1880 Mortality Schedule
Persons who Died during the Year ending May 31, 1880  (see listings at bottom of page for county wide names)
Fam # on Sched. 1 (1880 census) Name of the deceased Personal Description Civil Condition Nativity Occup. Month of Death Disease of cause of death How long a resident of Co. If disease was not contracted at place of death state place Name of Attending Physician
Age Sex Color Single Married Widow Birthpl of person Birthpl of father Birthpl of mother
Hartford Township                                                    Enumerated by: C.W. Boren
11(12) Wallace, ???? 14 f w x     Ala Ala Tn at home May Ulcer of the ????? 9   J.D. Williams
28 Dorsey, James R. 5 m w x     Ar Ga Ga   Jan? Shot himself 3   Dr. ____ ????
53 Thomas, Nancy 40 f w   x   Ms NC Ms keep house Feb Pneumonia 30   Wm Green
57 Woodruff, Joseph 9m m w x     Ala Mo Va   May Hives 9m    
80 Roberts, Mary G. 36 f w   x   Ar Tn Tn keep house Nov head disease 3   Drs Williams & ???
  ????? 46 f w   x   ??? ___ ___   ??? consumption? 10   ?????
  Henrich, Garland A. 2 m w x     Ar Ill Mo   Sept Fluch 2   Dr. Montgomery?
  _____ Sarah J. 6 f w x     Ar Ill Mo   ??? Fluch 5   Dr. Jones
Prairie Township                                                  Enumerated by: Chas O. Frye
53 Workman, Marthy 1m f w x     Ar Mo Mo   Mar croup 1m   Davnport, Ed
84 Quall, Columbus 1m m w x     Ar Tn Mo   Jul hives 1m   none
108 Holland, Salour? 2m m w x     Ar Ga Tx   Feb not known 1m   none
124 Ragle, James 1 m w x     Ar Tn Ar   Apr dipthera 1m   Battles, F.G.
Dayton Township                                                Enumerated by: Chas O. Frye
201 Brewer, infant 1m f w x     Ar Tn Tn   May not known 1m   Miller, T.C.
216 Bull, Thomas J. 10m m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Nov Fever 10m   Miller, T.C.
226 McCurdy, Sarah? M. 4 f w x     Ar Ga Tn   Aug Diptheria 4   Sorrels & Miller
240 Cotner, Jerrie (Ferris?) 2 m w x     Ar Ar Mo   May Brain Fever 2   Miller, T.C.
261 Chambers,? Marthy  38 f w   x   Tn Tn Tn keep house Feb affection of the spice 2m   Deavenfport, Ed
  Davenport, Louisa 49 f w x     SC SC SC keep house Feb Typhoid 1y2m   Davenport, ????
268 Armstrong, Thomas M. 3/12? m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Apr not known ?   Davenport & son
281 Bull, John P. 1 m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Oct Flux 1   Geralds & Davenport
313? Willis, James 66 m w   x   Tn Tn Tn farmer Apr Pneumonia 20y   ??? & Geralds
Bates Township                                                    Enumerated by: W.J. Seamans
32 Dorsey, Finia O. 9m f w x     Ar Ar Tn   Dec Pneumonia 9m   Barnes
33 Needham, Wyatt 50 m w     x Tn Tn Tn farming Feb Consuption 20   J.C. Autry?
33 Needham,  M 45 f w   x   Ms Ms Ms keep house Oct Puerperal fever 40   _______
43? McCorlistes?, Thomas 3m m w x     Ar Ms NC   Jan Convulsions     ______
45 Kiclin, Eliza 5 f w x     MO Tn Mo   Sept Remtlent? Fever 2   Soloman, Jackson
48 Cahoon, Aaron? 2 m w x     Ga Va Va farming Jan? Corelar Sp??? Fever 9   Soloman, Jackson
  Evens, Sarah 23 f w   x   Ar Tn Tn keep house Sept Typhoid fever 1   C.N. Croome?
68 Buckner, Wesley 1 m w x     Ar Ala Ala   Nov cause unknown 1   Turner
68 Buckner, James 1 m w x     Ar Ky Ky   May Jaundice 1   Cocknell
126 Laramore, ______ 4m m w x     Ar Ar Ala   Jan causes unknown 4m   no physician
162 Colclasure, Samuel 1 m w x     Ar Mo Ar   Mar? Pneumonia fever 1   no physician
163 McKelly, ______ SB m w x     Ar Tn Ar   Jul Still Born     Davis Sims
187 Sampson, _________ 4m f w x     Ar Tn Ar   June Croup 4m   ___ Ingraham
17? Gilham, Andrew 47 m w   x   Tn Tn Tn farming May Ty?o Malarial Fever 1   Joseph Gilliam
17? Jones, Elisa 40 f w   x   Tn Tn Tn housewife May Tybo? Malarial 1   no physician
Remarks: "Of the deaths reported above, the following occurred in this enumeration district, but the families to which the deceased belonged, resided June 1, 1880, out of the ennumeration district, as follows:  #7 family lived in Huntsville, Madison Co., Ar.
