Hospital Established

Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove

Elevator, Ft. Smith, Ar
July 15, 1887

The need of a hospital in the City of Fort Smith has been felt for years, and from time to time the question of estabilishing one has been discussed, and some efforts made to get the necessary funds. The Rector of St. Johns Church has at last given a practical settlement to the question by leasing a building for the purpose and opening a hospital.
Only a sum of money needed to buy the necessary funiture and to pay the running expenses for six months was asked for at the start, but this was literally and promplty subscribed, and the institution goes into active operation this week.
Competent physicians and trained nurses will be placed in charge. While the hospital will be under the immediate direction of a committee from the St. Johns Parish, it will be open to patients without regard to creed or nationality and all the clergy of the city will be welcome to minister to any who may desire their respective services.