Fidelity School 1907
Grades five though eight

Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove

This school was located on what is now Ft. Chaffee property

Source: "The Key" Spring 1974

Mr. Joe Blaylock, Teacher
Front row, Left to Right:
Jimmy Smith, Unknown, Unknown, Bill Dorsett, Paul Cathers, Unknown, Mollie Douglas, Unknown at Mollies back, Claude King, behind him, Bud Stallings, Howard King, at this back, Jack Brown, Marshall Hearn, Unknown, Unknown & Steve Douglas.

2nd Row, Left to Right:
Unknown, Ruby Hearn, Unknown, Flora Stewart Knox, Mary Moran Dunn, Myrtle Boyd Williams, Marilla Beck Poole, Bertha Rachels Jackson, behind her is Viola Kurtz, Unknown, Henry Hearn, behind him is Teresa Kurtz, Annie Hearn Nichols, Mary Sargent, Baldwin Jones, Alta Brown & Stella Rowe McConnell.

Back Row, Left to Right:
Leona King, Naomi Maples Meeks, Della Cathers, Unknown, Annie Oliver Mayo, Unknown behind her, Frankie Dorsett, Agnes Smith, Jaunita Hicks Maestri, behind her is Dollie Hearn McKelvey, Ethel Douglas, Elsie Hearn Kurtz, Ila Cross, Roxie Rotramel McKown, Mollie Brothers, Mr. Joe Blaylock, Willie & Amos Rotramel.