Washburn Township                                            Enumerated by: W.J. Seamans
  Stinson, James 2 m w x     Ar Mo Ar   Oct Deptheria? 2   B??????
232 Chapman, Mary 61 f w   x   Tn Tn Tn keep house Mar Consumption 3   A. C. James
248 Baker, Felix 5 m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Aug Flux 5   A. C. James
256 Sampson, Felix 2m m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Jun Croup 2m   Battels
264 Ellmore, Wiliam  10 m w x     Tn Tn Tn   Aug Inflammation of Brain 7   no physician
293 Clem, Oscar 9m m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Sept Abcess of brain 9m   Battels
303 Penniger, ______ 6m m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Dec cause unknown 6m   Davis Sims
318 Parker,? Sarah 40 f w   x   SC SC SC keep house May Consumption 3   Je???
319 Campbell, Enos 2 m w x     Ar Ar Tn   Aug Flux 2   Davis Sims
Big Creek Township                                              Enumerated by:  J.B. Fomster
20 Geren, Homer 1m m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Feby unknown 1m   L.H. Ingraham
26 Roy (Ray?), M.L. 18 f w x     Ar Ala Ala keep house Apr killed in cyclone 10   McKinney
31 Cain, D.L. 1 m w x     Ar Ill Ar   Mar Angina 1   Sybert
51 Stites, Lucinda 28 f w   x   Iowa Iowa Iowa keep house May Dropsy 6   Ingraham, L.H.
56 Chambers, D.L. 4 m w x     Ar NY Ala   Sept Brain Fever 4   Black Geoff
__(56?) Perkins, John 10 m w x     Ar Ala Ala   May Congestion of Lungs 5m   Coker, P.B.
232 Colvord (Calvord?), Lee 2m m w x     Ar Ar Mo   Arp Oinh? ?uoia 2m   Cook, Dr.
258 Hill, Henry A. 5 m w x     Ar Ar Mo   Aug Measles 3   Masterson
258 Hill , Baby 24m? m w x     Ar Ms Tn   Aug Cold 24m   Masterson
268 Ladd, A.L. 6 m w x     Tex Ky Ky   Sept Congestive Chill 5   Coker, P.B.
268 Ladd, John G.? 2 m w x     Ar Ky Ky   Sept Flux? 2   Coker, P.B.
295 Carter, Wm 65 m w   x   NC NC NC farmer Oct unknown     Ingraham, L.H.
Center Township                                                    Enumerated by:  Albert F. Frye
