1860 Sebastian Co Mortality Schedule

1860 Sebastian County Mortality Schedule

"Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1860"

Some of these names were very hard to read - if you can correct them please let me know.
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Sarah Jane Jones 10 F       Ark. ???   Sudden Fall 21
Felix W.B. Jones 2 m       Ark. Feb   Pneumonia 10
George W. Vaughn 6 m       Ark July   Congestion of Brain 4
Josephine Brashear 1 f       Ark Apr   Appoplexy of throat 21
William Beck 55 m       Tenn Apr Farmer Pneumonia 19
George Davis 5? m       Ark May   Croup 3
Delilda? Anthony 25 f       Ga Apr   Conjestive Chill 3
Lucretia Bowmann 30 f       Ark May   Pneumonia 5
Thomas Bowmann 4 m       Ark May   Bleeding of Lungs 10
Chas F.
3 m       Ark ???   Inflamation of Bowels 90
Mary Patterson 34 f       Ga Jany   Conjestive Chills 4
???? E. Furnbough 18 f       Mo Feb   Pneumonia 12
James? William Littrell 6 m       Ark Sept   Bold Hives 2
Elizabeth Ann Powell 9m f       Ark Sept   Scarlet Fever 5
John? Parker? 18 m       Virg Apr   Inflamation of ???? 1
Sarah M. Brown 12 m       Ark Sept   Inflamation of Liver 7
?ea?? Bethell 18 f       Mo June   Conjestive Chill 2
Racheall Camson 1 f       Ark May   Scarlet Fever 10
???? Simms 3 m       Ark Mar   Scrofula? 365
William Brown 63 m     1 Tenn Feb Farmer Pneumonia 4
??? J. Parsons 5 f       Ark Oct   Pneumonia 8
Lilly Ann McN?sa 22 f     1 Mo July   Flux 14
unk ?eed 1 m       Texas Sept   Flux 60
Mary Walker? 25 f     1 Tenn Mar   Pneumonia 7
Catharine Scott 2 f       Ark Sep   Scarlet Fever 20
Mary L? Hefner 23 f     W Tenn Apr   Consumption 60
James Holmes 7m m       Ark Aug   Inflamation of Brain 8
Elizabeth Anthony 17 f       Ark Feb   Pneumonia 2
???? Anthony 28 m       Ark Apr Farmer White Swelling 17 years
???athan Claiborn 11 m       Tenn Sep   Flux 21
Martha ?. ?as?can 4m f       Ark Jul   Brain Fever 2
Elizabeth ?. Miles 21 f     M S.C. Jany   Pneumonia 4
Sarah M. Pettes 14 f       S.C. Sept   Inflamation of Brain 2
James Pettes 4m m B Sl   Ark Apr   Fits 14
George ?. 5m m       Ark May   Inflamation of Lungs 36
Joseph A. Sorrels 4m m       Ark Mar   Pneumonia 21
Jesse J. Norse 5m m       Ark May   Inflamation of Brain 7
Selana Norse 1m f       Ark Mar.   Inisepeles 13
Hannah Riddle Spurgen 103 f B S   S.C. Jun   Old Age 60
James Burnhart 6 m       Miss. Jun   Scarlet Fever 3
Lorenzo Wallage 18 m B S   Ark Jun   Accidental Shooting ??
Mariah Wallage 17 f B S   Ark Sept   Consumption 60
Thomas Wallage 6m m M S   Ark Novb   Unknown 4
Elizabeth Smoot 3m f       Ark July   Pnemonia 20
William F. Yandall 1 m       Ark July   Flux? 5
Thomas T. Taylor 12 m       Tenn Apr   Dropsy 3 yrs
John Barnes 7 m       Ark Sept   Worms 17
Sarah Barnes 7m f       Ark Sept   Fever 13
Mary Hulsey 54 f     M S.C. Sept   Beloans? Fever 7
Edward McAnnally 5 m       Ark Mar   Conjestive Chill 1
Martha Jane Moore 14 f       Mo Sept   Pneumonia 12
John Moore 49 m     M Tenn Decb   Consumption 120
Elizabeth Wilson 12 f       Mo Jany   Pneumonia 4
Jerry Winner? 30 m B S   Tenn May   Dropsy 60
Minter Sims 6 f       Ala Mar   Scarlet Fever 21
Hariet Sims 2 f       Ala Mar   Scarlet Fever 4
James Sims 3 m M S   Ala Feb   Scarlet Fever 6
Emma Sims 7 f M S   Ala Feb   Scarlet Fever 10
Josiah Alexander 1 m       Ark June   Liver Diseases 7
Elizabeth Smith 34 f     M Tenn May   Inflamation of Brain 6
John W. Smith 11 m       Ark May   Unknown 1 year
William Parish w m       Ark Jan   Hooping Cough 40
Mary Brewer 4m f       Ark June   Cholera M?????s 11
Jacob Hunter 1m? m       Ark Feb   Unknown 1
Bestur Allice 6 m       Ark July   Burnsey? 14
Julins Selig 2 f       Ark July   Burnsey? 8
Isabel Brown 74 f       Tenn June   Dropsy 35
Robert Underwood 5 m       Ark Aug   Unknown 6
John Birnes?(Birum?) 60 m       N. Carolina Aug Farmer Typhus Fever 3
Thomas Green 49 m       Ohio Jany Farmer Accidently Shot Himself  
6m f       Mo Jan   Unknown 20
Lucy? Smith 33 f       Tenn May   Unknown 10
John Pettigrew 22 m       Ga July Farmer Consumption 6 mo.
