Mr. J.K. Barnes Land Purchase

Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove

Fort Smith Weekly New Era
Oct 12, 1882

At the sale of the property of the late Jerry Kannady, on Monday last, Mr. J.K. Barnes was the purchaser of lots 1 and 2, corner of Hickory [what is now called North D Street] and Lafayette [now called North 7th Street] streets, at $1,306. Mr. Wm. Johnson buying the two adjoining lots, 3 and 4, at $1,090. The lot on Howard [now called North 5th Street] street, near the avenue, was knocked down to Mr. Henry Reutzel at $2,226.
Vogel & Wallace to Mr. J.K. Barnes lot on corner Garrison avenue (sic) and Green [now called North 4th Street] street with the building thereon. consideration $5,000.00.
Henry Reutzel to Thos. H. Barnes, lot on Howard street (sic) near avenue-consideration $--------.