9 Snead, Ada Bell 10m f w x     Ar Mo Ky   Jul Brain Fever 10m   Blakemore & Breedlove
20 Killion, Peebie Ann 25 f w   x   Canada Canada Canada Keep House Jan? Hemorrhage Lungs 1   Pearson, Isaac
26 Carter, Albert 6m m w x     Ar Ala Ala   Sep Brian Disease 6m   Blakemore & Breedlove
35 Hollandbeck, Samuel 14 m w x     Tn Penn Penn At home Oct Congestion of stomach 10m   Timneyer?, 
45 Johnson, Milton 15 m b x     Ar NC Tn   Sep Flux     Blakemore  
57 Carter, Seborn 62 m w   x   Ga     Farmer Sep Liver Disease 9   Engm??????
69 Berger, Mirttie L. 10m f b x     Ar Tn Ga   Nov Measles 10m   Dr. Barnes
108 Buthurs, Robert 12 m w x     Ar Eng Ar At home Dec Pneumonia     Dr. Smith
117 Brooks, John W. 4m m w x     Ar Mo Ill   Feb  Croup 4m   __________
132 Dunn, Franklin 1? m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Jul Flux     Wadley, W.W.
134 Dunn, Robert L. 2 f w x     Ar Ar Tn   Jul Flux     Wadley, ?????
134 Dunn, Fannie V. 7m f w x     Ar Ar Tn   Jul Flux 7m   Wadley, W.W.
135 Ware,  Lillie 1m f w x     Ar Ala Ga   Jan? Inavition 1m   Autry, John C.
137 Dunn, Nancy A. 33 f w   x   Ar Tn Tn Keep House Dec Consumption 14   Barnes, Dr.
132 Dunn, Francis M. 80 m w     x Ill Ill Ill Farmer Dec Pneumonia 25   __________
151 Kesy? (King?) Kendall, Martha E. 58 f w     x Ga Ga SC Keep House Feb  Congestion of stomach 1m   __________
170 McElhaney, Margarett 50 f w   x   Tn Tn Tn Keep House Aug Consumption     Kic??ell & Macey
170 McElhaney, Mary E. 21 f w x     Ar Tn Tn At home Dec Consumption     K?d??lls & Macey & B??
174 McMelon, Marion 39 m w   x   Ar Tn Tn Farmer Mar Pneumonia 4   Breedlove
174 Vandyle,  Robertah F?. 17 f w x     Ar Ar Tn At home Mar Pneumonia 4   Breedlove
177 Braley?, Martha E. 24 f w x     Ar Tn Tn At home May Flux 24   Breedlove
194 Ratterson?, Joillie A. 27 f w   x   Tex Tn Ky Keep House Jany Conjestive ???? 15   Taylor, ?
203 Martin, Hobert L. 8m m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Oct I??cipalys 8m   Battles, J??me & Breedlove
2?? ???ster?, Hughel ?. 3 m w x     Ar ? Tn   May Flux 3   Breedlove
236? Farris?, Luthar 7 m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Sept Conjestion of the Lungs 7   Barnes 
237 Moore, _____ 4m f w x     Ar Ala Ms   Jan Convulsions 4m   Barnes
        , Albert             Ala Ga ? At home Mar Spinal Dis. 10   Breedlove & Blakemore
258? Loudermilk, Joseph F. 1m m w x     Ar NC Ar   Apr Croup 1m   __________
27?      , Stephen 50 m w   x   Ala Ala Ala Farmer Oct Pneumonia     Walker
27?       , Robert L. 2 m w x     Ar Ala Ala   May Flux 5m   McAlester & Battles
279 Louden, Sarah A. P. 5 f w x     Tex Tn Tn   Aug Conjestion   9m   Davenport & Son?
290 Bates, Cellia 52 f w   x   Tn N. Hamp. Tn Keep House May Conjetion of Stomach 29   Breedlove
299 Waldroph, Edward B. 1m? m w x     Ar Ar Tn   Feb  Fever Typhoid 17m   __________
300 Nixon, Nancy A. 11m f w x     Tx Tn Tn   Nov Croup      
339 Bradley, Mary S.J. 3 f w x     Ar Ar Ar   Aug Conjestive Chill 3    
346 Carroll, Eliza 37 f w   x   NC NC NC Keep House Jun Cansor     Hunt
364 Cross, Nancy M. 34 f w   x   Ga SC Ga Keep House Jan Heart Disease 10   Breedlove
4?? Baker, James T. 10 m w x     Ar Tn Tn At home Aug Flux 10   Breedlove
4?3 Franklin, Clarkson 19 m w x     Oh Va Oh At home Mar Consumption 2   T.C. ????
  Meek, ____ 1d m w x     Ar Mo Ga   May Congestion of ??? 1d   Breedlove
  Cowne?, Robert L. 10m m w x     Ar Va Ar At home May Flux 10m   Breedlove
418 Collins, Jacob G. 31 m w   x   Ala Ala Ala School Teac May Pneumonia   Clinton, Mo? Barns
421 ?ronley, Loucinda W. 30 f w   x   Ala Tn Ala Keep House Apr Consumption 3m Covington, Al Breedlove
422 Stalcup, Lillie 3m f w x     Ar Tn Tn   Feb  Congestion of the Lungs 3m   J.S. Forbes
383 Hale, Lulu 1 f w x     Tx Tx Ar   Nov Flux 3d Ruff??, Tn Dr. Barten
Cole Township                                                        Enumerated by:  Albert F. Frye
457 Hargrove, Revecca A. 38 f w   x   Mo Tn Tn   Sep Pneumonia 10   Marion Hooper
457 Hargrove, Henry B. 8m   w x     Ar Ga Mo   Sep Flux 8m    
466? Pearce, Loutilla 27 f w   x   Ar Ar Ar   Oct Consuption 10   Dr. ????
483 Flurry, Henry E. 66 m w     x Va Va Va   Jan Pneumonia 21   Breedlove
495 McCullum, Jesse B. 19d m w x     Ar Mo Ga   Aug Aura? 17d   Hooper
497 Roop, Jullie O. 18 f w   x   Ar Ga Ga   Jan Pneumonia 18   Barnes & Jackson
497 Gordon, James B. 73 m w   x   Ga Va Va   Apr Heart Disease 20   Barnes, Breedlove & Hooper
502 Emmerson, Allice 8m f w x     Ar Tn Tn   Sep Spinal Disease 8m    
510 Pinson, Joseph L. 11m m w x     Ar Ga Ga   Aug Collory Rhent???? 11m   Hooper, Monroe
532 Howell, John 3 m w x     Ar Ala Ala   Sep Flux 2   Po?
553 Parker, James D. 44 m w   x   Tn Tn Tn   Mar Fi     Wetron & Sice?
561 Peacock, James K.P. 7 m w x     Tx Ala Ala   Jul Elart???tas 1m   Hooper 
573 French, Nancy P. 3m           Choctaw N. Tex Ar   Apr Measles   Sculyville,? C.N. Foyl
585 Buston, Mary 23       x   Ar Mo Mo   Jan Pneumonia 23   Jackson?
586 Stacey, Frances M. 12 m w x     Ms Ala Tn   Nov Fever   Magazine Pocddy?
____ Forbes, Doe??? Moses 5m m w x     Ar Ky Tn   Jul unknown 5m ???? ???? Scott
Sugarloaf Township                                                                                   Enumerated by:
The Family # from the 1880 Census was not listed on this township.  The ones I could determine I have listed on here.
