Diseases and Descriptions
Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove

Ever wonder what the diseases were that your ancestors died of as listed on death certificates, funeral home records or mortality census?
Below are some of the more common ones.

Ablepsy - Blindness
Apoplexy - Paralysis due to stroke
Bad Blood - Syphilis
Bilious Fever - Over production of bile by the liver; Characterized by             indigestion, nausea, dullness, dizziness, or other disorders
Black Vomit - Vomiting old black blood due to ulcers or yellow fever
Brain Fever - Meningitis
Bright's Disease - Chronic inflammatory disease of kidneys
Camp fever - Typhus, Camp diarrhea
Cerebritis - Inflammation of cerebrum or lead poisoning
Child Bed Fever - Infection following birth of a child
Cholera - Acute severe contagious diarrhea with intestinal lining sloughing
Colic - An abdominal pain and cramping
Congestion - Too much blood gathering in one part of the body
Congestive Chills - Malaria
Congestive Fever - Malaria Consumption
Consumption - Tuberculosis
Croup - Laryngitis, diphtheria, or strep throat
Diptheria - Contagious disease of the throat
Dropsy - Edema/Swelling, often caused by kidney or heart disease
Dropsy of the Brain - Encephalitis
Dysentery - Inflammation of colon with frequent passage of mucous and blood
Edema of Lungs - Congestive heart failure, a form of dropsy
Encephalitis - Swelling of brain, aka sleeping sickness
Epilepsy - A chronic nervous disease whose attacks cause convulsions & sometimes unconsciousness
Flux - An excessive flow or discharge of fluid like hemorrhage or diarrhea
Hepatitus - An inflammation of the liver caused by a virus or poor sanitation
Hives - Characterized by itchy (& red patches) skin
Lung Fever - Pneumonia
Malaria - Characterized by periodic chills followed by fever & sweating
Measles - An infectious disease characterized by a bad cold, fever, & a breaking out of small red spots on the skin
Nepritis - Inflammation of kidneys
Remittent Fever - Fever that lessens at intervals
Scarlet Fever - A disease characterized by red rash
Typhoid - Fever with intestinal inflammation, caused by a germ taken into the body with food or drink
Typhus - Infectious fever characterized high fever, headache, and dizziness
Whooping Cough - Coughing fits that end with a loud, gasping sound