshall, Washburn, Wheeler, Rector, Stanbaugh, Grimes, Munson, Sample, McKenzie, Vandever, McGee, Tygert or Tigueit, Stuart

Mary Rogers

"Since he arrived at Belle Point, 1822, and served as Military Storekeeper for the Seventh Regiment under Colonel Matthew Arbuckle, this account becomes, also, the early history of the fort." (Quote from cover page)