12 Kelly, Minnie L. 1 f w x     Ms SC SC   Jun clothing caught fire     F.G. Battle
19 Rectin? Andrew 1m m b x     Ar Mo Ar   Dec Bronchitis     J.E. Bennette
20 Spessard, Wm R. 35 m w   x   Tn Tn Tn farmer Mar ???? 11   Thos Davenport & F. M. Motta
35? Davis, Wm J. 1m m w x     Ar Mo Ar   Feb smothered in bed     F.G. Motta
48 Kerch, ???? 1m f w x     Ar Ms Ar   Aug Brain Fever     F.M. Motta
84 Harper, Elizabeth 67 f w   x   Tn Ga Tn   Jan Pneumonia 29   J.W. Sorrels
62 Farill, Ida B. ?m f w x     Ar Ms Ind Terr   Aug B? Fever     ????
90 Bruce, Lucinda 53 f w   x   NC NC NC   Jul Dropsy of the heart 11   Thos Davenport  
  ?ill, Nei? M. 1 f w x     Ar Ar Mo   Sep Flux 1   F.M. Marttu
  Wilson, Elizabeth 50? f w     x Tn Tn Tn   Mar Old age 45   _________
128 Black, Mary 59? f w   x   Tn Tn SC   Feb Pneumonia 10   E.M. Davenport
  Hammondtree_______ sb m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Feb? still born     Thos C. ????es
184 Cacy, Daniel 16 m w x     Ar Ill Ar   Feb? Pneumonia 16   E.M. Davenport
  Angel, Martha 62 f w     x Tn ? Tn   Jan Pneumonia 3   ___________
203 Lotty, Sarah C. 1 f w x     Tx Tn Ar   Jul Brain Fever     Dr. Seale?
  ???ters, Roff ? 1d m w x     Ar ? Tx   Sep Brain Fever     ?? Sorrels
  Fisher? Mary 50 f w   x   Tn Tn Tn   Feb Pneumonia 22   Thos. Davenport
  ??, Susana 21 f w x     Ar SC Tn   Jan Pneumonia 21   Thos C. ????
Sulphur Township                                                 Enumeration by: Chas H. Eberle
8 Davis, Samuel 23 m w x     Mo Ar Mo farmer June Ensipites? 3   Dr. E.R. Duval
14 Brent, Joseph 38 m w   x   Mo Mo Mo farmer Feb ??nchitis 10m Mo Dr. Dunlap
15 Rich, Mary 1 f w x     Ar Ar Mo   Oct ??????     Dr. J.D. Massey
24 Myers, Sarah 4 f w x     Ar Tx Ar   Mar Pneumonia 4   Dr. J.D. Massey
34 Nauer?, Reuisa 2m f w x     Ar Tx Mo   Feb Croup     Dr. J.D. Massey
45 Berdy?, Harriet 47 f w   x   NC unk unk keep house Feb Pneumonia 21   Dr. Jas. Chappell
45     "      , James 4 m w x     Ar Tn NC at home Apr Diphtheria 4   Dr. Jas. Chappell
50 White, Ellen 9 f w x     Ar Mo NC at home Sep Congestion Chill 9   no doctor
60 Crosby, Nancy 66 f w     x Ga Ga Ga housekeeper Apr Disease of Liver 40   Dr. Sibert?
62 Riggs, Cora 3m f w x     Ar Tn Tn   Aug Hives     no doctor
62 Riggs, Dora 3m f w x     Ar Tn Tn   Aug Hives     no doctor
64 Grayson, John 24 m w x     Ar Ill Ar at home Feb ???? 24   Dr. J.D. Massey
74 Campbell, Wm 22 m w x     Ar Ky Ill farmer Mar Pneumonia 22   Dr. Main & Bailey
75 Campbell, Eras? 10m m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Oct Teething     Dr. Main  
80 Moore. ????? 7 m w x     Tn Tn Tn   Jul Congestion of Liver 6m   Dr. J.D. Massey
87 Paden, Thomas 82 m w     x Pn Pn Pn farmer Mar Pneumonia 40   Dr. J.D. Massey
92 Bates, Andrew 4m m w x     Ar Ala Tn at home Aug Brain ????     Dr. J.D. Massey
94 Bates, E???a (Emma?) 28 f w   x   Ar Tn Mo keep house Jan Pneumonia 27   Dr. Main
119 Mann, Catherine 42 f w   x   Ill NC NC keep house Apr Consumption 40   Dr. J.D. Massey
131 Cahill, Ava 3m f b x     Ar Ar Ar   Oct ?????     Dr. J.D. Massey
148 Ward, Peter 45 m b   x   Ky Ky Ky farmer Dec Pneumonia 15   Dr. E.R. Duval
163 Snyder, Jacob 60? m w   x   Prussia Prussia Prussia farmer Oct ???? 29   Dr. E.R. Duval
172 McMahan, John 1 m w x     Tn Ms Tn   May ??????? 7m   Dr. J.D. Massey
195 Hutcherson, Susan 3m f w x     Ar Tn Ky   May ???? Cough     Dr. W.W. Bailey
201 Waters, Jesse 2 f w x     Tn Tn Tn   Nov congestion of brain   Dr. J.D. Massey
216 Marly, ???? 9 f w x     Ar NC Tn at home Aug congestion of brain     Dr. J.D. Massey
237 Hill, William 1 m w x     Ar Mo Ill   Apr ?????     Dr. J.D. Massey
242 Windel, Andrew? 64 m w   x   Saxony? Saxony? Saxony? farmer May ??stites 25   Dr. E.R. Duval
Marion Township             (difficult to read)                           Enumeration by: Ja?? W. Bugas?