Peter Euper 55 m       Germany Aug Farmer Unknown 14
Jesse Grober 9m m       Ark July   Cutting Teeth 10
Jack? Reed 63 m       Belfast Ireland Oct Farmer Pneumonia 12
Elizabeth Crawford 2 f       Miss Jul   Chills 35
Samuel Smith 1 m       Ark Jul   Unknown 7
?ee Gray 43 m     M Ga Feb Bookkeeper Anurism of Spine 25
47 m       Tenn May Grocery keeper Pneumonia 1
Margaret Frank 25 f       Mo Feb   Pneumonia 7
George Frank 2 m       Ark Feb   Pneumonia 7
Jane Smith 21 f       Ill Aug   Unknown 14
?? Rolland 45 m       Tenn Mar Farmer Consumption 90
Elizabeth Crasson? 51 f       N.C. May   Typhus Fever 17
Andrew Crasson? 9m m       Ark Apr   Typhus Fever 8 mo.
James? Hastheak? 4 m       Ark Feb   Unknown 5
William Glover 10m m       Ark Oct   Fever 15
Lucy Beene? 55 f       Ga Jun   Dropsy 120
William Logan? 3 m       Ark Feb   Fever 2
???? Logan? 10m f       Ark Feb   Fever 4
????na Bulsor? 58 m       Mo Dec Farmer Dropsy 12
J? Smoot 57 m       Ky Jul Farmer Consumption 25
??n Bonmer? 8m f       Ark Jany   Croup 14
Eliza? Smoot 24 f       Mo June   Typhus Fever 14
Tennessee Peerie? 2 f       Tenn Jany   Unknown 60
Mary Evans 40 f       N.C. Sept   Conjestive Chill 3
???? Evans 2 f       Mo Aug   Fever 35
3 m       Miss Nov   Hooping Cough 7
52 m       N.C. July Farmer Dropsy 20
Mary Jane Bell 19 f       Ark Oct   Consumption 14
John Brawley 48?43? m       Tenn Sept Farmer Consumption 25
George F. Hale 17 m       Mo Decb   Winter Fever 9
Kinsy? Waldrope? 28 m       Tenn April Farmer Pneumonia 10
Sarah Hamilton 7m f       Texas Aug   Billians Fever 7
Rosanna Cook 59 f       S.C. Sep   Flux 2?
Lorenzo Long 30 m       Ind? Feb Farmer Winter Fever 16
Robertson Dosier 30 m       Tenn Feb   Winter Fever 21
Emiline Bowers 10 f       Ark Jul   Broken Arm 14
Nancy Gullett 6m f       Ark Jul   Measles 7
Martha Nerdans? 40 f       Tenn Apr   Measles 14
Richard Nerdans? 20 m       Ark Apr   Measles 14
Jane Laramour 20 f       Mo Mar   Unk. 90?
David W. Cook 4m m       Ark Mar   Croup 2
Catherine Brooks 45 f       Tenn Jan?   Unk 7
Dolley? Elkins 40 f       Tenn July   Unk 5
Daneilla Haines 5m f       Tenn Feb   Inflamation of Stomach 9?
James Caumack 32 m       Ill Oct Farmer Bronchitis 20
Fanny Caumack 3m f       Ark Jany   Unk 30
James Parker 1 m       Ark Aug   Flux 35
Alma Bell 8m f       Ark Aug   Flux 14
John Arbuckle 46 m B S   Ky July   Rheumatism ??
Luces? Manrvi? 1 m m     Ark May   Drowned  
Racheal Ake 26 f       Ala Decb   Winter Fever 4
Eliza Coffee 30 f       Miss Apr   Inflamation of Brain 5
John Wesley Carr 18 m       Ark Feb   Inflamatory Rheumatism  
Betsey McCork 33 f       Tenn Arp      
James Epperson 19 m       Ark Feb Farmer Consumption 21
William Thurston 7m m       Ark June   Flux 14
Sarah Davis 35 f     M Virg Jany   Appoplexy 4
Albert Barnard 49 m     M Unk. Apr Farmer Unk. 8
Anna Grape 6m f       Ark Feb   Fits 7
Preston James 38 m       Ky Sept Farmer Typhus Fever 1?
Elizabeth Mahreinoirs? 30 f       Bugsia Germany Sept   Inflamation of Stomach 7
Susan Gibson 64 f       S.C. Aug   Old Age 28?
John Hodges 9 m       Tenn Oct   Inflamation of Bowels ?
George Hodges 8m m       Ark Oct   Inflamation of Bowels  
Matlida Knob? 2m f       Arl Feb   Unk  
G.C. Smith? Ja? 37 m B S   Ky Jany   Pnuemonia 3?
Walter Quesenbury 16 m       Ark Apr   Unk 10?
??ilton Eedes 3 m       Ga Sep   Inflamation of Bowels 10
Margaret Ward 28 f       Ky May   Consumption 60
Racheal Ward 16 f       Ky May   Typhus 40
Nancy Ward 11 f       Ky Sep?   Unk 21
Richard Ward 25 m B S   Ark Mar   Unk 4
Eliza Ward 22 f M S   Ark Jany   Unk 14
Mary Wadley 6 f       Ark Mar   Scarlet Fever 24
???? Miller 19 m     M Ky Apr   Spasms 4
22 f       Ark Apr   Consumption 2 years
??? Frore? 11m m       Ark Feb   Unk 1 yr
Margaret Dodson 5 f       Scotland Apr   Burned to Death 2 days
Alexander Williams 9m m       Ark Mar?   Typhus Fever 17
35 m     M Germany Jany   Pneumonia 4
Gilla?? C Brown? 1 m       Miss Decb   Affection of Bowels 21
??les Tomason 6m m       Ark Aug   Chills 15
Henry Coois? 35 m       Hanover Germany Mar   Bronchites 1 year