Belle Point Grade School
Ft. Smith, Ar

First 4 pictures submitted by H.E. Huber
Last 2 pictures submitted by Norma Byrd

Belle Point 1908
Located on the NE corner of Dodson and Lexington Aves

Unknown date of photo of the Belle Point Grade School Principal and School Teachers. Mollie Williams,born April 18, 1873 and died December 10, 1949, is seated, left. She later became the Belle Point Principal. My 1-6 grade school classes 1935-1941 she was the Principal. Miss Williams was a strict disciplinarian. Anyone recognize the Principal and any of the Teachers?

First Grade 1935, Helen Kelly teacher
First Row: Unknown, Maxine Simpson, Dorothy Graham, Betty Oldham, Bennye Martinous, Alice Mayberry, Gladys Perdue, next 4 unknown. Second Row: Unknown, Anita Baker, Patricia Mansell, Unknown, Sarah Carter, Unknown, Solda Faye Clay, Herbert Huber, Earl Gene Johnson, Unknown, Unknown. Third Row: Helen Kelly, Unknown, Marvin Blaylock, next 3 Unknown, Warren Alstadt, Gordon Chitwood, Unknown, James Yarberry, Unknown.
Does anyone recognize the other students?

1933 Ft Smith, Ark Belle Point Grade School Pageant.
     Sisters Chloe Davis Lamon and Norma Davis Boyd remembrances of it are: "We were supposed to be roses - our crepe paper costumes were to look like rose petals and the hats were, too. Unfortunately, it rained that day and our blooming roses wilted badly."
      Mildred Frances Blair 3rd from left on back row, Chloe Davis 5th from left back row. Anna Marie White on front row 1st from left and Mary Ann Hamilton 6th from left and right, very center. Location of the pageant was across Dodson Ave from Belle Point at 1406 Dodson, the home of Oliver Burnette.

Belle Pointe 1932
I think, is my second grade class and, I think, the teacher is Mrs. Peroni. In that one, I'm standing on the top row next to the teacher. My friend, Ramona Black, is next to me. Norma

Belle Pointe 1935
Fifth grade class. Miss/Mrs. Gambrel was the teacher. I'm the girl in the dark dress sitting on the right end of the second row. Ramona is standing behind me. I think I remember the name of the boy sitting on the ground right in front with a sweater and a big smile. His name was Robert Craig. I believe Billy Degan and Bobby Henson are also in that picture on the end of the first row. Norma