142 Bourland, Jane? 33? f w   x   Ar Tn ??? house keep Feb Consumption 33?   ??? Griffin
151 Bradberry, Talpha B. 61 f w   x   SC Ireland SC house keep Oct Typhoid Fever 8?    Dr. Dunlap
171 Harper?, Wiliam ? 9 m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Aug ???     ???
182 Brooks, Zachariah T. 48 m w   x   Tn ? ? farmer Jun ????   Tenn? Blakemore
  Brook?, ???? 65 f w     x Ky Ky Ky keep house Nov? ???? 16   J.R.S. Mcfarland
213? Williamson, ?ecci?  K? 3m f w x     Ar Ar Ar   ? Congestion of ???? 3m   J.R.S. Mcfarland
231 Williamson, Adam 68 m w     x Ireland Ireland Ireland ????? ??y ???? 18   J.R.S. Mcfarland
248 Robbats, Charles W. 5 m w x     Mo Tn Mo   Nov? Congetive Shill     ???
2?? Eatem?, Thomas E. 11m m w x     Ar Tn Tn   Aug Typhoid Pneumonia 11m   ????
252 Rodden, Sarah J. 33 f w   x   Tn     keep house Jan Cancer ????     Dr. Blakemore
  Rodden, Elisabeth 65 f w     x SC     at home Feb Pneumonia 5   Dr. McFarlind
2?8 ? ??? 8m m w x     Ar Tn ?   Aug ???? Hives 1m    
282 Beckerdite, Rachel 20? f w   x   Mo Mo Mo keep house   Consumption 1m Missouri none
282 Beckerdite, Arthor 1 m w x     Mo Mo Mo   Mar D??tition     Dr. Barnes
287 Rodden, Mary T. 1 f w x     Ar Tn Mo   ??? Mal???? 1 Texas? Dr. McFarland
287 Rodden? 0m m w x     Tn SC Ar   ??? Prem Birth   Texas? Dr. McFarland
  Sturns?, Mrs. E. (age and m. marked thru) 70 f w   x   Ar     farmer Aug Injury of lumber vertabre      R.S.McFarland
Remarks: "All of those other doctors whos names appear on Schedule 5 lives out of my district except Dr. J.T. Chaplin who was not at home when I called."
Ft. Smith and Upper Township                                       Enumeration by:  Edw Pennington
  (Ward 3)                              
15 Ahrens, John      (Madison St.) 4m m w x     Ar Hanover Hanover   Jun Teething     C.W. Prince
25 Deese, Daniel 27 m w x     Ar NC Ga Clerk in ha?? Nov Malarial Fever     J.E. Bennett
37 Wheeler, John F.  (Polk St.) 72 m w   x   Ky Ky Ky Printer & Publisher Mar Disease of the Ha??? 34   W.W. Briley
58 Francis, Neosho 3m f b x     Indian Terr Ky Ind. Terr   Feb unknown     none
91 Hall, Elizabeth 25 f w   x   Ar Mo Mo Housewife Jan Consumption 25   C.R. Duval
116 Masters, Wm. A. 2d m w x     Tx Oh Ind.     Jul Premature Birth     2+
  White, Mary A. (line marked thru) 19 f w   x   Al Tn Al Och??? Oct General Congestion     none
149 Geisman, Nannie 2m f w       Ar Prussia Prussia   Sept Paralysis     A. Dunlap
  Hall, Mary 34 f b       Ar     Housewife Jul Br????     A. Dunlap
  Hall, child of (line marked thru) 1d f b x     Ar unk Ar           A. Dunlap
  ???, Sinth 2 f b x     Ar       Aug ????? Dysentery     A. Dunlap
  Falford, Semual E. 34 m w   x   Ar     Farmer Feb Pneumonia     A. Dunlap
  Euper, Catharine 70 f w     x Ar     Housekeeper Sep unknown     A. Dunlap
  Mincher, Martha A. 1 f w x     Ar       Oct Pneumonia     W.W. Bailey
  Haney, Kate R. 1 f b x     Ar Ar Ar   Jul Inanition?     J.G. Ebeole
  Richard, Rachael 50 f w     x Ar     Nurse Jan Paralysis     R. Duval
  Ward, Peter 49 m b   x   Ar Ar Ar farmer Nov Pneumonia     R. Duval
  Loare???, Martha 12 f w x     Ar       Nov Malarial Fever     R. Duval
  Tobler, Mary R. 12 f w x     Ar       Oct Malarial Fever     W.W. Bailey
  Cash, Malinda 2 f b x     Ar Ar Ar   Jul Diphtheria     J.G. Ebeole
  Ferguson 3 f b x     Ar Ar Ar   Jun Esysipelas     J.G. Ebeole
  Robers, Josiah C. 1 m w x     Ar       Sep Chol' Inf     W.W. Bailey
