News from June 7, 1874

Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove

Fort Smith Weekly New Era
April 8, 1874

County Sheriff McClure of Sebastian County, resigns under controversy but allegations not mentioned.

April 29, 1874

NOTES: Col E. J. Brook, "our former Mayor, has been authorized by Governor Brooks to raise a regement of militia in this county. The following is the roster of officers: Edward J. Brooks-Col.; James Brizzelara-Lt. Col.; Charles E. Berry-Lt. Col.; W. W. Bailey M.D.-Surgeon and Thomas Mercum-1st Lt."

Lois L. Hyman, County Clerk for Sebastian County lists delinquent land.

May 13, 1874

Schools in Fort Smith closed and editor writes he does not know if schools will open again. Reason-no public funding.

Talk of Brooks/Baxter War continues. Example: A Mr. Jacobs took 10 men on a flat boat to Dardenelle toward Spadra. Paper states both sides were well "armed."

May 20, 1874

H. I. Falconer, commissioned Sheriff for Sebastian County by "Mr. Brooks." Editor writes of J. Carnall as "having the inside tract."

Wednesday, June 7, 1874

"Trouble in county seat at Greenwood as Sheriff McClure brought 20 armed men to County Board meeting over Board's refusal to accept his collecting ---- as Sheriff."

Paper reports the May 1872 term of District Court of the United States for Western District as :
5 murders; 2 manslaughters; 3 larcenies.

In August of 1873, Western District Court executed:
John Chiders-August 15, 1873
George Tuni-October 10, 1873
Young Wold-October 10, 1873

June 17, 1874

E. R. Duval anounces his candiacy for constitutional convention. Supporters put their name in paper for Duvall from Ft. Smith to Greenwood, Chocoville(later named Mansfield), and other small townships.