Frazier School District

pre 1876 - 1929

Submitted by Cecil Warren

Prior to 1929 the children that lived out by mine # 3, about two miles west of Huntington, attended Frazier School. My grandmother, Ida (Kennedy) Almond, her sister, Maggie (Kennedy) Hinesley, and her two brothers Joe and William Kennedy went to school there. Also, my mother's oldest sister Leotia (Almond) Pendergrass attended Frazier the last year it was open.
Several years ago Aunt Leotia related to me her childhood memories about life out at mine # 3. She had this to say about Frazier School.
"Frazier School sat on a hill to the south of the old house. It served the people on our side of the hill as well as some on the Mansfield side. There were two classrooms, a large one in the front and a smaller one in the rear. Older students were taught in the front room by the Principal Mr. Cole Ellis and the younger ones in the "little" room by Miss Maydene Story".

Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Source: History of Mansfield School District, Oral history from Theodore McKown,1994.

Frazier School District came into existence prior to 1876. Oral history depicts the school building to have been a framed two-story structure. Located about two and one half miles west and northwest of the city of Mansfield, the school contained grades first to eighth grades. The entire school employed only two teachers.
One of the reasons for the school district appeared to be due in fact to the Central Coal Company and, when the mining stopped, the enrollement declined. This decrease caused the school to consolidate with Mansfield and another school district. The final, "nail in the coffin," came on October 4, 1929, when the Sebastian County Board of Education, by the majority of petitioners of that area, granted the closure and consolidation.
Some of the students that attended this school were: Loyd, Edith and Retha Miller, Bessie and Earl Mason, Audrey and Jesse Flanner, William Johnson, Crystal Flanner, Viola and Jasper Defore, Howard Brouton, Charley Lovely, Walter, Fran, Louise, and Beulah Schramm, Aletha and Reba Evans, Johnny and Roy Land, and Walter and Julia M. McKown.