  Carroll, John 1 m w x     Ar       Sep Chol' Inf     A. Duvall
  Upper Township                              
177 Suggins? Willie M. 1 f w x     Ar Ar Ill   Arp Brain Fever 1   W.W. Briley
190 Gaines, Synthia J. 4 f w x     Mo Ms Ala   Mar Congestion of Brain 3   Dr. Main
192 Hawkins, H????gh? 27 f w   x   Ky Ky Ky keeping house Sep Pneumonia   Ind. Terr. E.R. Duval
195 Grammer, Sarah E. 6d f w x     Ar Va Ky   May Ulcer on the ???     J.H.T. Main
201 Williams, Louisa 1 f w x     Ar Mo Ind   Aug Malarial Fever     E.R. Duval
204 Geacking, Barbara 52 f w   x   Hesse Dannslodt same same keeping house May Tare Wonn??? 2   W.W. Briley
____ Presley, Martha 18 f w   x   Ar       Oct Typhoid Fever   Texas Dr. Stevens
256 Burns, Jarael W. 41 m w   x   Mo Ireland Ireland School teach Nov Consumption 12   Dr. Bennett
273 Stimfore, Mayyah? (line marked thru) 1? f b       Ar NC Mo   Aug Congestive Chill     A. Dunlap
283 Townsend, Frank ?m m w x     Mo Ky Mo   Oct Croup      
283 Townsend, Wm. B. 2 m w x     Mo Ky Mo   Dec Dipsrhiea     3x
287 Cribb? Of E.R. Cox sb m w x     Ar Ill Mo   Sept Stillborn     E.R. Duval
291 Clopton, John 2d m w x     Ar Ar Ar   Feb Croup     none
300 Milor, Johney V. 22 m w x     Ar Ky Ar Work in sawmill Mar Consumption 21 Arkansas  
303 Dean, infant 9?m f b x     Ar Tx Ar   Mar ?????     E.R. Duval
304 Smith, Thomas 2 m b x     Ar Mo Ar   Jan Intermitent Fever     A. Dunlap
304 Smith, Connie 5m f b x     Ar Mo Ar   May       do          do     A. Dunlap
307 Quick, John H. 18 m w x     Ar Ill Mo farmer Dec Pneumonia     J.E. Bennett
315 Gibson, John 3m m w x     Ar Ar Ind.   May Brain Fever     Dr. Dibbrel
331 child of Grey, J.H. ? m w x     Ar Tn Tn   May ?????     Dr. Bennett
334 child of David Johnson sb f w x     Ar Ga Tn   Dec Stillborn     Dr. Bennett
350 Roberts, Minnie M. 1 f w x     Ar Ind Mo   Sept Congestive Chill     none
365 Ferrell, Nannie 1y3m f b x     Ar Tx Ky   Nov Teething     none
366 Hill, Richard 10? m w x     Ar Va Ar   Dec unknown     none
367 Alberty, Willie 3m m b x     Ar Ar Ms   Feb unknown     none
372 Hauhnan?, Exnot? 28 m w   x   Hesse   Hesse Hesse farmer Sep ?????     Dr. Dunlap & Bennett
373 Joriden, James 26 m w   x   NC Tn Tn farmer Mar ????? 5?   Dr. W.W. Bailey
373     "           Mary E. 8m f w x     Ar NC Ar   Oct Brain Fever     Dr. E.R. Duval
  Bryant, Sam abt 62 m w x     Ark ____ ____ farmer Oct Heart Disease     none
Remarks for Upper Twsp
#14  - Died in ambulance suddenly enroute  for Pocahontas, without physician  -  2+ name, unknown
#34?    Fever and Ague - 4+ cannot be ascertained
Fort Smith                                                         Enumeration by:  Dwight Wheeler
16 Wilder, Florence 6m f b x     Ar SC Ala   Oct whooping cough 6m   Dr. Benett
84 Clara, Gerturda 2 f w x     Ar Tn Ar   Jul Cenebro spinal fever 2y   Dr. Bennette
94 Kouswith, Chris 16 m w x     Ger Ger Ger Cabinet Maker Oct Typha malarial 1   Dr. Duvall
104 Brown, Maida 10d f b x     Ar Ga Ar   Aug Inflamation of Brain     Dr. Bennette
109 Walton, Florida 3m f b x     Ar Ga MD   Nov whooping cough 3m   Dr. Bennette
165 Words, Jenny 11m f w x     Ar Ind Ind   Aug Convoulsions 11m    
131 Howell, Margrette 34 f b   x Mo? unk unk Laborer Aug Dropsey of Heart     Dr. Dunlap
138 Thernton, Elizabeth abt 28 f b   x   Mo  unk unk Domestic Mch Cystetis 8   Dr. Bennette
184 Knox, William 18 m b x     Ar Mo? Indian ?? Barber Oct ??? 18   Dr. Johnson
266? Remington, Albert 54 m b   x   NC  unk unk Farmer May Consumption 14   Dr. Bailey
288 Reichart, Louisa 49 f w   x   Pnesio Pmsio Priaro Housewife Jan Paraylsis 37   Dr. Duvall
359 Ashborn, Cla???(lined through) 44 m w   x   Ind Mo? Mo? ????? Apr ????? 11   unknown
423 Picchi, Mary 1 f w x     Ar Italy Mo    Jul ?????? 1   Dr. Dunlap
439 Treish, Christopher 78 m w   x   Hessa Donistall? same same Weaves Sept ????? 28   Dr. Dunlap
468 Bohner, Maggie 9m f b x     Ar Tn Tn   Nov whooping cough 9m   Dr. Bailey
484 Scoville, William B. 1 m w x     Ar Canada Ar   Aug ????? Fever? 1   Dr. Bailey
4?? Moore, George abt 38 m w 1     Ar     Clerk May Pistole Shot 3m   Drs Duvall & Bailey
360 Brown, Anna 23? f w x     Ar Mass Mass Clerk May Scarlet Fever 20   Dr. Bailey
2?? Hendricks, Mary 8 f w x       unk unk   Sept ???? Of Kidney     Dr. Main
12? Celiax, August abt 48 m w x     Wertburg Wertburg Wertburg Muscian Sept Inflamation of Brain 15   Dr. Duvall
184 Knox, Addison 80 m b     x In????? unk unk Common Labor Nov ???? 20   Dr. Duvall
216? Hamilton, Whorton 8m m w x     Ar Penn Maine   Nov Congestion of Brain 8m   Dr. Duvall
  Evans, Mollie 29 f w     x Ala Ala Ala Do?bestic ? Nov P??????erosis 2   Dr. Duvall
431 Schlesinger, S???? 2m m w x     Mo Prusia Puisia   May C??obn? Spinal Fever 2m   Dr. Bennette
269 Huggins, William x m b x     Ar Ga Ar   Aprl Brain Fever 1   none
  Stewart Hesir? 32 m w   x   Ar     Physician Aug Hung 1   Dr. Bennette
  Elliott, William 29 m w x     Oh     Ranchman Aug Hung 1   Dr. Bennette
  Jackson, Marshal 24 m I x     Indian Tyt.     Laborer Apl Pneumonia 1   Dr. Bennette
492 Hall, Mary abt 36 f b   x   Ar unk Ar Housewife Aug Dropsey   36?   Dr. Dunlap
2?6 Windel, Andrew 64 m w?   x   Bavaria Bavaria Bavaria Farmer May Infla (marked over)     Dr. Dunlap
  Boyd, Johnson abt 80 m b     x unk? unk unk Laborer Jun Heart Disease     Dr. Dunlap
285 Smith, Abbie 4m f w x     Ar Ar Va   Jun ???? 4m   Dr. Dunlap
39? Stinson, Maggie 8 f b x     Ar unk Va   Aug ?????? 8   Dr. Dunlap
467 Kyaes?, Minnie 1 f w x     Ar Wertenberg Wertenberg   Sept Cholera Infaution? 1   Dr. Dunlap
437 Euper, Catharine 70 f w     x Poland Poland Poland Domestic Sept Heart Disease     none
3?8 Carter, William 6 m b x     Ar unk Va   Aug R.R. Accident     Dr. Dunlap
Enumerator had 2 notes at the bottom with arrows so it was difficult to tell which on went with which…my best guess is:  Note 1:  The following occurred out of this enumeration district, though the families to which the deceased belonged resisted Jun 1, 1880 in this enumeration district as follows:   #19 Mary Hendricks - Dardenelle, Yell Co, Ar. -   Note2:  The death occurred in this enumeration district, but the families to which the deceased belonged, resided June 1, 1880 out of the enumeration district as follows:  #12 Ashbourn, Cla??? -  Leadville, Colorado
REMARKS:   #17 George Moore - supposed to be from Texas he was shot while in a gambling house had been here only about three months and nothing is known about him.  #26 & 27 -  These two men were lawfuly executed on the 1st day of August.  Had been confined in U.S. Jail.   #28 - Jackson Marshal died while in imprisonment in U.S. jail.    #31 - Johnson Boyd lived by himself, hence, us number of family is given.   #25 - no nedical attendence in this case.    Case 6 - I can find no doctor that will claim this case.   
Ft. Smith - Page 2
492 Hall, child of Martha 1d m b x     Ar unk Ar   Aug Infantiside?     Dr. Dunlap
459? Lanagen, child of Edward sb f w x     Ar Marchino Wurttenberg   Jun Sutthoma?     Dr. Dunlap
1?9  ? Bowden, ??? 9m f b x     Ar Tn Ar   Oct Dipteria     Dr. Dunlap
  Geisman, Clara 2m f w x     Ar       Sep ????? 12   Dr. Dunlap
  Rice, James T. abt 40 m w x     Va Ar unk Farmer Dec Sessticenus?     Dr. Bailey
  Butler, M? E. 19 f w   x   Ar     Housewife Mch Por????  ??? Of Muss??     Dr. Bailey
  Loziles, G.W. abt 32 m w 1     Ar unk unk Laborer Nov Enpoa?? ???     Dr. Johnson
  Ways (Mays?), Andrew   22? m w x   Ind unk unk Common Labor Nov Esysipelas     Dr. Johnson
  Huggins, Elizabeth abt 38 f w   x   ???? unk   Housewife Jul Disentary 2   Dr. Main
  Elliot, ??? ?? m w x     ??? unk unk   Sep ????     none
67 Grainder, John 67 w m     x Germany Prussia Prussia Common Labor Jan Sucide 25   none
  Sh?fesun?, M.S. 6 f b x     Ar       Aug Congestion ???     A. Dunlap
Additions to Sebastian County ???? Supplementty Schedule
2nd Arkansas E.D. 99                          
  Eill, Ephriam D. 11m m w x     Ar       Nov Cholera Infection Be?? & ????    
4th Missouri E.D. 56                          
  Eichelberge, Jos 36 m w   x   Ohio     farmer Jan Pneumonia      
3rd Texas E.D. 5                          
  McCarty, George 42 m w     x Ky     farmer Jany Pneumonia     Seabust
S.D. Cho 3. E.D. Cha ?? Tex                          
  Robinson, John   35 m w   x   Ar     merchant Dec Inf of Bowels     R.M. McFarland
Remarks for Ft. Smith Page 2
#1.  Case of child of Martha Hall suppose to been killed ?? Own or burned? Hence no age given.
#6.  Accidentaly poisoned by an over dose of morphine administered by her husband.  The family in which the death occurred has moved.
#10.  This person Elliott died in my district as near as can be sustained by the city authorities & ????s was a stranger here, died suddenly and no medical attendence.
#11.  John Grainder committed suicide by hanging him self to a tree. Suppose cause Temporary insanity.  No medical attendant. 
#7.  The family in which the death occurred have moved to parts unknown.
#8 & 9.  These familys also have moved to unknown parts.
5 Peneneer,________ 5d m w x     Ar       Dec accident at birth     J.W. Mickle
  Andrew 50 m w   x   Ar     Physician Sep Pneumonia     A. Dunlap
  Harkie, M. L?. 37 m w   x   Ar     farmer Nov fracture of skull     A. Dunlap
  Jacobs, R.L. 1 m w x     Ar       Aug Dysentery     A.C. James
  Jacobs, J.A. 9 f w x     Ar       Jul        "     A.C. James
  Ellis, Robert 35 m w   x   Ar     farmer Jun Malarial Fever     J.R. Hooper
  Eton, Widow 35 f w     x Ar       Jun Abscess of Liver     J.R. Hooper
  Ladd, Annie 5 f w x     Ar       Sep Congestion of Brain     P.B. Coker
  Chambers, John 13 m w x     Ar     farmer May Malarial Fever     P.B. Coker
  Rains, Willie 3 m w x     Ar       Sep Typhoid Fever     P.B. Coker
  Morris F.C.? 26 m w   x   Ar     farmer May Consumption     P.B. Coker
  Black, Amy 2 f w x     Ar       Feby Brain, Inf? Of     F.C. Miller
  Baker, ______ 50 m w   x   Ar     farmer Nov Pneumonia     F.C. Miller
  Cotner, Chas 2 m w x     Ar       May Malarial Fever     F.C. Miller
  Little, Edward 2 m w x     Ar       Jun Enteritis?     Blakemore & B.
  Howard, Mrs. John 40 f w   x   Ar     housewife Aug Heart Disease     Blakemore & B.
  Oldham, _____ 1 m w x     Ar       Aug Pneumonia     Blakemore & B.
  Tennie __________ 17 f w x     Ar     S???tent Mch Pneumonia     Breedlove, J.W.
  Robinson, John (marked thru) 36? m w             farmer Dec Pneumonia (marked thru)     B.H. Frye (marked thru)
  Brickley, Paulina? 20 m w x     Ar     farmer Nov Pneumonia     W.W. Bailey
  Cobler, Andrew Jackson 21 m w x     Ar     farmer May Measles     Irvin & Spencer
  Boggs, Infant? 38? m w x     Ar Ar     Apr still born     P.B. Coker